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Help Americans Release Political Prisoners

The Purpose Of HARPP

HARPP was started three years ago by David Hinkson in order to lend legal assistance for those having been unjustly incarcerated by an out of control Judicial System. This sewer system has become nothing more then a human collection apparatus for the worlds largest privately operated prison network, or forced labor camp, that depends on our Just Us System for an unending supply of bodies to fill product orders for global markets.

It is unfortunate that Dave Hinskon became one of the very people he set out to help, but such are the times we live in when utter societal decay and ignorance take hold of the masses and opposites become the norm.

If so inclined and want to know the basis for our current system of Gulags, then you must read This Is Why Many Go To Jail, by Lynn Schmaltz, in order to properly appreciate just how completely despicable the whole thing has become.

This site will be adding content on an ongoing basis, along with news briefs concerning David Hinkson, so come back soon and often.


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