Saturday, October 30, 2010

Police targeting commuting workers

Revenue collection for police and courts is down due to less driving, less commuting, and less traveling for vacations. The roads are becoming less traveled and less congested. That is a problem for towns, cities, and states counting on revenue from driving infractions, drunk driving, and accidents. So, police have devised a new tactic of stalking factory, plant, and other shift workers, especially in rural areas to make up for the loss of their regular revenue collected in undeclared taxes.

Election after election, government employee unions for court, police, and other government workers can ensure, or torpedo, a candidate’s election. So, police numbers have grown, and grown, and their accountability to the public, has waned, and waned, due to the rigging of elections.

Citizens raped, having their houses broken into, who have a loved one beaten up or killed can be at their wits ends trying to get police to do investigations to the point police arrest and set up for prison, crime victims, as some officers are just too lazy to do their jobs. Police retaliate against anyone who is na├»ve enough to try to get them to their jobs against their will. Police are not really to protect and serve citizens, they’re to protect the continuity of government.

Without police, there would be anarchy. There are countless public servants who are the real deal, dedicated, honest, and true to their profession. But, human nature is reality. Without a boss, without structure, the children will play well out of bounds. There is no exception from human nature for police, judges, prosecutors, lawyers, and officials.

Imagine coming out of work, and seeing police in pairs, every mile or so, waiting to be preyed upon. By fining, and going after a certain behavior, that behavior is being punished. So, the fewer and fewer people working our targets to be punished for having a job. What does this say about the current state of America?


Over policing and the constant state terror of a perceived terrorist threat looming 24/7:


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Text of email sent to Vermont Fed Legislators

To Vermont US Senators Patrick Leahy and Bernie Sanders, and Congressman Peter Welch:

Citizens in the US can be blacklisted against getting justice in courts and protection and service from police. Police are only willing to arrest, harass, threaten, and set up those on the list for arrests and to be railroaded to prison. Those on the list will not get justice in courts, only abuse, being ripped off, and getting railroaded to prison. The US “Justice” System is rated lowest in the industrialized world.

In Brattleboro, Vermont, the owner of Marks Motors Inc., was ripping off employees and the public, breaking laws regarding selling “clone vehicles”, stolen vehicles, vehicles without titles, violating registry of motor vehicle rules, and the owner is known to grab male employee genitals and buttocks. I stood up to being ripped off, having my life threatened, and to the male on male sexual harassment and was fired as salesman. Mark Lanoue claimed to me that he has bought and paid for the police and the courts and that I would be killed if I got in his way. My complaint to State and local police seems to have been ignored. Police will claim that just about any matter is a “civil matter”, doing nothing for blacklisted crime victims. So, I sued Mark Lanoue, small claims. I had to serve Mark 3 times for the same matter, 2 judges recused themselves right before scheduled hearings, and after a hearing was held after much time, 5 weeks later, there is no answer from the court on the matter brought to small claims court. Can courts be run like this? It appears they are rigged, poorly run, and not worthy of public respect.

When I owned property, a home, and ran a small business in Connecticut, I was blacklisted for proposing legislation to elected officials. I faced a year and a half in prison for a drug dealer biting into my ear and punching me repeatedly in the face, for my not wanting him to sell cocaine in downtown Stafford Springs. I bled down my neck to my underwear. I dialed 911. Police were not willing to arrest the drug dealer, and arrested me for assaulting the drug dealer’s fists with my face and his teeth with my ear. I resisted being mugged on my property and got a year in prison for the “offense”, and was told I would get more prison if I did not leave Connecticut and shut my mouth. At the time I was sentenced to prison for resisting being mugged, a man who raped a 3 year old got probation, and others with my same charges as I received for resisting being robbed at knifepoint, who caused facial disfigurement beating their victims, while on probation, didn’t get prison. Should a crime victim attacked on his, or her, own property get prison after being denied protection and service by police? Former Congressman Chris Shays was willing to have a Congressional hearing on my case and others. Will you initiate a Congressional and/or Senate hearing on the matter of citizens being blacklisted and held as political prisoners in the US?

stevengerickson AT Yahoo Dot Com

More information:


I wrote George W. Bush about not getting protection and service from police in downtown America, sending off the letter 9-15-01, I was attacked on my property 10-11-01, and got a year in prison for the "offense". Text of that letter and one I sent to Obama in 2009, click:


Sunday, October 17, 2010

US Corporate War on the Individual

Most people haven’t realized we are in an us against them war. I’m old enough to remember the family farmers driving their tractors and farm equipment blocking traffic and roads in Washington DC. The corporations used covert dirty tricks to bankrupt and put most family farmers out of business. Corporations buy influence with politicians and are government is hijacked because we the people let it happen.

Small business and individualism has been under attack for a very long time. The precursor to the CIA, NSA, FBI corporate spy goon klan probably started with the Pinkerton Detective agency while Abraham Lincoln was paying protection not to be assassinated while running for US President. What happens to freedom and business competition when corporate spy goons operate domestically and internationally?

Minority businesses have always been under attack by America’s elite secret corporate goon society. In downtown areas, commercial and rental property owners who had no organized crime affiliation, small business competition for organized crime, and other business all came under attack. We have a corporate banking monster which will devour what is left of the US economy and the little remaining liberty if we let it happen.

We are serfs to the corporations. It is time to rise up and break the chains that bind us. The corporate puppeteers pull the puppet strings in courts, with police, and with elected officials. Let’s get

When will Americans wake up AND do something in numbers?

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"Corkscrew Worms" of Lyme Disease

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

US, Justice Denied

post in progress.

I intend on talking about, and doing a video, on being denied protection and service by police, and given suing in small claims court as the only option. Being blacklisted probably began in the mid 1990's for me. I still am denied police protection and service in Vermont and New Hampshire, if I need it. There is again, small claims court. I've found out that Vermont small claims court is like Connecticut State Police in their "service".

Saturday, October 9, 2010

America’s Number 1 Problem

I placed the below text as a comment on [this article]

America’s number one problem is the court system and policing. There would be no banking scandal, multiple illegal wars of occupation, a failing economy, and such little faith in the American Government if the number one problem was addressed.

States get federal dollars to process citizens in courts, for arrests, for jailing people, and for taking away children. So, the US Government is taxing us for our own abuse. States are glad to take the federal money to do this. Insiders are gladly paying each other 6 figure salaries for state jobs to do this “work” abusing us.

When I owned rental properties in Connecticut, if I was assaulted, threatened, if my property was broken into or vandalized, etc., State Police and the “Town Clowns” in Stafford Springs, told me that they didn’t have to protect and serve, service was at their discretion, and that any matter, was a “civil matter”, and I had to sue in small claims court. I would have to know the names of the teens who were drinking on my front lawn, selling drugs, and smashing my windows all hours to get justice in small claims court. I would have had to bring a mugger to small claims court after being mugged. I resisted being mugged, so then it was a “criminal matter” because self-defense is illegal in Connecticut as I pepper sprayed the mugger. I got a year in prison for this “offense”. A man who raped a 3 year old got probation in the same court.

I must now be blacklisted nationally, as in Vermont, my small claims case was put off 3 times, 2 judges recused themselves, and the court doesn’t even bother to send an answer over a month after a hearing was finally held. [that story]

I am so impressed with the US Court System and Government, I don’t want to pay taxes to these criminals anymore to finance their evil deeds, I want to be “free” and “American” at the same time outside of America.

stevengerickson AT yahoo Dot com


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

11 year old sodomized and set on fire

At the same time the Petit's home was invaded in Cheshire Connecticut, Ken Krayeske was critical of Governor M. Jodi Rell in his blog. Rell's staffers had a google alert set up for Rell's name. So, if you are critical of Governor Rell and other politicians, police, judges, etc., you can be put on their arrest on sight, enemies list. Criminals who murder, rape, rob, and steal aren't as important for police to arrest on sight or have under 24/7 surveillance and harassment. [That Story]

(Added Jan. 27, 2015, did lazy, lying Connecticut State Police also lie and and perpetrate a hoax, called the Sandy Hook Newtown Connecticut School Shooting?

From left: Hayley, Michaela and parents Jennifer and Dr. William Petit. Image [found here].

This post narrated:

My December 2007 post on the Cheshire Connecticut Home Invasion story:

Evidence too graphic for Dr. Petit, family

Text with video:
WTNH | September 22, 2010
The survivor in the Cheshire home invasion, Dr. William Petit, decided to leave the courtroom as the medical examiner took the stand to testify on fifth day of testimony in the trial of Steven Hayes.

Michael Savage-The Connecticut Petit Murders (Horrific and Sad )

Text with video:
TheGeminiLounge | September 18, 2010
In 2007 in Cheshire Connecticut Jennifer Hawk-Petit went into a bank to withdrawl $15,000. She told the teller that her 2 daughters and husband were being held hostage in their home. One of the criminals drove her to the bank and was waiting for her to get the money. While she was in the bank, her 11 and 17 yr old daughters were being repeatedly raped. Her husband ( the sole surviver) was tied up in the basement and left for dead. Less than 1 hour from the time Mrs. Petit left the bank, she would be raped and strangled to death. And her house would be set on fire. Her two daughters (who were tied to their beds) would also die. Dr William Petit (husband and father) escaped from the basement.

A few days ago, the 911 call from the bank teller was released to the public. This Michael Savage clip was aired on Sept 16 2010. The trial began Sept 13 2010.

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Steven G. Erickson links:


Founding Father James Wilson


Are police too busy sleeping with prostitutes and hanging out with drug dealers to answer citizens' 911 calls? Well, check out the Channel 8 Connecticut News video in this post:


Steven G. Erickson mugshot, post [click here]

Steven G. Erickson in 2001 before being a victim on Connecticut's "Target List"