Sunday, January 9, 2011

Concern about aftermath of Arizona Shooting Spree

The below text was posted as a comment to this article

Official Pre-9-11 Hysteria

Prior to 9-11, police were covertly using police informants to close non-mob connected bars, restaurants, and commercial and rental property owners. They were also trying to identify gun owners and potential political big mouths. Police informants were used to set up target citizens for arrests so they'd lose their guns, business, job, and/or property for the benefit of those connected. So, it has been unofficial, off the record, but really official policy to confiscate as many guns as possible from American citizens.

When citizens got together to protest police brutality, police had operatives taking pictures, posing as protesters who were out to incited violence, and those who showed up were targets to be put on the police, ruin, discredit, and railroad to prison list: [click here]

A Stafford Springs, Connecticut, Police Officer made the mistake of laying out what police were actually doing. It's scary, and these people have no oversight and unlimited taxpayer funding. We are funding our own enslavement.

There were about 5 major threats listed to be arrested on sight if found in public near Gov. Rell's inaugural parade in 2007. There were no Al Qaeda or terrorists listed on the Connecticut State Police Enemies List. Just bloggers, journalists, and a father without a record who had contacted Rell's staff with proof that the Connecticut court system was rigged. There was one possibly unstable nobody who had written a letter to the governor critical of her administration. So targets of the realm are those who expose the truth to others. The enemies list story: [click here]

So, in a state of 3 and a half million, the biggest threats to public safety are bloggers, journalists, and average citizens exposing the truth to others. There will be no 1st Amendment without a 2nd in place.

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