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Richard J. Murzin

Rich recently passed away. I don't think I would miss as many people as I miss Rich. He discovered the real truth and revealed it to me as I was ready. We truly live among evil. Rich Murzin was the real deal. He was also my friend.

The stress of living in the light, where evil lurks in the shadows as public corruption, is a huge torch to bear. A life was cut short. It is too bad such a great person had such a time in the State of Connecticut. But, all is not lost, he left a movement, a vision, truth for others to find.
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Except from [this thread]:
Richard J Murzin wrote:

Pretty tough guy calling people names behind MSRP.
I don't need to hide behind anything.
In the above case the Colchester cops phone conversations concerning the murder for hire were tape recorded.
The payment by those cops to the informant was tape recorded.
There was a Colchester Cop and a State Trooper who beat up my sons.
There were dedicated,honest State Troopers who applied for an arrest warrant for these officers but were denied by a now deceased State Prosecutor.
There were also State Troopers who tampered with evidence,and did their best to torpedo this case.
There was a deal between three individuals to have me arrested on trumped up charges in attempt to ruin my credibility and prevent the law suit from going to trial.There were individuals worried about what might be uncovered during the trial. Their worries were well founded.
I was arrested for going home while working and the case was tossed.I needed to be there at those times and would do it again.
This is all history know and should be left at that.
Next time you post use a bit of intestinal fortitude and use your name.

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added May 5, 2011:

Frank Serpico was sworn in as a probationary patrolman on September 11, 1959. Al Pacino played the New York City Narcotics Detective in the 1973 movie, "Serpico", highlighting New York City Police Department corruption in 1971. The NYPD organized crime, heroin and cocaine distribution, and the black operations that ensued should be used as a map to figure out how the 9-11 investigation cover-up of real information can be unraveled for total truth exposure.

Some of the key players who allegedly cover up the shenanigans of the FBI, various State Police Intelligence Squads, key US Attorneys, prosecutors and players in State and Federal Court Systems, organized crime figures, police preferred drug lords, bankers, and corporate criminals pissed off by former Hartford Narcotics Detective, Richard J. Murzin [link to links], pursuit of justice in the public corruption, police brutality, and judicial misconduct in the State of Connecticut have been allegedly been promoted up into the 9-11 cover up. The pursuit of justice in the abduction of his two sons from the family home after they were beaten in police custody, allegedly stemming from Rich's arresting an organized crime drug lord who, his superiors at HPD, told him not to pursue.

Rich Murzin and AJ Fontaine, bureau chief of an independent internet investigative radio show, died within the last 4 weeks. Rich had fingered John Durham as being a fixer, covering up Connecticut public corruption and official ties to organized crime, who was so good at his job, is now a key player in running interference in courts and investigations surrounding 9-11.

I had asked Rich Murzin to find out more information about John A. Danaher III, aka "The Pension Pig", who was an alleged US Attorney who helped cover up the Anthrax scam, a Connecticut State Police Commissioner, and now a Connecticut Judge.

AJ and Rich were waiting for court cases and retaliatory investigations of family members to end to release information they had compiled. I find it suspicious that each died of natural causes just before a major exposure of perpetrators of official crimes in police departments, the FBI, courts, and in government. I could be wrong about their sudden deaths due to natural causes, but am bothered greatly that there are unanswered questions.

Click above links in post for more information.

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Government Corporate Domestic/International Spies or "Researchers"?

The below entity has allegedly been tasked to gather information on individuals who question authority or dare contact elected officials about public corruption, judicial misconduct, and/or police brutality. Private companies are used to further skate over the US Constitution. There are a growing number of companies such as the below.

I found the below [here]

Company Overview

Accelligence LLC, a consulting company, provides support and services in the spectrum of agencies that make up the intelligence community. The company offers intelligence analysis, technical intelligence, and operations solutions, as well as mission support services, including logistics, administrative, IT, and communications. It serves the U.S. government and prime contractors. The company is based in Vienna, Virginia. As of May 20, 2009, Accelligence LLC operates as a subsidiary of A-T Solutions, Inc.

1934 Old Gallows Road

Suite 360

Vienna, VA 22182

United States





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Police, lawyers, and the courts are a revenue collection system along with state and federal government. Michael Nowacki exposed the judicial misconduct and insider scams, he now in jail in Connecticut for contempt. [This] should be nationally exposed. The 2 hour video in post is explosive. It shows the system for what it is. There is a lot of fluff, and you have to understand some basic human psychology, believe authorities can act in concert badly, and some basic law concepts of the law to get the video.

Barbara C. Johnson is a former candidate for Massachusetts Governor. She is an author exposing the judicially corrupt system. She is a disbarred lawyer living in Costa Rica in exile. Barbara blogged about the abuses of the legal revenue collection system and the tyranny of judges including Judge Jonathan Kaplan aka "The Psychopath Judge of Rockville" (Rockville Superior Court GA 19 is in Vernon, Connecticut) [video and more]

Ken Krayeske, Chris Kennedy, others, and I, Steven G. Erickson, ended up on the Homeland Security Fusion Center Connecticut State Police Arrest on Sight list for trying to expose public corruption, free speech, and in trying to redress grievances to government. [more]

This blogger didn't have a record and told Stafford Springs, Connecticut, State Senator Anthony "Tony" Guglielmo that I intended on suing the Connecticut State Police for their misconduct, blatant brutality, and terrorism of the populace. I was soon arrested and in prison for resisting being beaten by a police informant who attacked me in my dark driveway after making death threats and stalking me for weeks. [more]

"Let's Hang Bankers" - Max Keiser
[embedded video in blog]

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Heldman: US in ungovernable situation

Text with video:

Uploaded by on Apr 18, 2011

Four years ago then presidential candidate Barack Obama made lucrative promises to Americans. He wowed to stop the war in Afghanistan and thensome. Four years later, the war continues and the US is at war in yet another country -- Libya. Billions of dollars are being annually spent on military endeavors as social service and health care spending are cut. "Imagine a political system, where all the politicians are honest and tell us what's really going on. If they told you the truth, you would impeach them," says Caroline Heldman, who is a professor of Politics at the Occidental College. President Obama had a very ambitious agenda, so there is no surprise he has not been able to accomplish it, she explained.


Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Connecticut New World Order

I have been meaning to put my thoughts about the below for a while. I assume I'll make typing and grammar mistakes. I usually do when it is on this subject.

There is no big conspiracy other than those in power want to take as much as they can for themselves, their friends, and their families, and they tend to go after anyone who doesn't like it, or exposes them.

In order to have corruption, you have to have policing and courts that protect and serve the system and big business, not the people. [This] is what we have in the US.

The selectman of Stafford Springs, Connecticut, John Julian, told be that I needed to sell my rental properties to his "more important friends", at a more than $100,000 loss, go bankrupt in the process, or else. He told me that I should have gone to see him before I thought of buying them, and will come to see him for a deal eventually. I figured that might be a Mafia threat. I was a bit more arrogant before I saw what really is government, policing, and the courts.

I told John that if he didn't give me a tractor trailer size dumpster to take away the debris from my fixing of boarded up rental properties and the piled up trash from illegal dumping on my property, I would paint my 4 family property pink and put a row boat up on the roof under a sign that read, "Steve's Oar House". My property was near the canon and main drag into downtown Stafford Springs, Connecticut.

So, when John was playing cards with his mobster friends at the Arizona Italian Restaurant on West Main St., I complemented him on his great choice for the color that he picked out on my house. I had 10 workers paint the entire house pink while I went to see him. John didn't pick out the color, but I embarrassed him in front of his friends. I then stopped in the next day and saw him a beat red color. I told him that if I didn't get my dumpster by Friday, the rowboat and sign would be up on my roof.

I got the dumpster [and this].

stevengerickson At yahoo dot com

[Click here] for text of letters actually mailed to George W. Bush and US President Barack Obama, post includes links and more

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The New World Order, a KKK-type world organization now includes Jews and Catholics

Ku Klux Klansman giving Nazi salute, stolen [from here]

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added April 15, 2011:

I don't know what combination of factors resulted in my being arrested 10-11-01 for resisting being beaten up and mugged by a police informant who had been stalking and threatening my life for weeks before attacking me on my property, jumping me from behind in my dark driveway. Police had refused to protect and serve, and I then got a year in prison for pepper spraying a knife wielding burglar felon.

The selectman of the town wanted me to sell my Stafford Springs, Connecticut, rental properties to his mob associates at a huge financial loss to me, "Or else".

Barbara Sattal, a Connecticut State Police informant, was allegedly offered $10,000 to set me up for an arrest for DUI. She was to get me to drive her vehicle to my home where I would be arrested, drugs planted on me, and police officer would beat me up and then charge me with assaulting police officers, DUI, possession, and other charges. The agenda was to brake up my family, make me lose my home, business, credibility, credit, and the sum total of my life's work for proposing legislation to help the community, youth, and small business by making courts more user friendly and steering police to best serve families, the community, and to help allow youths to go right, not wrong, especially in downtown areas. I also engaged in Free Speech, writing letters to the editor. I was threatened with arrest and prison by police officers if I talked to elected officials about my plans as it would interrupt the revenue collection scam of police, the courts, lawyers, and the state.

Barbara Sattal took a liking to me, confessed, and left her husband. I didn't know she was married. Sattal told me that I could either continue to date her, and the State Police would aid me, or if I didn't I would lose my daughter, property, contracting business, home, rental properties, being arrested and then going to prison. I broke no laws and was suspected of nothing at the time. Sattal told me that the Connecticut State Police would enforce a "No Dating Policy" on me where I would not be allowed to date anyone else if I didn't date her. A woman I dated claimed a State Police Officer pulled her over and violated her vagina with his fingers, pulling her over twice, terrorizing her about losing her home and hair salon in the Avon/Canton area if she continued to date me.

A prostitute moved into my rental properties without my permission. She was allegedly providing oral and other sex to police officers and Rockville Vernon Superior Court Prosecutor Keith Courier. Police refused to arrest Lana Thompson for trespassing and illegally occupying an apartment. Other prostitutes moved in without my permission after they found out police would do nothing. So, prostitutes that I had no interest in sleeping with, as I don't frequent prostitutes, were costing me $2000 plus per month in lost rent and other expenses. Lana Thompson told me she was going to go with Keith Courier a blow job to have me arrested if I evicted her. Courier threatened me with arrest and prison if I evicted Thompson.

I evicted Lana.

When I went to court for resisting being mugged, Courier refused to allow me to take the $100 program for first offenders, to have their record erased, and not have probation. I was only allowed to plead guilty which meant a year and a half in prison.

Peter Coukos, asked me to sell him my properties when I first met him. He told me that if I didn't sell them to him, I would eventually. I should have been more wary of hm, as he is a prostitute frequenting, crack cocaine addicted, alcoholic, admittedly bi-polar, sociopath, who states he wants to have sex with children aged 6 to 8. Connecticut State Police Officers and Stafford Constable Frank Prochask and John Desso allegedly offered Coukos help in obtaining my rental properties at a fire sale price and in getting a permit to carry concealed pistols for sexually harassing and terrorizing my daughter, and terrorizing me out of Connecticut while setting me up for a false arrest. I contact the FBI when Coukos was trying to extort $30,000 from me for not making a false statement to police that I threatened Coukos with a firearm. After I had already been arrested and was facing a rigged trial, Coukos attacked me from behind punching me in my head and back, telling me that my daughter would have to get on her knees and blow him, she was 14 at the time, and that I would be going to prison. Coukos owns, or owned the properties after I was railroaded to prison. That criminal scumbag was awarded my properties I spent years and 100's of thousands of dollars fixing up from a boarded up condition.

Coukos would allegedly buy crack cocaine and do crack with others, then inform on those he did drugs with to police. Coukos allegedly was instructed by police to help break me up with my girlfriend, Melody. She was pregnant, we were talking about marriage. Coukos told her he was my friend, and then told her she should get an abortion and have a child with him. That was so crazy, and she believed Coukos was a "friend" of mine. She got an abortion and we stopped dating. That is a year, or before, the plot to really do me in, took place.

I didn't turn around when Coukos was punching me in the back of the head and back, taunting me, as I knew the State Police would be again, waiting around the corner to arrest only me. A 2nd arrest would have meant life in prison, what I had been threatened with if I didn't leave the state and shut my mouth.

Is that justice?

Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan gave me a year in prison. My life has been a nightmare ever since. I tried to have Kaplan removed for being biased against landlords and contractors in civil cases. I tried to have him removed for 2 years or so, BEFORE my false arrest.

This is your America too ...

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Text sent to Vermont US Senator Patrick Leahy and Bernie Sanders [click here]. Post includes video and pictures.

Text sent to Vermont Congressman Peter Welch [click here]

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The below cut and pasted from [this post]

This blogger produced a 1 min 44 sec video response to Speaker John Boehner and posted it here:

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This blogger doesn't like Government Worker Unions, because for me just talking to politicians, proposing legislation to help youth go right, interrupted the revenue collection system of the State of Connecticut, police, lawyers, and the courts. I was then put on the then version of a Homeland Security Fusion Center watch list for me to be arrested and barbecued on sight. Related links of why Steven G. Erickson doesn't like Government workers, police, and judicial worker unions:

The below video is a great protest, sing along, and is pro-Union.

Tom Morello performing for LA protesters

Text with video:

Uploaded by on Mar 30, 2011

Check out this raw video of Tom Morello performing in LA at the union protest.

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Connecticut Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan commits perjury about his retaliation and abuse of Steven G. Erickson, Chris Kennedy, and others:

If a fat, on personality cop, who is living at home with his mother wants your wife, or girlfriend for himself, he can arrest you. If this same cop doesn't want to do his job, he can arrest you. If a cop doesn't want you proposing laws to elected officials that are for the good of the public, but interupt the revenue collection system of lawyers, the state, police, and the courts, you can be arrested. You can be arrested for Free Speech of you expose Public Corruption, Police Brutality, or Judicial Misconduct as I did in the State of Connecticut. Pictures, story, and more:

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This blogger's contact info:

stevengerickson AT yahoo Dot Com

Post Office Box Eight Seventy Four, Brattleboro, Vermont 05302


[Barbara Sattal] was, or is, an alleged Connecticut State Police Confidential State Registered Police Informant. She allegedly was offered $10,000 to set me up for a State Police arrest for DUI, where drugs would be planted on me, and I'd arrested for assaulting a police officers after police beat me up. It was planned that I would get 5 to 15 years for this "offense". My crime was proposing laws that the police and judicial workers union didn't like and for engaging in Free Speech exposing public corruption, judicial misconduct, and police brutality.

Sattal, allegedly set her own ex-husband up for a DUI when she was angry with him. She would make dates with guys, have then drink a lot, and then they'd be arrested for DUI. She did other similar activities as an informant. She fell for me, and left her husband. I didn't know she was married, and ended the relationship after finding out that and that she was offered money by police to help railroad me to prison. She told me that I would lose my properties, daughter, business, and more if I didn't continue to date her. She told me that she could either protect me from the Connecticut State Police, or they'd get me. She also told me that the State Police would enforce a "no dating" policy on me. They did. A woman I was dating told me she was pulled over and sexually assaulted twice on her way home from my house, terrorizing her out of dating me after that.

The State's official plan allegedly was to make sure I lost my 3 rental properties, my home, contracting business built over 2 decades, to estrange me from my daughter and family, to ruin my credibility, to railroad me to prison, and then kick me out of the State of Connecticut upon my release. Barbara S. Sattal confirmed that. I am unsure of her middle initial and the proper spelling of her last name.

Peter J. Coukos also confirmed that police were out to make sure I went to prison, lost everything, and to become estranged from my daughter and family. Coukos told me that if I did not pay him $30,000 that he would make a false claim that I threatened him with a firearm as police wanted to arrest me again and ensure I got prison. I got that on tape and provided it to State Police and Stafford Officer "Fat Frank" Frank Prochaska. I was told if I pursued charges against Coukos, I would be arrested. I then contacted the FBI, then, and nothing was done, no follow up, no questions, nothing.

Peter J. Coukos was allegedly asked by police to help enforce their "No Dating" policy against me and to help railroad me to prison and terrorize me out of Connecticut, as State Police had told me I was kicked out of the state. Coukos was allegedly offered first dibbs on my property and help getting a state permit to carry a pistol even though he had a DUI, smoked crack cocaine, frequented prostitutes, tried to sleep with, or did sleep with minors, has a prescription drug problems, and has mental health issues, to assist police in harassing, abusing, and ruining me.

After being a complete criminal dirtbag, Coukos' reward was my properties. I had spend 100's of thousands of dollars fixing them up and years of my life's hard labor. I have nothing to show for that and have been estranged from my daughter going on ten years. What American Dream?

Coukos caught me out in my former back yard, I had been visiting a female former tenant friend, Sue Johnston, and he began punching me in the back of the head telling me he wanted my then 14 year old daughter to get on her knees and give him a blow job. He also told me she would have to do that for him when I was in prison as police ensured him he could beat on me and that I was going to prison. I didn't fight back as I was already facing a year in a half from having had to defend myself when alleged police informant Brian Caldwell attacked me on my property after stalking me, threatening my life, and telling me he'd cut my penis off if he caught me out on my property. This came out in my rigged Connecticut "trial".

Coukos printed out a picture of me, wrote something like "Fuck you Connecticut State Police," and left it in his properties, which were mine, saying I broke into them in 2003. Coukos was trying to get me violated on probation with a false police report, so I would spend the rest of my life in prison after he had bullshitted police into helping him steal my property from me.

For a long time, I've wanted to say what I have below. I did one take, didn't change my shirt, or comb my hair, I just said what was on my mind:

* * * *

Peter Coukos threatens my daughter's life if she doesn't address him as "Mr. Coukos".

Middle aged man leaves threats on voicemail for my 14 year o

Text with video:

Uploaded by on Feb 2, 2008

CLICK HERE, for info:
Peter J. Coukos, I am not sure about the "J", born plus or minus 1955, in Feb. 2002, in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, left this threat along with about 40 others on my voicemail threatening my life and that of my then 14 year old daughter.

Coukos took a sexual interest in my daughter and her friend and was obsessed.

* * * *
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[click here] for:

National PTSD Syndrome

[image source]

With the latest 24/7 television news event, the BP Gulf Oil Spill, citizens in the UK and USA, have yet another event to suffer their National PTSD Syndrome collectively. 9-11 in the US and 7/7 in the UK, were excuses to put Draconian "Terrorist Acts" in place. Police powers and numbers increase, not to protect citizens, but to block citizens from access to elected officials and their legal expressions of Free Speech. The feeling of helplessness and acceptance of a Nazi style government is National PTSD Syndrome. [more]

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I, Steven G. Erickson, was on the Connecticut State Police Homeland Security Fusion Center arrest on sight list with Kenneth Krayeske, also, for blogging about public corruption and being critical of former Connecticut Governor M. Jodi Rell.

Ken Krayeske fusion center interview

Text with video:

Uploaded by on Sep 30, 2009

Ken Krayeske fusion center interview

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The below re-posted [from here]

No, not a ”stupid mistake,” just plain arrogance

`Stupid Mistake' After Party Former Prosecutor Charged With DUI
March 4, 2005
By JOSH KOVNER, Hartford Courant Staff Writer

A former prosecutor was charged early Sunday with driving under the influence and possessing marijuana and a handgun after leaving a birthday party at the Essex home of Chief State's Attorney Christopher L. Morano.

"I made a damn stupid mistake," Peter W. Soulsby of Marlborough said Thursday.

"Mr. Morano certainly knew nothing about anything I had with me."

Soulsby, who works for a Hartford law firm, is scheduled to appear in Superior Court in Middletown on March 14. He was free after posting a $3,800 bond.

Morano, in an interview Thursday, said Soulsby and his wife were among 50 guests at Morano's surprise 50th birthday party Saturday night. Morano said he did not know whether, or how much, Soulsby drank at the party, or what Soulsby did when he left.

Soulsby, a state prosecutor for 12 years before joining the Hartford firm of Butler, Norris & Gold in the mid-1990s, was stopped for speeding at 11:57 p.m. on Westbrook Road in Essex.

Soulsby had left Morano's party and was heading to a friend's house about a mile away where he was pulled over by Trooper John Orr of the Westbrook barracks.

The trooper conducted a field sobriety test. A short time later, Soulsby was taken to the Clinton Police Department where he was given a breath test and subsequently charged with driving under the influence.

"After being placed under arrest, marijuana, a pipe, and a loaded handgun were found in Soulsby's possession," the police report states.

Soulsby, 50, was charged with driving under the influence, possessing less than four ounces of marijuana, possessing drug paraphernalia, and possessing a loaded firearm while intoxicated.

Morano said no marijuana was smoked at his party.

"There was absolutely no evidence of contraband or weapons, nor would any be tolerated," Morano said.

The party was organized by Morano's wife.

Soulsby said he had a handgun permit and had been licensed to possess a handgun for 20 years.

As is procedure, he surrendered the handgun permit to the arresting officer Saturday night. At some point, he could have a hearing before the state police licensing section to determine whether the permit should be reinstated.

"But that's something for down the road, if ever," Soulsby said.

Soulsby, once a prosecutor at the courthouse in New Britain, left state service in 1995 to become a defense attorney at Butler, Norris & Gold.M.H. Reese Norris, who said he is representing Soulsby in the criminal case, said Soulsby would continue to handle cases for the firm. Norris and had no comment on the incident.

"This is something that never happened before and never will happen again," said Soulsby.

"All I can do is work through it and hope for the best. It's an extreme embarrassment, not only for me and my family, but to my firm and all the associations I'm connected with."

Soulsby's recent clients include Elizabeth Zembko, a New Britain attorney who had her law license suspended over allegations that she embezzled money from clients.

Soulsby was an outspoken critic of a 1999 law that enabled police to seize firearms from potentially dangerous people without having to arrest them first.

At the time, he was representing a Newington man who had to give up 41 weapons, including a flame-thrower and assault rifles fitted with laser sights, after the man was alleged too have threatened to hurt a relative during an incident in Farmington.

Courant Staff Writer Jesse Hamilton contributed to this report.

The above came from the Hartford Courant website.

Fair use of copyrighted material

Morano allegedly helped cover up the organized crime type activities committed under the Rell Machine.

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Connecticut Governor not running next election