Saturday, October 30, 2010

Police targeting commuting workers

Revenue collection for police and courts is down due to less driving, less commuting, and less traveling for vacations. The roads are becoming less traveled and less congested. That is a problem for towns, cities, and states counting on revenue from driving infractions, drunk driving, and accidents. So, police have devised a new tactic of stalking factory, plant, and other shift workers, especially in rural areas to make up for the loss of their regular revenue collected in undeclared taxes.

Election after election, government employee unions for court, police, and other government workers can ensure, or torpedo, a candidate’s election. So, police numbers have grown, and grown, and their accountability to the public, has waned, and waned, due to the rigging of elections.

Citizens raped, having their houses broken into, who have a loved one beaten up or killed can be at their wits ends trying to get police to do investigations to the point police arrest and set up for prison, crime victims, as some officers are just too lazy to do their jobs. Police retaliate against anyone who is na├»ve enough to try to get them to their jobs against their will. Police are not really to protect and serve citizens, they’re to protect the continuity of government.

Without police, there would be anarchy. There are countless public servants who are the real deal, dedicated, honest, and true to their profession. But, human nature is reality. Without a boss, without structure, the children will play well out of bounds. There is no exception from human nature for police, judges, prosecutors, lawyers, and officials.

Imagine coming out of work, and seeing police in pairs, every mile or so, waiting to be preyed upon. By fining, and going after a certain behavior, that behavior is being punished. So, the fewer and fewer people working our targets to be punished for having a job. What does this say about the current state of America?


Over policing and the constant state terror of a perceived terrorist threat looming 24/7:


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