Monday, September 6, 2010

Community Theater Benefits

We live in strange times. Failure of government services, internet, electricity, water and sewer services, and food delivery and distribution could at sometime occur for any natural or other reason. Why not have a community of neighbors already interacting with each other just in case?

Buildings of religious services seem to be bringing in less and less money for their operations. Having non-religious community meetings, theaters, and charitable local community events might be their salvation.

If there is ever a national or regional emergency, neighbors have nothing now in place to help each other, as a whole as far as I know. Having community theater, local food growing and preserving co-operatives, and town events being held in public buildings and/or local religious institutions could be a good thing. I would like to network with others in the Northern Massachusetts, Southern New Hampshire, Southern Vermont, and Fairfield County Connecticut areas for furthering community theater, local writing, original production, video, film, public access television productions, and other types of media, performance, and other arts in above areas mentioned.

[This is the type of government] that too many of us trust to act in our best interest.

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