Thursday, August 12, 2010

Taunting the US Police State

SvenVonErick | August 12, 2010

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Text emailed to Vermont US Senators Patrick Leahy and Bernie Sanders:

Who should I report theft of taxpayer dollars to? Should a [State Police helicopter pilot be able to threaten to kill police officers and blow up aircraft at an airport and remain flying]? Should police officers be able to steal Homeland Security tax dollars in overtime not worked and not be punished or have to pay back the money when caught? Should the State Police Commissioner cover this up and not be punished? Should the court system be rigged for revenue collection and retaliation, not justice? Should the US be in a Depression because there are human rights violations, illegal wars of occupation going on in Somalia, Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq? [Video embedded here] Why are US taxpayers paying to be domestically spied on, falsely arrested, terrorized, and falsely imprisoned as political prisoners in America if they exercise legal Free Speech as I have, or for contacting elected officials such as you, redressing grievances? I've posted a video interview of a journalist talking about the war spending and world abuse fiasco funded by US taxpayers, and links to what I am talking about. I request that my case be looked into as well as information that I posted in an open letter to you on for you and your staff here:

Thank you,

Steven G. Erickson
Brattleboro, Vermont USA


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Tom Petters

Tom Petters was previously blogged on [here]

Richard Hettler claims police and federal law enforcement came to his house and held guns to his head, making him fear for his life if he pursued judicial misconduct complaints against Minneapolis Minnesota Judge Montgomery and if he ratted out bankster Tom Petters for stealing millions from him (Hettler) and railroading him to prison to cover up their crimes. [click here for video and post]


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