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Inside Corrupt US Government

Rob Kall Radio, March 9, 2010

Former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman [photo found here]

interview notes: these are incomplete, unfinished, just a flavor of the conversation.

How is it that pres Obama ran for office on change we can believe in and his lawyers in January of 2010 argued to the US Supreme court that US citizens do not have a constitutional right not to be framed-- that is prosecutors can knowingly frame innocent people and not be sued.

they are afraid that by giving up civil immunity that they would be sued for presenting false evidence.
Why shouldn't they be sued.

Was elected governor of Alabama, beating an incumbent governor in a republican state.

Rove brought closes friend and political associate to Alabama -- Bill Canary

I did battle with him.

I was investigated immediately after being elected governor by Karl Rove's client
Leura Canary Was best Rove's friend's wife, who was also campaign manager's wife of Republican opponent who brought him to trial one month before the election.

The prosecution convinced a felon to re-write and re-write his testimony until he got it the way the government wanted i and then used it to get a conviction

Canary is still an attorney working at the DOJ.

Eric Holder has turned the Department of Justice over to David Margolis.

Margolis participated in firing of republicans who refused... 12:00

was a very good prosecutor when aUS attorney in Connecticut. Because he has been at the top for so long, and because all important decisions have been made by him, ihncluding my prosecution-- my prosecuting had a conflict was not forced to recuse herself
has had some involvement in approving torture for interrogation.

For those of us who have been paying attention to what's going on in the DOJ.

House judiciary held hearings
60 Minutes showed how government abused power.
One DOJ whistleblower, Tamara Grimes, who made accusations against Leura canary was fired with David Margolis approval.

Obama-- getting hurt because the people around him are not protecting his back-- they don't share his vision of change.

"I re-appointed a CEO to a board that two previous governors had appointed him to.
Because he had contributed to... the education lottery foundation... Siegelman was accused of accepting a bribe.

Abramoff was pouring millions into defeating me-- in 98, 99-- some $15 million came to Alabama to defeat me, so we wouldn't have a lottery, so people would go to neighboring states to gamble at casinos.

Was declared the winner, then, in the middle of the night the votes were recounted electronically and they shifted 5,000 votes to opponent.
The two people who claimed or received credit for stealing the election were Karl Rove's partner Kitty McCollough who changed her name to Kelly Kimbrough and Dan Gans. Republican party gave them credit for "discovering" th is "computer glitch." Experts have reported that the only way it could have happened was theft.

It was an orchestrated effort by Karl Rove to knock out progressive politicians across the country-- not just governors. THey made a determined effort to lower the boom on any democrat.

Studies-- seven to one democrats were proecuted over Republicans, No effort to appear to be fair.

Only case that has been seriously looked at was Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska--
Holder needs to look at these other cases as well and findout why they offered this false testimony.

William Welch took the place of Noel hillman, who was head of public integrity section of DOJ, where decisions are made to prosecute public officials and then it's signed off on by David Margolis.

When they were beginning to peel the onion on Jack Abramoff, they entered a guilty plea and stopped him frm talking. Jack Abramoff has a lot more to tell.

For the last 15 years or more Margolis is involved in high profile and or political cases. by his understanding.

The governor's case is before the US supreme court-- decision will be made by the justices may or october on whether they will hear his case. If they choose to hear it, will do so next spring of 2011.
There are a lot of unanswered questions [found here]

Rep. Jerrold Nadler D-NY [found here]


Congressman Jerrold Nadler (D-NY), Chair of the House Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights and Civil Liberties,
Jerrold Nadler has served in Congress since 1992. He represents New York's 8th Congressional District, which includes parts of Manhattan and Brooklyn.

On DOJ Civil Rights Division

"Today, the Subcommittee continues its oversight of the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice. With the authority to enforce this nation's civil rights laws, the Division is the guardian of our fundamental values: freedom of religion, the right to be treated fairly, the right to cast a vote in a free and fair election, the right to a job, the right to a home, the right to an education, and, with the enactment of the Hate Crimes Prevention Act, the right to live your life free from the threat of violent hate crimes.

"As our Subcommittee has documented, the Division has been deeply troubled over the past eight years. Career civil rights attorneys were routinely overruled by political appointees, hiring was illegally politicized, enforcement was, in some key areas, grossly neglected, and morale was as bad as at any time since the Division's establishment. The loss of dedicated career staff was alarming.

"We now have a new Assistant Attorney General, Tom Perez. He is a career civil rights lawyer, and he has a tremendous job ahead of him. In addition to the historically challenging work of the Civil Rights Division, he must rebuild a decimated and demoralized office, and he must do so with such monumental tasks as the decennial redistricting on the horizon. We would have liked to have had him here sooner, but some of our colleagues in the Other Body, apparently didn't have the same sense of urgency in getting him on the job.

"I hope to hear from Mr. Perez how he plans to meet these challenges.

"We will also hear from the Government Accountability Office, which has produced two extensive reports on the Civil Rights Division at the request of Chairman Conyers, Mr. Watt, and myself. I think the analysis and recommendations will help move the Division forward as it meets the challenges of the next few years.

"I want to welcome all our witnesses, and I look forward to their testimony."

Interview notes: These are just incomplete sketches caught on the fly. Listen to the podcast for accurate quotes.

DOJ: Good news in civil rights division

Failure to investigate or prosecute torture.

Where there is credible evidence that torture occurred there must be investigation.

need independent prosecutors

in most agencies, reviewing OPR report would have been a job of inspector general.

President says look forward, not backward, but if you look forward, only, you would never prosecute any crime.

Worse thing is state secrets. WE have rights. If the govt. violates your rights, -- torture you, steal your gun,

There's no right without a remedy.

What is the remedy if the govt violates your rights. Only one-- sue the govt. Injunction and/or damages.

Govt. moves to dismiss the complaint on grounds that hearing the lawsuite will be issue of state security. If court dismisses lawsuit... you can never get into court. That's what state secrets doctrine is being used for.

Started as protection for documents. Bush took to include

Legislation: can't block a case based on state secrets act.

Must be a suppression hearing. Govt. must convince judge that in fact a vitally important secret would be revealed.

Courts decide.

If 16:00

Have used state secrets act to prevent anyone from getting into court regarding torture, wiretapping...

Iqbal decision; for 50 years, prior to supreme court decision, you sued general motors , ....25:

as long as you stated the charge, they would not grant the motion to dismiss

Now, judge can dismiss because you haven't made a plausible case.

Another example. makes it very difficult, almost impossible for individu

Companies seeking govt contracts cannot run ads.
Companies that are foreign controlled cannot run ads...

[found here]

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