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The Connecticut State Police Drug Delivery Service and Crime Inc.

Tom Daschle Senate Anthrax Hoax Letter image [found here]

Police use vandals, thieves, rapists, child molesters, prostitutes, and other criminal parasites as confidential state registered police informants. They need not have driver's licenses, insurance, or even registered cars to drive. When the revenue collection tools are no longer needed, they're arrested and thrown into the armed revenue collectors' system. Policing and the court system should not resemble an organized crime organization.

David Hayes sold drugs openly for decades in Stafford Springs, Connecticut. He'd hold up traffic on the main drag, a state highway. He allegedly informed for police and allegedly sold crack cocaine to the then married selectman, initially to ply women for sex and then to smoke himself. That selectman eventually died of brain cancer. Stevie Carver was caught by police vandalizing my property drunk at 18, and on probation, after midnight. Police let him go, as I was the target of their wrath for proposing Civilian Oversight of Police to elected officials. Stevie Carver later used a baseball bat to beat Richie Dessert's head in during a robbery. Dessert was flown to the hospital in a Lifestar helicopter. Hayes and Carver's prison info [click here]. Are leaders of Troop C, Connecticut State Police, 6 figure salary organized crime bosses? [more]

Connecticut State Police brutality and misconduct is becoming known, globally. Maybe the plot to terrorize, silence, or even kill Vermont US Senator Patrick Leahy with Anthrax was hatched out of Connecticut, maybe with the blessing of Wall St. NYC bankers. Many reside in Fairfield County Connecticut. West Hartford resident and UConn student, Storrs, Tomas Foral, then 26 was in possession of military grade Anthrax during the 2001 Anthrax Scare and Hoax. Why would Danaher as US Attorney see that Foral got his record erased and get "no report" special probation? [more] [pictures, text, and more damning evidence]

John A. Danaher III has West Hartford connections. He is a former US Attorney, Connecticut State Police Commissioner, and now is a Connecticut judge. Does Danaher get 3 separate pensions? Is Danaher a "Pension Pig"?

Ritt Goldstein proposed Civilian Oversight of Police around the same time I did in Connecticut. Ritt organized international experts and held a special legislative hearing in front of the Judiciary Committee in Hartford, Connecticut. Ritt fled the US seeking political asylum in Sweden soon after making this [video on liveleak.com] [on youtube.com].

I, Steven G. Erickson, got sentenced to a year in prison by Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan, a judge I had been trying to remove through legislators for years for his bad biased behavior in civil cases. [Chris Kennedy and Steven G. Erickson testimony against Kaplan] Kaplan was okay with a man getting probation for molesting a three year old, along with an armed robber. I get prison after police refused to protect and serve, and when I had to defend myself with pepper spray when I was attacked on my own property, I get prison. Does this sound fishy? Prosecutor Keith Courier told me I would be arrested and go to prison if I evicted prostitute Lana Thompson who told me she was going to give Courier oral sex to pay me back for evicting her. She wore high heels, a short blue, white poka dot dress, with her large breasts prominently displayed. Thompson moved into my 5 Church St. apartment house without my permission and then squatted for free. Should I have had to pay over $2000 a month so prosecutor Keith Courier and Police Officers can receive free oral and other sex?

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Post on Opednews.com asking Leahy if he wants to do something about the court rigging and Keystone Cop behavior allowing 9/11 and its cover-up [found here].

When I contacted Senator Chris Dodd's office in the late 1990's about police seeing to aid criminals and drug dealers, to basically farm off of crime, police began to stalk, harass, threaten and terrorize me. Former Connecticut Represetative Mordasky's aid, Rose Marie, told me that I should sell my properties and leave the State of Connecticut before the State Police retaliated for the letters to the editor printed in local newspapers and for proposing Civilian Oversight of Police. Rose Marie told me that the legislative liaison from the State Police told her that I was going to be absolutely toasted in retaliation. Contacting State Senator John A. Kissel of Enfield immediately got me harassed by State Police Troopers and private investigators. I was being followed around by two troopers in two cars whenever I left my Stafford Springs or Somersville homes. Stafford Springs, Connecticut, State Senator Anthony "Tony" Guglielmo knew about the prostitute's threats on my voicemail, the State Police Stalking of me, and the State Police threats to arrest me and put me in prison if I did not shut my mouth and leave the state. Guglielmo knew my redressing grievances to him as a constituent cost me my home, my business, and my relationship with my daughter. Tony is on the Public Safety and Government Investigations Committee seemingly allowing continued police misconduct and for Connecticut to be a Police State. John A. Kissel seemed to help cover up Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan's judicial misconduct ongoingly.

Are Homeland Security Fusion Centers used to terrorize, stalk and harass, injure, falsely arrest, falsely imprison, and even kill citizens who inform others of public corruption and/or he existence of the abusive Police State?

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The below re-posted from the New York Times electronic edition [here]

Senator, Target of Anthrax Letter, Challenges F.B.I. Finding

Published: September 17, 2008

WASHINGTON — Senator Patrick J. Leahy, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee and a target of the anthrax letters of 2001, said Wednesday that he did not believe the F.B.I.’s contention that an Army scientist conducted the attacks alone.

At a hearing of his committee, Mr. Leahy told the F.B.I. director, Robert S. Mueller III, that even if the bureau was right about the involvement of the scientist, Bruce E. Ivins, who killed himself in July before ever being charged, he thought there were accomplices.

“If he is the one who sent the letter, I do not believe in any way, shape or manner that he is the only person involved in this attack on Congress and the American people,” said Mr. Leahy, Democrat of Vermont.

“I believe there are others involved, either as accessories before or accessories after the fact,” he added. “I believe there are others who can be charged with murder.”

Mr. Leahy, who has received special briefings on the investigation because one of the anthrax-laced letters was addressed to him, later declined to elaborate. “Sorry,” said an aide, David Carle, “but he said his piece and does not intend to comment further today.”

Mr. Leahy was one of several senators at the hearing who raised questions about the bureau’s case. But Mr. Mueller said he stood by the conclusion that Dr. Ivins, who worked at the Army biodefense laboratory at Fort Detrick, Md., was solely responsible for the attacks.

Even after the anthrax case is formally closed, a step that officials say is likely in three to six months, “if we receive additional evidence indicating the participation of any additional person, we certainly would pursue that,” Mr. Mueller said.

On Tuesday, Mr. Mueller said he had asked the National Academy of Sciences to convene an expert panel to review the bureau’s scientific work on the case.

But Senator Charles E. Grassley, Republican of Iowa, said Wednesday that he did not think that was adequate. Mr. Grassley said the academy “would only be reviewing the science and not the detective work,” and added, “I believe we need an independent review of both.”

The hearing underscored the challenge the bureau faces in persuading Congress and the public that the case is resolved. In the audience was Steven J. Hatfill, another former Army biodefense scientist, whom the F.B.I. pursued as a suspect for several years before the Justice Department cleared him this summer and paid $4.6 million to settle a lawsuit he had filed against the government.

Dr. Hatfill did not speak. But Senator Grassley asked Mr. Mueller: “Should not the F.B.I. apologize to Dr. Hatfill? Please explain how chasing an innocent man for four years was not a mistake.”

Mr. Mueller replied that investigators had done nothing “inappropriate.” The settlement, he said, was not for scrutinizing Dr. Hatfill but for leaking information about him to the news media. “I abhor those leaks,” he said.

Mr. Leahy pressed Mr. Mueller to say what laboratories in the United States were capable of producing dry powder anthrax like that used in the attacks, specifically asking about the Dugway Proving Ground, an Army center in Utah, and the Battelle Memorial Institute, a government contractor in Ohio, both of which have made such powder in small quantities in the past.

But Mr. Mueller said he could answer the question only in a closed session because the matter involved classified information. The secrecy appeared likely to fuel rumors, circulating on the Internet and denied by the F.B.I., that the attacks had some link to a secret government bioweapons program.

Mr. Mueller, F.B.I. director since just before the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, was criticized at the hearing by Mr. Leahy and others for what they described as his record of failing to answer in a timely manner the committee’s questions on a broad range of subjects.

But he was praised for what senators characterized as his courage in resisting some Bush administration counterterrorism tactics, including harsh interrogation methods and elements of the National Security Agency’s domestic surveillance program.

“Against intense and hostile pressure from the highest offices in the land,” said Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, Democrat of Rhode Island, “you stood for the principle that all public offices have public duties and responsibilities.”

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Steven G. Erickson's rant on the tenth anniversary of 9/11 and letter texts to Barack Obama and George W. Bush, links here:


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