Monday, April 12, 2010

Sexting Legislation & Death Threats



Subject: Sexting Legislation & Death Threats

To Connecticut Representative Rosa C. Rebimbas or to whom it may concern:

I am posting this email to you on the internet [here] to post with links to prove my case, and to warn you about the dangers of caring about children against the wishes of those who wish to make money breaking up families and harming people.

I’m concerned. You propose legislation that will interrupt revenue collection. Lawyers can charge more money for felonies because of the fear of decades in prison. Sexting being a felony is good for lawyers. There are also larger fines for felonies and more ways for the State to collect money from individuals and from the Federal Government. Prison cells must be filled, regardless of crimes committed or who is to fill them. I am telling you this, because it was explained to me, and I wish to warn you about the possible threats and retaliation involved in proposing legislation that helps people. Police officers made this clear to me, before I proposed legislation and started writing letters to the editor printed in newspapers.

I co-founded the Stafford Springs, Connecticut, Crime Watch. I saw that children were drinking, using drugs, smoking cigarettes, and committing minor crimes, and could be saved with policies to address the initial dabbling in criminal behavior. I proposed legislation where children, and teens, could be written detentions by police officers to be served at schools year round for a point system, so that children need not go bad and problems could be addressed early. Children didn’t need to end up dead, prisoners, addicts, or parasites for life.

Stafford Constable Frank Prochaska told me that if I proposed that legislation, my life would be in jeopardy. I was asked where I was from, and told that I was kicked out of Connecticut and must sell my house and leave for daring to speak about proposing legislation helping children and teens. Prochaska then took a liking to my wife, slammed me against my house, and tried to coerce her into making a false report against me. She refused. I was beginning to be followed around by State Police and threatened by them too. Exact phrases and words of my phone calls and my emails were recited by police, so I knew that as far back as the 1990’s police had the ability to domestically spy on and terrorize citizens. I was aware that police were trying to entice police informants to make false statements/complaints against me and/or to assault me.

Long story short, I was being threatened at each of my Connecticut properties by a druggie felon encouraged to do so by police. I had gone to State Senators Guglielmo and Kissel proposing legislation where police would be required to protect and serve citizens as I was told I was not allowed to lodge complaints and police had refused to protect and serve. A man, Peter J. Coukos, was sexually propositioning my 14 year old and leaving death threats on our voicemail [audio] if she didn’t talk to him and address him as, “Mr. Coukos” and talk to him. I played the death threats to police. Officer Frank Prochaska and State Trooper Mulcahey told me that I would be arrested and go to prison if I tried to bring charges against Peter Coukos and if I didn’t leave the state and shut my mouth.

I received a year in prison for resisting being mugged after being jumped and beaten in my dark driveway. At a time where a rapist of a child didn’t get prison because prisons were too full, I got prison for resisting being mugged!

Frank Prochaska warned me from the beginning that I could not interrupt the flow of funds and interrupt the revenue collection process of the courts to help children. I lost my home, my small business, my credit, retirement, health insurance, and I won’t walk my daughter down the isle, I won’t meet my grandchildren, and I have been cast out for having disgraced the family having served prison time. My life was being threatened. Officers refused to take my complaint, and refused to arrest my attacker, and then committed perjury at my rigged trial.

So, Ms. Rebimbas, you are probably causing a lot of revenue not to be collected if your legislation is passed. Also, white male probation and police officers won’t be able to extort sexual favors and sex out of underage girls and women, after they have been process for sexting. White Officers coercing sex, from what I understand, is common practice. Don Christmas a landlord in Enfield, CT, also was against police being in cahoots with prostitutes and heroin and crack cocaine dealers. He faced a year in prison for being attacked on his property by a 14 year old prostitute girlfriend of an Enfield Police Officer. The 14 year old prostitute had written all of the white male police officer penis sizes on her wall on the apartment Donny had evicted her from, according to Donny. Mr. Christmas [video] evicted the 14 year old, her prostitute sister, and her prostitute mother, and the prostitutes and police retaliated.

Ms. Rebimbas I was run out of Connecticut and ruined for doing what you are doing. Are you safe to do this in Connecticut?

I, too, fixed up property, worked with my hands. 20 years of saving and 5 years of working everyday fixing the properties was all for nothing, and police were out to use tax dollars to see me to prison for believing in the American Dream. Ms. Rebimbas I suggest you move to a state where you won’t be risking your life and freedom, just to act for the better good of humanity.

Thank you,

-Steven G. Erickson

P.S. I am posting this email to you on the Internet, here:

More of my story in a nutshell:

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