Sunday, July 10, 2011


The below text was placed in Vermont US Senator Bernie Sander's article here.

Social Security and getting services for our tax dollars, what we pay for, would not be such an issue if more than half of our taxes were spend on illegal wars of occupation, torture, rape, robbery and murder committed in our name. It is time to slash the military/CIA drug smuggling, organized crime budget. It is time to audit the Federal Reserve private bank.

Secret police policies are targeting intact families who pay taxes for breaking up of their families, taking away their children, making them lose their homes and especially if they are self-employed. What does it cost to follows someone around in cruisers all day, and into the night if they work late, 2 at a time. I was under 24 hour surveillance for being a contractor and landlord. Prostitutes, vandals, thieves, and thugs are used by the police for revenue collection and to make taxpayers into non-taxpayers using taxpayer funds. Processing citizens in courts, putting them in prison, and taking away children allows insiders and police to make 6 figure salaries making more debt for less people to pay.

The former Soviet Union fell. The US is becoming much worse human rights and citizen abuser than the USSR was. Let's change this Bernie.

-stevengerickson At yahoo Dot com

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