Saturday, October 9, 2010

America’s Number 1 Problem

I placed the below text as a comment on [this article]

America’s number one problem is the court system and policing. There would be no banking scandal, multiple illegal wars of occupation, a failing economy, and such little faith in the American Government if the number one problem was addressed.

States get federal dollars to process citizens in courts, for arrests, for jailing people, and for taking away children. So, the US Government is taxing us for our own abuse. States are glad to take the federal money to do this. Insiders are gladly paying each other 6 figure salaries for state jobs to do this “work” abusing us.

When I owned rental properties in Connecticut, if I was assaulted, threatened, if my property was broken into or vandalized, etc., State Police and the “Town Clowns” in Stafford Springs, told me that they didn’t have to protect and serve, service was at their discretion, and that any matter, was a “civil matter”, and I had to sue in small claims court. I would have to know the names of the teens who were drinking on my front lawn, selling drugs, and smashing my windows all hours to get justice in small claims court. I would have had to bring a mugger to small claims court after being mugged. I resisted being mugged, so then it was a “criminal matter” because self-defense is illegal in Connecticut as I pepper sprayed the mugger. I got a year in prison for this “offense”. A man who raped a 3 year old got probation in the same court.

I must now be blacklisted nationally, as in Vermont, my small claims case was put off 3 times, 2 judges recused themselves, and the court doesn’t even bother to send an answer over a month after a hearing was finally held. [that story]

I am so impressed with the US Court System and Government, I don’t want to pay taxes to these criminals anymore to finance their evil deeds, I want to be “free” and “American” at the same time outside of America.

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