Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Palin and Obama are Sell Outs

I placed the below as a comment to this [ piece] on Sarah Palin's possible run for US President on the Tea Party ticket.

America would have got F'd whether, or not Obama got in. McCain/Palin would have done the same thing. Where is change, where is choice, where is representation for our taxation? Palin and Obama are sell outs. I consider them both criminals.

If Sean Penn, Alec Baldwin, Amy Goodman, Matt Damon, or another high profile politically active actor or news person ran, I would support that. They'd have a chance to win on an independent ticket if they also did something they might not want to, support the 2nd Amendment. There is no 1st if it isn't backed up with the 2nd. I don't pack myself, and won't even carry a box cutter, I know police and judicial misconduct is so bad in the US, I take serious the death threats I received from Connecticut State Police for having wrote letters to the editor printed in newspapers and for proposing court reform and Civilian Oversight of Police to elected officials. If the NYC PD have operatives and operations going on worldwide, poilce in the US are now the equivalent of the CIA, not okay in a supposed free country.

Let's take back our country. Let's not vote for offshore corporate banksters by voting in a Democrat or Republic to any office, even garbage collector if that is on the ballot. I'm kidding on that one. But, vote all the incumbent bums out, all of them with the exception of Dennis Kucinich and just a few others. I would be more supportive of Bernie Sanders of Vermont if he was more responsive to independent news sources who want to interview him and to constituents who just want a response not just a canned general response.

-stevengerickson At yahoo Dot Com

Should the New York City Police Department become the equivalent of the CIA running domestic and international spying programs, espionage, and conducting secret black bag operations? An interesting CBS 60 minutes episode:

Should NYC PD spend millions or billions of your tax dollars to create domestic and international abuse all in the excuse of preventing terrorism? Why should we have what is the KGB in the USA?

My picture, video, and beef:


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1% of Richest for Obama



Monday, October 24, 2011

Selling 2nd Hand Items for Cash to Neighbors illegal in Louisiana?

Image [found here]

Really, what is this country coming to? If you can't legally sell something to a neighbor, such as a lawnmower, have the corporate banksters taken over every aspect of our living? How much of their crap are we going to take before we stand up in numbers and just won't take this abuse anymore.

Check out [this link]. I found the link after having read this [thread].

Are US Taxpayers funding nuclear and other weapons getting into the hands of our supposed enemies with help of the CIA? Well, check out what James Corbett and Sibel Edmonds have to say in a video [here].

In case you want to know, and find information, about your nearest Homeland Security Fusion Center [click here].

Is the TSA out to steal your cash, gold, and silver? [video]

Should anyone vote for any Republican, or Democrat, if they agree with any of the above being okay? Key elections are coming up, should you consider not voting for a Republican or Democrat, but for someone who might actually represent you for your taxation? Or, if you consider voting for a Democrat or Republican, why not ask them where they stand on the issues?

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I placed the below comment in
[this piece] about the BS US Drug War:

Before 9/11 police in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, asked me to become a police informant to rat out, make false statements against other landlords, home and small business owners. Police seemed to be crime managers and armed revenue collectors. Drugs would be sold, police supplied tax dollars for buys of marijuana, crack cocaine, and heroin. Addicts got to keep half of buy money and/or half the drugs, what kind of crap law enforcement is that?

I refused to aid organized crime, the police. I then wrote letters to the editor printed in newspapers, proposed laws to elected officials to deal with youth to help them go good, with police being more user friendly for small business and citizens, and for courts to be accessible, user friendly, not expensive and rigged. Police told me that I was interfering with police, a felony if I interfered with drug dealing, crime, and prostitution. I was also told I was kicked out of Connecticut and would be arrested and go to prison if I proposed legislation that interfered with the revenue collection system of police, the courts, and for lawyers? What!!!???

My letters to Obama, and first Bush, tell the story. Contacting elected officials, respectfully, asking about issues can lead to prison. This is the best documentary [part 1] [part 2] I've found connecting the CIA and US Military Brass to drug dealing and organized crime. State Police are like KGB running CIA type black bag operations. My piece on the subject. A crack cocaine user who prefers sex with 6 to 8 year olds was awarded my property for harassing and assaulting me and sexually harassing my then 14 year old daughter. I was railroaded to prison for getting in the way of police drug dealing. Welcome to the new America.

-stevengerickson At yahoo Dot Com

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Should the police, FBI, and government have 24/7 access to your home, whether you are there, or not? Should you be required to install a lock box outside your home with your house keys inside? If your home is on fire it is quicker for firemen to use and ax than to fumble around for keys in a lock box. This should alarm you:

"Smart Electric Meters" are good for the Police State:

Smart Meters

stevengerickson At yahoo dot com


Should the New York City Police Department become another tentacle of the Pentagon with CIA and US Military capabilities for spying, killing, bombing, propaganda, furthering offshore corporate and bankster agendas, and enslaving citizens worldwide?

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Billions of Taxpayer Dollars Abused to Make NYPD, WORLD POLICE

Right on network television, right before your eyes, offshore corporate banksters show you how they steal billions.



Saturday, October 22, 2011

Why Veterans of Foreign Wars are Dangerous to a Police State

Veterans who are large, vocal, know how to fight, have seen killing, are intimidating to a Police State. No wonder they are put on secret police enemy target arrest on sight lists such as they have in the State of Connecticut. New York City Police brutality is under question by the Occupy Wall St. Movement. Protests and protesting is supposed to be protected Free Speech under the First Amendment.

The veteran in the video below has gotten over 2,000,000 hits in another video.

Text with below video:

Uploaded by on Oct 21, 2011

A video featuring Sgt. Shamar Thomas has gone viral on YouTube. In the video, Sgt. Thomas confronts members of the NYPD about how the cops have been treating protesters. He tells the police that if they want to fight, they should go to Iraq and Afghanistan. Sgt. Shamar Thomas, Iraq war veteran, tells us why he felt he had to speak out and tells us what he thinks about the the troops coming home.

Follow Kristine on Twitter at

Sergeant Shamar Thomas on Occupy Wall Street: "It's not a war zone"

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Would you like to know the location of your Homeland Security Fusion Center?:

Sibel Edmonds on FBI, CIA, NSA misconduct and the State's Secrets excuse for Public Corruption and retaliation against whistleblowers:

Steven G. Erickson pictures, video, and more:

Former Hartford Narcotics Detective Richard J. Murzin's entire family, and extended family, was harassed by police and abused by the Connecticut judicial system after Rich went after a connected/mafia drug dealer against his Captain's wishes:

Should US elected officials be asked if they are for us, or against us?:


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Jimmy Carter sold peanuts, Ronald Reagan helped sell Crack Cocaine

Colonel Muammar Muhammad Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi image and bio [Wikipedia]

The offshore corporate banksters say it is okay to kill anyone against them, anywhere in the world. Any rightful owners of resources and assets, beware. Gaddafi was no saint. Killing without trials, torture, and confinement without charges is okay with you, right? Well, then why not celebrate Gaddafi's death?

Did Gaddafi care more about his own people than Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Hillary Clinton, George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and Ronald Reagan?

39th US President Jimmy Carter image and bio [Wikipedia]

The CIA and Offshore Corporate Banksters had nothing on Jimmy Carter. He couldn't be bought, he couldn't be blackmailed, they knew he was too moral to be threatened into doing wrong. I was first a Conservative Non-Religious Nut Republican, so I say what I say after seeing the light. I think the general opinion of Carter was wrong 30 years ago. True historical judgment, minus the lies and propaganda, will look at the greatness of Jimmy Carter differently.

40th US President Ronald Reagan image and bio [Wikipedia]

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[Orignal full version] 1 Marine vs. 30 Cops (By. J. handy)

Text with video:

Uploaded by on Oct 16, 2011

United States Marine Corps. Sgt. Shamar Thomas from Roosevelt, NY went toe to toe with the New York Police Department. An activist in the Occupy Wall Street movement, Thomas voiced his opinions of the NYPD police brutality that had and has been plaguing the #OWS movement.

Thomas comes from a long line of people who sacrifice for their country: Mother, Army Veteran (Iraq), Step father, Army, active duty (Afghanistan), Grand father, Air Force veteran (Vietnam), Great Grand Father Navy veteran (World War II).

Police aren't afraid to beat and arrest unarmed citizens who pose no threat.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

A question posed to US Congressman Joe Courtney

Joseph Courtney Wikipedia image with bio [found here]


The below is my comment to [this article] called, "How to Regain Our Democracy" by Cenk Uygur:

I spent two decades building a contracting business and then obtaining investment properties. I then spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and 5 years fixing up boarded up investment properties. Since, I wasn't connected police used prostitutes, drug dealers, and vandals to set me up for prison. I was against the cop run crime ring and drug dealing operation in Stafford Springs, Connecticut.

I was raising a family. Police were out to cause my divorce, estrangement from my daughter/family, and for me to lose my retirement, credit, home, and security. I was told before I was retaliated against that I was not allowed to write letters to the editor nor talk to elected officials about my concerns by police. I was threatened with arrest and prison for starting a Crime Watch and talking to elected officials. I was railroaded to prison.

I have zero faith in the organized crime that is an excuse for government. [my story and pics]

I have contacted Joe Courtney, the incumbent Democrat US Congressman in the Stafford Springs, CT, area, we'll see if he is for us, or against us, and we'll act to support, or vote him out asking key questions. We should do that nationwide and consider voting all incumbents out and voting independent only.

Text of letter sent and faxed to Joe Courtney's offices:

From Steven G. Erickson
1 Church St
Stafford Springs, CT 06076
(note: do not get mail there, request mailing address to send snail mail)
work tel. [snipped]

To whom it may concern:
Rob Simmons asked for my help in getting him elected the first time. I made a simple request of him before the election he lost. I asked all the divorced fathers, those who are members of a judicial reform network, and all my carpentry, painter, journalist, blogger, and other friends not to vote for Simmons, or to not vote. Simmons lost.

I am in Connecticut with others organizing, deciding who is for us, who is against us to be out in numbers at the polls.

My number one concern is my own case.

I spent hundreds of thousands of dollars acquiring, and then fixing up boarded up rental properties. I was a co-founder of the now defunct Stafford Springs Crime Watch. I was told by police officers that I wasn't allowed to speak at Crime Watch Meeting and was not allowed to propose legislation to help youth go good, not bad. I was told I would interfere with the police, court, and lawyer revenue collection system with my proposed legislation and that I would lose my property, contracting business built over 20 years, my daughter, go to prison and then be kicked out of Connecticut if I talked to state and federal elected officials. I was.

I had 2 druggie felon police informants threatening my life, harassing my then 14 year old daughter, even sexually, and I knew that if either was able to attack me on my Somers or Stafford property, only I would be arrested and could spend the rest of my life in prison for being attacked and beaten up on my own property. I would run from my vehicle to my back door, until I wasn't fast enough one day. I was attacked, only I was arrested, and I received a year in prison for resisting being beaten up by a felon who left death threats on my voicemail, stalked me, and would beat on my door yelling he was going to kill me waking my neighbors and tenants. I got a year in prison with no previous record for pepper spraying the knife wielding felon. I am estranged from my daughter, most of my family, can't own a home, and am barred from most jobs due to bogus criminal record.

I would like to become anonymous, changing my name, taking all of my blogs/videos down. I request help in expunging my bogus criminal record. Will you, or your people help, and/or write a letter in my behalf to the Governor? I need my record expunged to live. I would also like compensation for my nightmare, pennies on the dollar if possible. No money can compensate for my loss in faith of government, the police, the courts, AND loss of my family, retirement, credit, and the knowledge I may never meet, see, or talk to my own grandchildren because of police perjury and a rigged court case with no way out.

Will you help? Please acknowledge receipt of this email with a voicemail or email back.

Thank you,

-Steven G. Erickson

stevengerickson AT Yahoo Dot Com


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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Corporate/Bankster Global Media wants to control the message

Excerpt from [this article] written by Cliff Weathers:

The same corporations that manipulated the world's finances for their own benefit also seek to undermine media integrity. This Kleptocracy will do whatever it takes to annihilate #OccupyWallStreet and it doesn't take much of its collective wealth to do so.

There is no greater threat to democracy than the unbridled access that corporations have over our media. There are no guns, no bombs, no armies as lethal to the spirit of the American people as the two-headed colossus of corporate wealth and media influence.

The Kleptocracy would not be spending its resources decrying #OccupyWallStreet if it did not feel threatened. It knows the demonstrations need to be squashed because of their potential of reaching a critical mass and ending a dynasty.

[more from source]

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Fed is The Engine of Our Destruction: Stewart Rhodes Reports



Those who run our government really don't want the masses owning homes, having businesses, being independent, having small farms growing food, and really hate the self-employed. We are competition for corporate bankster power. The war is on us.

stevengerickson At yahoo Dot com

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This blogger's comment posted to the above piece:

Those who run our government really don't want the masses owning homes, having businesses, being independent, having small farms growing food, and really hate the self-employed. We are competition for corporate bankster power. The war is on us.

Don't tweet, email, or talk on cell phones that you would not want a cop sitting at the station or in front of your house to hear, or read, if they are sitting in front of your house. I know this from experience. Helping start a Stafford Springs, Connecticut, Crime Watch, having a contracting business, owning a rental property, and living without owing favors to cops, officials, and town hall, caused me to be on surveillance 24/7 with cops mocking the content of my cell calls and emails, even following me around in pairs of cruisers to work, out, and shopping. Beware yourself there is no restraint or ethics on their side.

I re-posted an excerpt of the above here. So, to have a protest, and to win, we have to be ready if the internet, email, and cellphones are turned off. We have to also know they illegally spy on us for the pettiest of excuses, including officers wanting someone's girlfriend or wife.


Thursday, October 6, 2011

Offshore Coporate Bankster Food/Medicine Scam

The offshore corporate banksters have found that small business, the self-employed, small farmers, and outspoken individuals have gotten in their way. It is all out war.
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Text with below video:

Uploaded by on Oct 5, 2011

The corporate elite have been blamed for running America's economy into the ground. Many believe the corporate elite have invaded our political system and have the also infiltrated the food supply system. Do corporations really have that much power in the US? Mike Adams, the health ranger, tells us how this is affecting the American people.

Corporate elite determine the food we eat?

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