Monday, August 9, 2010

“Slab/Pod Housing”, Economic Stimulus

My Rough Draft:

“Slab Housing Stimulus”

I have been asked to offer solutions, not just gripes. What would I do if I were put in charge of a national stimulus?

Well, the first thing I would push for is that every citizen gets to vote, no matter what. If they have no fixed address, are in prison, are a felon, sex offender, no matter what. I would then try to figure out how to make housing affordable to as many people as possible while creating jobs, manufacturing, and industry in the process. Why not put Americans back to work to help themselves?

Town councils wanting to increase revenue, keep trying to push the poorer out. The new houses built in communities have to be on certain size lots, have to be a certain square footage, until all you see is “McMansions”, for the rich and powerful. America is not supposed to be the country for the rich, powerful, corporate mogul types. There is a need for sensible housing for the masses. Having to fit your home can cause automatic compliance with family size and responsibility, because to upgrade to larger accommodations with more children, you would have to be able to pay for the space to have them.

Modern housing should be functional, green, Spartan, safe, and efficient. Modern design can allow for less government infrastructure, cops, courts, and public corruption. Houses built from local stone, dirt, and natural materials that have to last 50 or more years to be as maintenance free as is possible would be environmentally and economically responsible. Steel or stone type roofs would be virtually maintenance free, lifetime roofs. Walls made of masonry, cinder-block, brick, or a stone/dirt/cement hybrid would not be flammable.

Notes: on slab also to include standard mobile homes. Insist on double wide driveways to accommodate at least 4 average cars. Insist on automatic garage door type remote, with manual key entry with side door to get in through fence to manually open doors if there is power outage. Reliance on as much electric only power as possible to reduce on sight emissions to also promote responsibility through conservation.

1 to 2 bedrooms the norm

Fences, so elderly safe, handicapped accessible, and transition for sex offenders, prisoners, and others transitioning or to be kept separate from regular society. Fences would allow and encourage dog, cat, and other pet ownership. Children would be safer in this style of “fenced” pod 1, 2, and 4 family/group housing. Encourage ownership, rent to own, bad credit okay, responsibility, affordable. Separate common areas to go to one household to avoid “force interaction” with others. No territory or yard/driveway area disputes. Have public, 24 hour parking within 4 blocks to best use space and the benefit is exercise. Have timed or active loading zones.

50 cc motorcycle, electric, golf carts, special tree belt walking, rollerblading, low consumption vehicle only roads. Airport, public transportation essential/mandatory to avoid the absolute need for cars, tax incentives to industry and business to locate to new areas. Public parks, swimming pools, with “reserve areas” for family gatherings, weddings, and events where just the cost to use and clean up is charged for event at swimming pool or at public park area. Designate park areas for certain number of houses.

Maybe 95% of currently held prisoners could be best served with ankle bracelets to monitor home movement and at job. Sex offenders and others who are serving time outside would have to wear identifiable clothing and children and adults would have to maintain safe distance as would the offender.

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