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Anatomy of Blacklisting in the USA and UK

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If you have children, they're targets, and if you're reading this, and are politically active, you're a target. How does the list work?

Kiddie Prison USA by Citizen X

Children are being identified from an early age as potential criminals, and more importantly, risks to the publicly corrupt politicized police running the Police State. What is an individual's chance of being struck by lightning? Well you have to understand probability and statistics to understand the blacklisting game.

Patterns of abuse can be detected by stringing bad luck police, court, and life instances together and asking if probability and statistics would show that it would be unlikely unless the person is a target. Clicking on this post, political blogs, and showing up at political public events and protests can cause your arrest, family break up, loss of your home, your job, and may even land you in prison.

It is rumored that anyone who has ever clicked on is on a list.

Ken Krayeske on Secret Police Enemies List by Steven G. Erickson

If you are high on the watch list, your picture, vehicle information, who you associate with, addresses you frequent, are distributed at roll call for all nearby police departments for all three shifts, that you are to be arrested on sight for any excuse. Just ask journalist Ken Krayeske, former Green Party campaign manager for Connecticut Governor. Ken was critical of Governor M. Jodi Rell. Rell's staff has a google alert for Rell's name, anyone talking negatively about Rell in the media, or on the internet, was put on the list. Kenneth Krayeske was arrested on sight for standing on a sidewalk, facing years in prison.

If you are farther down the list, non-relevant newspaper clippings, other cases, or even complaints against police officers or judges will be put in court folders that only judges see. You'll get the shaft in a divorce, child custody, any civil matters, and will face a major barbecue for even the slightest criminal allegation, legitimate or not. Get on the list, you will have bad luck in all courts, all over, for life.

Get stopped by police anywhere, and if you're on the list, you are going to have very bad luck. Have a car that a police officer or someone he/she knows, wants, you can be placed on the list. Have a spouse or significant other, someone else "more important than you" wants, be placed on the list to take you out of the picture. Be competition for a "connected" business and be placed on the list and soon go out of business, financially ruined possibly getting a bogus criminal record.

Anonymous calls can be placed to your boss, child protective services, false rumors given to family members and friends, etc is used to ruin your reputation and prevent justice. State registered confidential police informants have long been used to beat up, kill, and falsely imprison citizens on the list. Police officers breaking ranks can be beaten up by informants, killed, booted off the force, and/or end up in prison. If you own a business or property expect bad luck with the health inspector, building inspector, and state and federal tax authorities.

USDOJ whistleblower Jesselyn Radack exposed corruption and was put on the "No Fly List". Bradley Birkenfeld blew the whistle on UBS. As a whistleblower he got a long federal prison sentence in retaliation, those committing serious bank fraud and felonies seemed to be given a slap on the wrist.

Is this the America you were taught about in school growing up? If not, let's do something to correct the problem.

Steven G. Erickson is a freelance cameraman, blogger, photographer, documentary producer, screenwriter, sometimes journalist, and can and will travel anywhere if the terms are right. His objective is to reform America's (more...)

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From the 2008 Minneapolis Minnesota Free Press Event. An ACLU hearing:

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Steven G. Erickson's complaint to the Connecticut State Police about the Connecticut State Police and Connecticut Kangaroo Court System:

Leonard C. Boyle is now back working with the FBI, now in a position at the very top of the heap, but is not the top guy.



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Where is stolen $5 + Trillion US Tax Dollars?



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Did the Banks really write the "Banking Legislation"?


Richard Hettler claims police and federal law enforcement came to his house and held guns to his head, making him fear for his life if he pursued judicial misconduct complaints against Minneapolis Minnesota Judge Montgomery and if he ratted out bankster Tom Petters for stealing millions from him (Hettler) and railroading him to prison to cover up their crimes.
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Steven G. Erickson, in 2010, continues to suffer police inaction, rigged court cases, and suffered failure of taxpayer paid "Protect and Serve" Services, probably from originally having been blacklisted in Connecticut. [The Brattleboro Vermont Fiasco with links to videos]

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