Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Richard J. Murzin

Rich recently passed away. I don't think I would miss as many people as I miss Rich. He discovered the real truth and revealed it to me as I was ready. We truly live among evil. Rich Murzin was the real deal. He was also my friend.

The stress of living in the light, where evil lurks in the shadows as public corruption, is a huge torch to bear. A life was cut short. It is too bad such a great person had such a time in the State of Connecticut. But, all is not lost, he left a movement, a vision, truth for others to find.
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Except from [this thread]:
Richard J Murzin wrote:

Pretty tough guy calling people names behind MSRP.
I don't need to hide behind anything.
In the above case the Colchester cops phone conversations concerning the murder for hire were tape recorded.
The payment by those cops to the informant was tape recorded.
There was a Colchester Cop and a State Trooper who beat up my sons.
There were dedicated,honest State Troopers who applied for an arrest warrant for these officers but were denied by a now deceased State Prosecutor.
There were also State Troopers who tampered with evidence,and did their best to torpedo this case.
There was a deal between three individuals to have me arrested on trumped up charges in attempt to ruin my credibility and prevent the law suit from going to trial.There were individuals worried about what might be uncovered during the trial. Their worries were well founded.
I was arrested for going home while working and the case was tossed.I needed to be there at those times and would do it again.
This is all history know and should be left at that.
Next time you post use a bit of intestinal fortitude and use your name.

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added May 5, 2011:

Frank Serpico was sworn in as a probationary patrolman on September 11, 1959. Al Pacino played the New York City Narcotics Detective in the 1973 movie, "Serpico", highlighting New York City Police Department corruption in 1971. The NYPD organized crime, heroin and cocaine distribution, and the black operations that ensued should be used as a map to figure out how the 9-11 investigation cover-up of real information can be unraveled for total truth exposure.

Some of the key players who allegedly cover up the shenanigans of the FBI, various State Police Intelligence Squads, key US Attorneys, prosecutors and players in State and Federal Court Systems, organized crime figures, police preferred drug lords, bankers, and corporate criminals pissed off by former Hartford Narcotics Detective, Richard J. Murzin [link to links], pursuit of justice in the public corruption, police brutality, and judicial misconduct in the State of Connecticut have been allegedly been promoted up into the 9-11 cover up. The pursuit of justice in the abduction of his two sons from the family home after they were beaten in police custody, allegedly stemming from Rich's arresting an organized crime drug lord who, his superiors at HPD, told him not to pursue.

Rich Murzin and AJ Fontaine, bureau chief of an independent internet investigative radio show, died within the last 4 weeks. Rich had fingered John Durham as being a fixer, covering up Connecticut public corruption and official ties to organized crime, who was so good at his job, is now a key player in running interference in courts and investigations surrounding 9-11.

I had asked Rich Murzin to find out more information about John A. Danaher III, aka "The Pension Pig", who was an alleged US Attorney who helped cover up the Anthrax scam, a Connecticut State Police Commissioner, and now a Connecticut Judge.

AJ and Rich were waiting for court cases and retaliatory investigations of family members to end to release information they had compiled. I find it suspicious that each died of natural causes just before a major exposure of perpetrators of official crimes in police departments, the FBI, courts, and in government. I could be wrong about their sudden deaths due to natural causes, but am bothered greatly that there are unanswered questions.

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