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US Soviet Style Government and Policing

The below text was placed in [this piece] as a comment.

I became aware of what was really going on in the mid 1990s. The police were recruiting ordinary citizens and criminals to be part of their cop gang. These "informants" would help set up citizens and in the process of revenue collecting and property confiscation. Those who owned rental or commercial property, were contractors, or had businesses in downtown shops were targets for arrest, prison, and losing everything if they weren't mob, town hall, and cop connected.

I was asked to become an informant. I refused. I became a prime target. What is happening to me, is happening to all of you. I have just seen the potential of the evil of the other side, face to face. Most of you haven't.

Your tax dollars fund drug dealing, prostitution, and crime. Police aren't law enforcement, they are crime farmers. Police use their gangs to also identify gun owners, and covertly are involving gun owner victims in the legal system to confiscate guns. Good behavior, taxpaying, home ownership, family raising, and independence is punished, parasitic criminal behavior is rewarded. That is why the US economy is tanking.

There is either civilian oversight of courts and police, or we have what we have. We need to elect police chiefs and we need to elect civilian heads of court systems, or the elite thieves will continue down their current path.

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Continuity of Government, US Gov fears 2012, not Apocalypse

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The below text placed in [this article] on FBI Violent Crime Statistics.

Pacification and Police State Official Terrorism

I've talked with a retired FBI agent in Connecticut. He told me that whistle blowers and citizens who report crimes to the FBI are more likely to be arrested and prosecuted than the subject of the tip.

If the FBI planned, supplied the materials, sent morons on a mission, and allowed the WTC to be blown up in 1993, the FBI is a domestic terrorist organization.

If the FBI would hire white supremest Hal Turner to incite others into violent behavior using tax dollars. The FBI is responsible for trying to raise the violent crime figures.

Because of the current FBI, State Police Intelligence Agencies, and Homeland Security misconduct, we have this.

Why are we not asking how are tax dollars are really being spent. Why aren't we babysitting these official psychopaths who have proven they can't be trusted, and have proven that they lie more often than they tell the truth?

Look at the FBI mascot, J. Edgar Hoover. Who was he, what did he do, and what was he? Should a "person" like that have his name on anything official or law enforcement? Let's first take that criminal's name off of everything FBI.

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The below text was placed as comment to this [ article] written by Daniel Ellsberg.

Police unofficial policies

James Corbett of the the Corbett Report does an excellent job breaking down Barack Obama hypocrisy. [video]

The corporate banking take over of America was evident before 9-11 in police unofficial policies.

Sgt. Sam Izzarelli, now LT of Troop C, Connecticut State Police Ellington, Tolland, Somers, and Stafford Springs, Connecticut, told me that contractors, landlords, and the self-employed are targets of the police for arrests, prosecution, and prison. So, legal pursuits of happiness and business are prosecuted in the US. An art business in Stafford was a target of police because they thought it brought in "the wrong crowd" to almost Lilly White Stafford. "The Pizza Dude" who opened a pizza shop looked Hawaiian and got the buxom blonds the young State Police Officers wanted so he was run out of town, wrecking his business. Property owners who were not okay with Mafia, State Police sponsored drug dealing, or who were not part of in crowd were targets for prison and property loss. Izzarelli is fine with his committing perjury, filing false reports, and is fine with other police officers acting as organized crime.

This is America, border to border. Either the police and courts, protect and serve us, or they serve the official terrorism of those puppeteering the US Government. Currently they are rigged for the puppeteers.

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I placed the below text in [this Opednews article] written by Sibel Edmonds:

Prosecute Obama

Sibel, I applaud what you and James Corbett are doing and re-posted the videos and your links here.

I think Obama should be protested at every turn. There should be no more expanding of wars, such as in Libya, Yemen, and Pakistan? If a 3rd off the Pentagon's war and black budget money is gong to Columbia, does that mean a main "job" taxpayers are funding is heroin and cocaine smuggling? I ask that Michelle Obama not be asked to a fund raiser in Vermont.

The EPA, OSHA, and other alphabet agencies have been given more tax dollars to sink the self-employed and small business. I wonder if the OSHA LEAN Awareness training that is being instituted in American production to get rid of permanent works for temps to decide if big business will save money offshoring could be applied to the Congress and Senate. If Obama is a puppet dictator for corporate banksters, why is a Senate and Congressional puppet show also needed, isn't that a waste?

Police, before 9-11, were going after the self-employed and small business, and were using tax dollars to fund drug dealing and crime. Why should we pay to reward bad and punish good? Why should tax dollars be abused so young White males in State Police Homeland Security goon squads eliminate dating competition for attractive women they spy on?

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Two posts, with links, which I think best highlight the corporate banksters takeover of America from the downtown level, up, below.

Connecticut State Police Brutality, Judicial Misconduct, and Public Corruption in a nutshell:


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