Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Teddy Roosevelt vs. Corporate America

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The History Channel has some interesting shows on great subjects. I am currently watching one on Teddy Roosevelt's fight against the tyranny of corporate America. Replace "Corporate America" with "International Banksters" and you'll see how this fight is now worldwide.

Check out this short video from the History Channel here, on Teddy Roosevelt's acts to curb the absolute power of corporations. One tycoon, a billionaire, should not be able to hold the rest of America hostage at will. Teddy Roosevelt's, "Square Deal," should be considered for a modern adaptation.

The full series of Teddy Roosevelt videos for a recent episode found here.

I suggest fighting back against the tyranny of the current toll takers [here on my blog]. Check out the link to my main blog, and scroll down to bottom of post for links to video of Dr. Paul Craig Roberts talking about the FBI creating a Police State, and Alex Jones talking about founder Julian Assange.


Pictures and video of this blogger, Steven G. Erickson, found here:

It is the simplest form of my protest against Connecticut State Police and Judicial Misconduct which ruins lives. The rest of the US may not be any better. Civilian Oversight of Policing and the Courts is a must for a FREE Society.

Police State and Rigged Court Tyranny in America, summarized:


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