Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Reporting Crime to the FBI in the Real World

I talked with a retired FBI agent recently. What I already knew has been reconfirmed.

A surgeon from Waterbury, Connecticut, went to the Meriden FBI Office according to the retired FBI agent. Allegedly, they were unwilling to take the surgeon’s complaint about having $400,000 ripped off or embezzled from him, and was barred from the facility. I was also told that if the doctor tried to report the crime to the Waterbury Police Chief he would most likely have been arrested for trying to make a complaint.

The retired FBI agent, said the FBI usually doesn’t respond to most complaints, written or phoned in. He said that the FBI looks for any inconsistencies in the facts, or any fluctuations in someone’s story, to prosecute those who lodge complaints and report crimes to the FBI.

We the people need an FBI that works.

If the FBI took citizens complaints, did investigations in the best interest of the public, stories like the one below would be a lot more rare. Check the link.


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