Thursday, April 1, 2010

Police Rudeness in a Video

added April 2, 2010: This blogger has only been treated well by New Hampshire State, town, and city police officers. I wish all police officers were like the fine ones I have personally talked to in New Hampshire, in Vermont, in the State of Maine, and in most of the US, especially in Utah, Colorado, and Hawaii. The New York City PD Officers who I worked elbow to elbow with for months, sweating my ass off during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, when I was in Louisiana and Mississippi, after the storm, also get high marks. This blogger's complaints are with what passes for a human being in the Connecticut State Police.

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New Hampshire "Live Free of Die"?

Calling Nashua, NH PD About Sovereign Curtis

Text with video:
TheCopBlock March 24, 2010After learning that a friend had been put into a cage for engaging in peaceful behavior, I called the Nashua, NH Police Department.

More on this situation at:

Nashua Police Attack Freedom Celebration

Text with video:
obscuredtruth March 23, 2010A group of liberty activists decided to host a 4:20 Celebration in the center of Nashua, NH on Saturday, March 20th, at 4:20pm. The event was well received by the general public. Undercover Police targeted a 17-year old black man in the crowd of over a hundred.

When the crowd began questioning and pleading with the police to think about what they are doing, police call for backup, resulting in over a dozen cars responding including an attack dog. Police make a hasty exit after discovering many in the crowd are open carrying firearms.

Marijuana Smoking Hypocrisy

Text with video:
MrSlappyCard March 24, 2010More info:

I just viewed a video on a legalize marijuana protest in Nashua, New Hampshire. I dont smoke pot and dont know why anyone would even want to try it, but I now think it should be legalized and what adults should be able to do what they want if they arent harming others. There are much bigger issues that citizens should be out on the streets for. If those are addressed, maybe with that wave, pot will be legalized.

At least in New Hampshire, having a video camera around police doesnt result in immediate arrest. In Massachusetts, if you use your phone or video camera to document police brutality, or misconduct, you are the one that will be punished, not the officer breaking laws.

Drug use is an excuse for law enforcement to be involved in domestic spying and unchecked revenue collection and property confiscation. If you check my link, you may view the New Hampshire pot smoker arrests and my links to FBI, CIA, and police misconduct links.

Hillary Clinton former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer link:

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