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Harming Children, Prolonging Divorce is a Lawyer/Court Scam

If you have 20 million dollars and you are getting divorced. Lawyers want to put a hold on 20 million dollars to cover their fees. [Example, Tauck v.Tauck] The richer parent will often not get the kids, so the lawyers can milk the money dry. The State will impose classes, fees, and fines. The State gets even more money to remove children, place them, and even adopt them out. It is one big scam.

Nancy Tauck

Peter Tauck

Chris Kennedy's Connecticut case is a good example of what too many non-custodial parents go through. Judges knowingly cause harm. Lawyers and others profit. Children suffer not seeing the parent(s) and grandparent(s) they want to see. Elected officials on judiciary committees seem to want the abuse to continue. Do they also profit, get benefit, or get favors for causing society, the economy, children, and families harm?

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Small Justice - U.S. Courts Harm Children

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mamasuntwinkle | April 04, 2010

Expert witnesses are paid to lie, falsify, and testify for those that pay them. If it was a true science, there would be a meeting of the minds in all cases. Its a trillion dollar business which presents an ethical conflct of interest. There is a book written on the subject: Whores of the Court.

Courts are a pedophiles dream; victims are pathologized and abusers and rapists are commended for their acts.

It is the same system of injustices as the CPS courts - a racket where everybody and their brother makes money off your child's sufferings. Money buys whatever you want, including children.

See the other videos re the Pennsylvania Juvenile Judges Kids for Cash Scandal; the judges made millions and bought yachts, condos, vacations, planes. It took 6,000 injustices and crimes aganist children by the same judge over a period of years where all complaints to the BAR and Judicial Board were ignored before anything was done. They have been given judicial immunity for their federally prosecuted crimes!


Perverted Fox Guarded Henhouse. August 2007.
Psychologist Stuart Greenberg, nationally renowned expert on child sexual abuse, former president of the American Board of Forensic Psychology arrested for videotaping women. Afterward he masturbated to the images, police reported. In Washington, Greenberg was frequently court-appointed as an evaluator in child-custody cases and worked as a consultant to the Archdiocese of Seattle, helping defend in PRIEST - ABUSE CASES.

WHO DOES THE MOST HARM? Based on the number of offenses per number of licensees, it is psychologists, with a close second by chiropractors. In sheer numbers, "registered counselors" commit the most offenses.

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Steven G. Erickson's beef sent to a Vermont Congressman and US Senators:


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Has the law been suspended in the US?

National Guardsman facing prison story:

Vermont US Senator Patrick Leahy law to shut down US Wars:

George W. Bush stolen election for 2nd time documentary:

A National Guard Sergeant faces 16 years in prison for videotaping police misconduct.

There is a “Leahy Law” named after Vermont US Senator Patrick Leahy. The law is to de-fund foreign armies paid with tax dollars if there are human rights violations. That would mean that Afghanistan, Iraq, and Pakistan conflicts should have US tax dollars shut off.

I just watched an interesting documentary on how Bush stole an election for a 2nd time, there is compelling evidence presented. When will big name official criminals in the US be prosecuted? More information, video, and links to stories can be found by looking for this videos post date and go to posts of same date at

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