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Armed Revenue Collectors (Police) and Code Enforcement

Imagine giving away free coffee as a gas station owner and then the police, the armed revenue collectors for a state, a rigged court system, and money grubbing lawyers stick you for about $15,000? Imagine police paying crack cocaine dealers and informants to abuse citizens while selling drugs for police? Well, an Ellington, Connecticut, gas station owner knows all too well. links in [this post] about that subject no longer work. Check out link in this paragraph for an amazing story.

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Divorced Wilton (Connecticut) father struggling to change system

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Click links below photo for more information on a true advocate, now deceased, fighting against police brutality, judicial misconduct, and the federal abuse of power.

Richard J. Murzin, retired Hartford Connecticut Narcotics Detective

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Rich Murzin told me that John Durham could have seen to it justice was done in the abuse of the entire Murzin family, and extended family. There was no reason in America that this wonderful family should have endured decades of official abuse at our taxpayer expense. Durham allegedly could have stopped the retaliation and prosecuted police officers and others involved in the illegal abuse of the Murins. Durham is allegedly helping the cover-up perpetrators of 9-11 remain anonymous. Durham's Wikipedia bio below. Durham allegedly limits the amount of real information that gets out to the public, and keeps prosecutions controlled as not to expose the whole system for the fraud and scam that it is.

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John Durham is a federal prosecutor. He is probably best known for leading an inquiry into allegations that FBI agents and Boston police had ties with the mob.[1]

In January 2008, he was appointed to lead the U.S. Justice Department criminal investigation into the 2005 CIA interrogation tapes destruction.[2][3]

In December 2000, Durham revealed secret FBI documents that convinced a judge to vacate the 1968 murder convictions of Enrico Tameleo, Joseph Salvati, Peter J. Limone and Louis Greco because they had been framed by the agency. In 2007, the documents helped Salvati, Limone, and the families of the two other men - who died in prison - win a US$101.7 million civil judgment against the government.[4]

Amid allegations that FBI informants James "Whitey" Bulger and Stephen "The Rifleman" Flemmi had corrupted their handlers, US Attorney General Janet Reno named Durham special prosecutor in 1999. He oversaw a task force of FBI agents brought in from other offices to investigate the Boston office's handling of informants.[4]

In 2002, Durham helped secure the conviction of retired FBI agent John J. Connolly Jr., who was sentenced to 10 years in prison on federal racketeering charges for protecting Bulger and Flemmi from prosecution and warning Bulger to flee just before the gangster's 1995 indictment.[4]

Durham's task force also gathered evidence against retired FBI agent H. Paul Rico who was indicted in Oklahoma on state charges that he helped Bulger and Flemmi kill a Tulsa businessman in 1981. Rico died in 2004 before the case went to trial.[4]

Durham also led a series of high-profile prosecutions in Connecticut against the New England Mafia and corrupt politicians, including former governor John G. Rowland.[4]

In 2008, John Durham was appointed by then-Attorney General Michael Mukasey to investigate the destruction of CIA videotapes of detainee interrogations.[5]

In 2009, Attorney General Eric Holder appointed Durham to lead the Justice Department's investigation of the legality of CIA interrogation techniques.[6]

In September 2009 University of Toledo law professor Benjamin G. Davis attended a conference where former officials of the Bush administration had told conferences participants shocking stories, and accounts of illegality on the part of more senior Bush officials.[7] Davis wrote an appeal to former Bush officials to take their accounts of illegality directly to Durham.

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Are Cops entitled to take anyone's daughter, girlfriend, or wife?

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Steven G. Erickson letter text to Vermont elected officials, pictures, and video [click here]

I believe from what Peter Coukos said to me and what others have come forward with, that Peter Coukos was offered first dibs on my rental properties to help Connecticut State Police enforce their "No Dating" policy on me because I dumped Informant, Barbara Sattal. Sattal referred to then Sgt. Fox or Lt. Davoren of Connecticut State Police Troop C, Tolland, as "Dad".

Peter Coukos is known to be an alcoholic, crack cocaine smoker, pothead, prescription drug abuser, bi-polar, and who preferred sex partners are 5 to 8 year old boys and girls. Coukos allegedly repeatedly bashed into an African American's car while intoxicated over miles of roads in the Boston area of Massachusetts, while yelling the "N" word at her. In front of witnesses Coukos has offered young women money for sex, has offered their caretakers money for the young girls, and is known to routinely frequent prostitutes. Why would State Police offer the rental properties that I had spent my entire life obtaining, years fixing up, and which I put 100's of thousands of dollars into? Why did I pay 10's of thousands of dollars of property taxes to become a non-taxpayer?

Coukos terrorized my then pregnant girlfriend, Melody, a 5'11 beauty. We had talked about marriage, getting a house together, and living with my daughter Sarah. A year later Coukos is punching me in the back of the head in my back yard of my rental properties, 3 and 5 Church St., Stafford Springs, Connecticut, telling me that my daughter, then 14, would be having to go down on her knees and give him blowjobs when I was in prison. I, at this point, had already been arrested and faced a year, or the rest of my life in prison for pepperspraying my attacker in a previous incident. Coukos told me while punching me in the back of the head and back that if I didn't immediately pay him $30,000 he (Coukos) would make a false statement to State Police Trooper Mulcahey and Stafford Constable Frank Prochaska that I had threatened him with a gun. Coukos told me that if I didn't pay, I would be estranged from my daughter, lose everything, and go to prison. Barbara Sattal had made the same threat, if I didn't date her. I contacted the FBI about the Coukos threats and extortion attempt. They didn't act on it, so I've been angry ever since.

I went to prison for resisting being beaten up by violent felon, and burglar, Brian Caldwell, who had been encourage to stalk, harass, threaten my life, and attack me by Connecticut State Police. Police had refused to protect and serve. I got a year in prison for pepper spraying Caldwell after he tried to kill me on my property, jumping me in my dark driveway from behind. I have suffered ever since.

Rich Murzin was a beacon of light, trying to explain the unexplainable. I trusted Rich with my life. I didn't know if there would be further judicial abuse and State Police retaliation. I didn't know if officers would make good their claim before I was arrested that I would take my last ride in a cruiser trunk with my teeth kicked out, my "Big Mouth" bleeding.


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