Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Patriot Act and a Nation of Boiling Frogs?

The below text was placed in [this article] on the Patriot Act written by John Nichols. Steven G. Erickson's comment:

The unseen corporate banking bullies

If you are a kid at a school ground and a bully beats you, and you don't even punch him back once, the bully, "Got it for free." If the bully got even one punch back from you, the bully would think twice before hitting you again, even if he punched you 50 times for your one punch. Even if you were left bleeding in a pile.

The same principals apply to the no conscience owners and managers with a piece of the corporate pie of the real power in America, the global banks and corporations. They have no interest in American freedoms and in any citizen, or his, or her family getting any value for their tax dollars. If they can get away with it, they'll use you to further fund them, at the expense of you. Basically it is a parasitic relationship. They are vampires, you are the victim. The "LEAN" program is just one little program in the global corporate banking tool box. They send the remaining jobs and value of the dollar offshore when they can. The globalists, have better access, or complete access to YOUR tax paid representatives. They don't care about you as an American. We are a nation of boiling frogs, where the water keeps getting hotter, and we keep saying we are comfortable in our warm bath water. Except they are about to boil us all.

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