Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Bankers Abolish Congress!!

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The total take over is in full swing stand up or be a slave!

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I, Steven G. Erickson, have talked with insiders, police, members of the judiciary, and elected officials. A trend can easily be seen.

Veterans are being told they won't come back from theaters of war if they talk about official crimes being committed by government and their federal tax dollar supported war contractors. Veterans aren't allowed to talk about illegal military operations occurring globally. Being in countries, killing people, committing despicable acts for corporate banksters is not honorable, isn't legal, and isn't defending America and Americans.

Should young American men and women be threatened with illegal detention, being tortured, and/or murdered for exposing war crimes and the globalist corporate bankster agenda?

Troops die so an 22 year old heiress can own the largest mansion and pay no taxes on her 4 billion dollar gift:


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Infowars Special Report: Super-Congress Paves 'Super Highway' to Gun Control

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An Infowars Special Report covers the breaking news that the unconstitutional powers now being handed to the Super-Congress under the debt ceiling deal will be used pursue gun control legislation, which has been too inflammatory to introduce under regular House and Senate rules. This, even as President Obama begins to restrict the 2nd Amendment via new ATF regulations placed on gun dealers throughout the Southwest United States in the name of stopping the flow of arms to drug cartels South of the border. Aaron Dykes reports.

READ MORE in Paul Joseph Watson's article, "Super Congress To Target Second Amendment"

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