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Gardening and Standing up to Tyrants, Arrestable "Offenses"

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Oak Park drops charges against home gardener Julie Bass, but hits her with two other misdemeanor crime charges

By Mike Adams (about the author)

Shortly after my interview with Julie Bass yesterday on the Alex Jones Show, the city of Oak Park, Michigan dropped the current charges against Julie Bass. This is being reported on Julie's blog:
"Our attorney went into court this morning to file a motion. While he was there, someone told him the charge against the garden was dropped. Wow. Nobody called us. Nobody called our lawyer. This has got to be the strangest case of dropping charges I have ever heard of. so, they wouldn't let him file his motion, and when they showed him the paperwork, it was signed by another judge, from another place, who we have never even heard of. Weird weird weird."
Of course it's weird! Because this is all a tactic of the tyrannical bureaucrats to make the public pressure about this story go away while they plot a new way to punish Julie Bass for daring to stand up against them. You can bet the city officials there are already scheming on ways to wait 30 days for all this to die down and then reinstate the same charges against her.

One indication of what's happening here is that the papers dropping the charges were signed by another judge "from another place" as Julie says. That means an order has come down from a higher judge to dismiss this case and try to end the public outcry against the city of Oak Park. What this indicates is that the local officials in Oak Park had to be overridden by a higher court authority because at the local level, they were just too ego-invested in the whole thing to let it go.

Meanwhile, the public pressure was mounting. NaturalNews led the charge on this issue, publishing the emails and phone numbers of Oak Park city bureaucrats, resulting in thousands of phone calls and email complaints being lodged against the officials there (thank to YOU and your action!). Then we took the story to the Alex Jones show yesterday and had Julie on the air, reaching a nationwide audience of millions of listeners (in real time), which had another huge impact.

Plus, I released a hilarious satire video of Kevin Rulkowski, the city planner from Oak Park, Michigan, who has now been immortalized in a Monty Python-style video satire that's getting rave reviews. Watch it at Natural News or on YouTube.

Alex Jones has posted an update commentary on the Julie Bass victory, which you can view here. As Alex reminds us, when we stand up against tyranny, we WIN!

City now enforcing dog licensing violations against Julie

It is important to remember that the city can reinstate the charges against Julie at any time. So this is not a permanent victory. This is a tactic used by the city to try to make the public pressure go away.

As Julie writes on her blog: "We weren't actually cleared of any wrongdoing. The charges have not been settled in a way that gives us any assurance at all of them not coming back the second the media spotlight is off of Oak Park."

And even as they were dropping the charges against Julie for her front yard garden, they reinstated charges against her regarding the licensing of her dogs. Julie says she already paid the fine for the licensing of her dogs, but they are now dragging her into court and charging her with two misdemeanors related to her dog licenses.

So now she's facing not just 90 days in jail, but 180+ days in jail for something related to her dog licenses. And she explains on her blog:

"On a dumber note, the city has decided to reinstate the case about our dog licenses. When they came over and saw we didn't move the garden after their warning, they added a 'no license' charge for our 2 dogs. We went within the week to pay for licenses and even paid late fees, and when we came to court the prosecutor asked to see the documentation that it had been taken care of.

"So, he wrote a few notes, it seemed like everything was taken care of, and when I was in front of the judge nothing was mentioned at all about the dogs. In fact, nothing has been mentioned since then about the dog licenses, with the exception of a few blog readers who noticed the dog charges on the ticket and asked me about it.

"We thought the city just wanted the dogs to be vaccinated against rabies. Our vaccines for the dogs are now and have always been, current and up-to-date. We didn't protest. We didn't complain. We paid and we were done.

"Or so we thought.

"So, the city still wants us to appear in court on the 26th of July. This time it will be for the dog licenses, which we have already taken care of. The dog charges are each a misdemeanor. So now we are up to misdemeanor x 2.
This is the way tyrants work. When pressured, they'll back off one thing, but then they will maliciously try their best to find some other way to make you pay. And if you embarrassed the tyrants, they will try to make you pay even worse.

Let it be known that NaturalNews will continue to cover Julie's story so that Oak Park officials cannot get away with punishing Julie for going public with the truth about what's really happening there. If necessary, we will repeat our call for public protests against Oak Park city officials, and I'm sure there are tens of thousands of NaturalNews readers who want to stay updated on this story and make sure Julie is left alone by the tyrants of Oak Park, Michigan.

So keep reading NaturalNews. We'll stay in touch with Julie and do our best to make sure she is left alone by the city and allowed to grow her tomatoes in peace!

Mike Adams is a natural health author and award-winning journalist with a strong interest in personal health, the environment and the power of nature to help us all heal. He has authored and published thousands of articles, interviews, consumers (more...)

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