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Holding Elected Officials Accountable

[February 11, 2015, holding Connecticut Supreme Court Justice Chase T. Rogers accountable]

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Chris Kennedy gives overwhelming evidence to the Connecticut Judiciary Committee Feb. 17, 2010. The documents, well over a quarter inch thick given to the committee should compel them not to re-appoint Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan. The majority of the committee members are lawyers working under judges in the Judicial Branch which is ripe with retaliation, favors, and case rigging. These legislators consider the judges with even the worst behavior, friends! So, there is obviously no real representation for our taxation. Legislators who are for the people would not allow abusive judges who are breaking laws to continue to ruin lives, break up families, and put people in jail, not because they are guilty, just because they feel like it.

Did Steven G. Erickson go to the top of Connecticut's "Enemies List", arrest on sight for this?:
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attn FBI and CT State Senator Tony Guglielmo

November 30, 2006

Note: Videos and other information, scroll down

Steven G. Erickson and Chris Kennedy testify against Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan in front of the Judiciary Committee, Feb. 17, 2010:

Except of Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan testifying at the Feb. 17, 2010, reappointment hearing, Hartford, Connecticut

Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan of GA #19 Vernon Rockville, Connecticut, Superior Court

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Judges, some are public abusers for life


Judge's Narrow Confirmation Reveals Flaws In Evaluation System

By MARK PAZNIOKAS, The Hartford Courant
January 18, 2009

The Senate's confirmation of a Superior Court judge by a single vote last week exposed old tensions over how Connecticut judges its judges.

The case renewed questions about the judiciary's ability to evaluate, monitor and counsel judges whose impartiality and temperament become suspect.

And it laid bare the ill-defined standards and uneven approach legislators employ in deciding when to exercise their authority to end a judge's career.

"What is the measure we will use to throw someone out?" Sen. John A. Kissel, R-Enfield, asked Wednesday night as the Senate debated the fate of Judge Patricia A. Swords. [more]

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Steven G. Erickson in 2001 before being a victim on Connecticut's "Target List"

To elected officials and to whom it may concern [text posted on the Internet]:

If the United States collapses, it will be elected officials like yourself who are to blame. Not listening to constituents, and not protecting them for warning others what is really going on, is reprehensible. Children and families are intentionally being harmed with the use of taxpayer funds. I am posting this open email to you on the Internet with your contact information. Are you willing to act in the best interest of Children and Families before it is too late? Are you willing to hold a public forum hearing?

Citizens in downtown areas are the most under siege in a corrupt system which seems to profit from the importation of heroin and cocaine. Business and property owners who stand in the way of the drug trade, prostitution, and rackets that seem to be run by the Connecticut State Police and Connecticut's alleged Domestic Spying and Espionage Service, the Department of Administrative Services, are put on a target list. They are to have their families broken up, they are to have their jobs or businesses lost, they are to lose their homes, they are to be maliciously prosecuted in courts, maybe beaten up by police informants upon orders of police, maybe killed by operatives of police, and/or railroaded to prison. The Department of Children and Families, DCF, is used for spying, citizen abuse, retaliation, official kidnapping of children, official child abuse, and for blanket retaliation.

If a citizen emails a complaint, writes letters to the editor printed in newspapers, or informs others by computer, it seems the computers of these individuals may mysteriously fry. This happens way beyond normal wear and tear. If a citizen writes the Governor, such as to M. Jodi Rell, or former Connecticut Governor John G. Rowland, about corrupt courts or police misconduct, the citizen's name and complaint is turned over to the Connecticut State Police Commissioner and the citizen soon is a target for having his, or her, life dismantled. If a citizen proposes legislation to help families and children or to fix the public corruption problem the citizen's name is also distributed to police. So, is it safe for citizens to even talk to, email, or write to elected officials in the United States of America?

I have reason to believe that citizens who contact you on issues have their phone calls listened to and recorded, their emails printed out for police target lists to be aware of meetings for surveillance, their mail read, and their medical, legal, financial, and other records combed through for covert use to ruin lives. I believe that if a citizen emails other citizens to meet on an issue of addressing public corruption, the rigged court system, or about being official retaliated upon by the state, police have emails and times of meeting distributed amongst themselves to terrorize and ruin the citizens meeting.

I intend on posting additional text, links, and video to the above email to you. Should Connecticut and other states have an “Enemies List” for citizens who contact you? Should the US be the new Soviet Union run by heroin and cocaine drug lords? Will you hold a hearing on the targeting of citizens on the “Enemies List”, which harms children and families AND the entire economy?

Will you question and investigate the wrongdoing of Rockville Superior Court Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan for harming children and families to see to it that this judge is not renominated and approved to be a judge?

-Steven G. Erickson

Please respond by email to notify me of whether or not you are willing to hold a public forum hearing on the above matters

Program Review and Investigations committee:,,,,,,,,,,,

The above sent to emails list:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Select Committee on Children (Connecticut)

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I mailed a letter to President Bush on 9-15-01 discussing the problems I was having. I was then attacked on my property 10-11-01 by a police informant. I pepper sprayed my attacker in my dark driveway. Police were right there to arrest me. If the Bush administration was not so deceitful and arrogant, I think I and so many other citizens would not have been ripped off needlessly and abused. Our economy and national reputation would also be better. My letter to Bush:

If you click on it and save it, you can use a view to make it bigger.

The HUD response telling me Bush actually read my letter:

In the follow up report I am called the victim:

I was current on mortgage payments on 3 rental properties. Two of which I fixed up from a boarded up condition spending hundreds of thousands of dollars and years of my labor. I had also built up a contracting business over 2 decades. My reward was that a strong armed robber, a mugger, a felon, could threaten my life while demanding money in my own dark driveway, beat me, and he is not arrested, I am for using pepper spray and I go to prison.

A short video of my former properties [click]

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Target on Enemies List

This blogger's email:

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No matter where you live in the world, would you like to tell Tony Guglielmo and John A. Kissel that you don't want heroin and crack cocaine sold to children, you don't agree with police and judicial misconduct, and you don't want them being complicit with funds from drugs sold in the State of Connecticut to be used for CIA assassinations, worldwide torture, the installing of puppet government, and the proliferation of rape, terror, and murder worldwide? Please click their names above for their voicemails. Please leave them a message telling them how you feel.

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A Connecticut politician's son, a drug dealer, commits, or tries to commit armed robbery and gets no prison! Are US court cases rigged? [click here for story]

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Should police officers be able to ride around with their 14 to 16 year old prostitute girlfriends in cruisers burning gas paid for by taxpayers? Should police officers who are drunk and smash into other cars be able to leave the scene of an accident and not be charged, arrested, nor lose their jobs?

* * * *

Ex-Wife of Police Officer Lets Loose

Should Connecticut White male police officers get drunk in bars with female Department of Children and Family State Workers, DCF, handing out baggies of marijuana at the bar?

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Click link below for a large post of videos, emails in, and collection of posts detailing the banking scandal. Are police holding guns to citizens heads to protect judges who took bribes from banksters to rip off the public? Check out Richard Hettler video at bottom of post:

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Click below link to go to my main blog:

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Jan. 26, 2010

Text with video:
I leave a message for Connecticut State Senators John A. Kissel, and Anthony "Tony" Guglielmo.

I asked citizens of the world to call and leave messages for these two elected officials. If I am not willing to do it myself, why should I ask others to. I ask here:

Should any citizen be a target of a secret State Police "Enemies List" as I am in Connecticut:

Chris Kennedy talks about "Stalker Judge", Jonathan J. Kaplan

Steven G. Erickson makes a Connecticut Ethics Complaint against Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan:

text with video:
More info:

If you write in newspapers or in blogs about police, judges, or a state's governor, a citizen can be put on a secret enemies list, arrest on sight:

The Department of Administrative Services and the Connecticut State Police seem to be involved in espionage, domestic spying, reading citizen emails, eavesdropping of phone calls, terrorizing citizens, retaliation, court case rigging and other judicial, attorney, official, and police misconduct in the State of Connecticut out harming the world.

Police in Connecticut will protect prostitute, heroin and crack cocaine dealers, organized crime figures, banksters and will target whistle blowers and "Big Mouth" citizens such as Steven G. Erickson

[click here] for:

Letter Complaining to CT Atty Gen about Attorney Michael H. Agranoff

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The story of Ken Krayeske being on the "Target List" and being arrested on sight in Connecticut

Kenneth Krayeske
Will the handling of a current federal case prove that the US is the new Soviet style abuse State?
If you are a rival candidate for a position, a member of their staff, or a journalist covering the election should you be Blacklisted, put on a State Police Secret "Enemies List" and then arrested on sight, charges made up, evidence manufactured, witnessed coerced, and false police reports originated? Well, it looks like that is the case in Connecticut and probably in ALL US states.
Ken Krayeske might be the individual who proves the United States is not a free country, the US Constitution is null and void, and if you speak out and question the government or about rigged courts, you are to be arrested and held in a US prison as a political prisoner.
Attorney Norm Pattis might just be the best civil right lawyer in Connecticut, was Krayeske's lawyer and may have been terrorized by the State into intentionally dropping the ball. Krayeske, currently a law student, has reportedly obtained a new lawyer.
A confidential source tells me that the Federal Case against state officials in Connecticut seems to have been fixed from the inside to prevent justice. The major perpetrators of the official abuse have allegedly been removed from the civil case by an insider judge in the pending federal case with plaintiff, Ken Krayeske. The Hartford Police Chief seems to be the only one left to be sued civilly by Krayeske. The assumption would be that once the police chief goes to trial, if the case isn't just thrown out without consideration, he'll blame state officials who have already been let off the hook.
I don't have the money or resources to properly report this story. I either need help or I need someone else out there to pick up the ball. I could have major facts incorrect. Krayeske's case might prove there are no checks and balances and courts aren't for the people, there only for citizen abuse, retaliation, for revenue collection, and for protecting the integrity of a government without any hint of honesty or honor.
The reason that I am so concerned about his case is that Ken Krayeske was the Green Party campaign manager for Connecticut Governor in 2006, and I might have been more of a target than Krayeske just for blogging about public corruption. It looks like the Republican Governor, or her staff, may have put rival candidates on the secret enemies "Watch List" to be discredited and ruined, even arrested if an excuse could be found or manufactured. Imagine just running against a candidate with political power and having your life ruined, your family broken up, and having no hope of recourse just for assuming America is American?
I was critical of Republican Governor M. Jodi Rell in my blogs. It looks like I was a more prominent target for the arrest on sight list than was Krayeske. The list is revealing in what is there, and what is not there. A special security detail is given a politically motivated, hunt and ruin, list, and supposed real threats like Al Qaeda, hate groups, and anarchists don't get top billing on an arrest on sight list! Is the terror threat really just manufactured state terror of citizens?
So, the biggest threat to State, and possibly, the nation, are "Idiot Bloggers", like me who expose what we see? So, in the US, free speech can get you a "Go to Jail", "Do not get out for Free", "there is no card", and America being free is just cruel propaganda taught to children?
Do Americans have to fear being hauled off in the middle of the night to face secret detention and any means necessary to extract a false confession? Does anybody out there have any guts and will you do something about this?

* * * *

Legislator List on the Connecticut Judiciary Committee:

* * * *

Connecticut Legislators on the below committee are supposed to be the watchdogs and protectors of the public. Do they protect the official abusers of the public helping to retaliate against citizens making public corruption complaints in blogs, in newspapers, and to them?

Program Review and Investigations Committee membership in Connecticut:

Was a Connecticut Police Officer felony arrested in the state of Connecticut because he investigated Organized Crime figures and Drug Lords on the "Protected List" and told not to investigate certain criminals and crimes? Were his sons abducted in the middle of the night to be beaten up at State Police headquarters, Troop K? Was $10,000 cash in taxpayer dollars paid out by police to have a US Marine murdered by a police informant for having made a police misconduct complaint? [Answers here]

A Swedish documentary producer recently emailed me regarding the whereabouts of Richard "Ritt" Goldstein. They want to possibly do a documentary on Ritt and how far the US has sunk as far as their "justice system" is concerned. Ritt Goldstein organized a special legislative session on the need for Civilian Oversight of Police. The hearing was held in front of the Judiciary Committee at the Hartford Capitol in the State of Connecticut, Dec. 1996. Ritt was so terrorized by police after making the below video, he fled to Sweden seeking political asylum.

* * * *

The Connecticut Fatherlessness and Fatherhood Task Force meeting starring Bill Cosby [click here]

Voicemail left this afternoon for Connecticut Representative Bruce Morris' about the judicial misconduct of Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan. If he does nothing about this judge who takes pleasure in harming and breaking up families, his constituents should know. I talked with Bruce around the time I filmed Bill Cosby at the Capitol in Hartford Connecticut, I think Bruce will do the right thing. There should be a hearing on remedying my case, that of Chris Kennedy, Ken Krayeske, and others.

Text posted with above video:
Rep. Bruce Morris in Connecticut is asked to help remove malicious judge Jonathan J. Kaplan of Rockville Superior Court GA #19.

More information:

Chris Kennedy talks about Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan:

The Connecticut Fatherlessness Task Force:

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The below [found here]

Rockville Administrative Judge Jonathan Kaplan
Rockville Judge Edward Graziani
Rockville Judge Lawrence Klaczak

Attorney Susan Boyan, Council for the Mother
Attorney Susan Lee Heintz, GAL for the minor children
Supervising State Prosecutors Chris Parakilas at Enfield,
Supervising State Prosecutors Matt Gedanski at Rockville
State Prosecutor Elizabeth Leaming at Rockville

Theresa Wassenburg, Family Relations at Rockville Family and Criminal Court
These are the People abusing my children, lying to the court, colluding to deprive my children of a father and put me in prison. They need to be stopped. Judge Kaplan and court employees are costing the State of Connecticut thousands in retaliation for a complaint against Judge Kaplan for his discrimination and abuse.
My three children have been fatherless for a year and a half, my son has been arrested and I face 10 years in prison, all for my complaint against Judge Kaplan. Who will protect my children from this abuse?
Chris Kennedy
Ellington, CT 06029
In a message dated 6/13/2005 3:59:38 AM Eastern Standard Time, writes:
Transcript of February 26, 2004, Judge Jonathan Kaplan, Administrative Judge of Rockville:
"I simply reported to the supervising State's Attorney in the Office, Mr. Parakilas…because he should not be entering a nolle…. He wanted to enter a nolle."
Transcript of June 6, 2005, Enfield Supervising Prosecutor Chris Parakalis:
"It's all unfounded, I don't know what transpired in GA19 with Judge Kaplan."
The Court: Have you ever represented that the Case was going to be nolled?
Mr. Parakalis: No.
The State Prosecutors in Enfield and Rockville, working with Judge Kaplan, have cost the State of Connecticut over $250,000 in Taxpayers money and Federal funding to maliciously prosecute cases without merit and deprive my three children of a father. Is this in our new budget??
On June 6, 2005, in Enfield, CT Criminal Court GA-13, I witnessed the Supervising State Prosecutor, Chris Parakilas lie to a Judge. After a meeting in chambers with the Prosecutor and my Defense attorney, the Judge removed my attorney from my case for the second time when I demanded a jury trial. Two years ago I was arrested by warrant and charged with refusing to return the children to the mother when she was gone for the night with her boyfriend. The police report and the mother's testimony confirm she wasn't home.
The Supervision Prosecutor Chris Parakilas agreed to dismiss the charges if I completed 8 weeks of counseling, I did, but then he refused. He refused because the Judge Kaplan in my family case called him and ordered him not to dismiss the charges, but to prosecute me for my complaints against him. That was 15 month ago!
Steven Erickson also alleges that for his complaints against Judge Kaplan and the State Police, he was assaulted on his property and arrested by the State Police and sentenced to a year in prison by Judge Kaplan, in retaliation for his complaints.
For two years I have been going to Enfield court every month, over 24 court appearances and denied my repeated demands & rights to trial. Other cases younger than mine have gone to trial. I have witness abuse after abuse of prosecutor punishing minorities based on their lack of understanding of the law and without defense council.

Chris Kennedy
Ellington, CT 06029

* * * *

What should be done with the alleged "Racist on the Bench"?

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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire?


Enfield Connecticut Judge Howard Scheinblum

* * * *

The below text was emailed to a whole lot of Connecticut elected officials:

February 8, 2010

Please print out for all members of the Judiciary Committee

Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan is reportedly up for review Wednesday. Please swear him in. So, if he commits perjury or knowingly makes false statements he can be prosecuted. As officials, I am reporting felonies I believe have been committed to you. Since Connecticut courts are often not places of justice, I am asking the Judiciary Committee to consider all information contained within this email.

I was asked to submit questions with answers for Kaplan to answer to at the upcoming hearing on his reappointment by a legislator on the judiciary committee. So, this email is an answer to that request.

Did Jonathan Kaplan take an oath to uphold the US Constitution? If yes, does he think he's honored that oath and why?

Has he ever been lenient, or harsh, on defendants for personal reasons. Has Kaplan ever let a UConn student off with a slap on the wrist for mayhem, arson, assault, inciting a riot, and/or other crimes because the student intended to become a police officer? I believe such a story was reported in the Journal Inquirer. If a judge will be exceedingly lenient on insiders, is he exceedingly harsh on outsiders questioning his ethics or who have made a police misconduct complaint in Connecticut?

Judge Kaplan, is it improper, or illegal, for a police officer to contact you during an ongoing trial about a defendant in a trial you are currently judging? I, Steven G. Erickson, suspected Judge Jonathan Kaplan was in contact with former co-worker and judge at Rockville Superior Court, the then current Connecticut State Police Commissioner Arthur L. Spada. I knew that Kaplan was railroading me to prison while illegally colluding with police to retaliate against me for having proposed Civilian Oversight of Police to elected officials and for what I wrote in newspapers critical of Rockville Superior Court and Connecticut State Police.

I emailed Arthur L. Spada the text of the letter I had mailed to the US Department of Justice a day before Judge Kaplan sentenced me. I marked the trial transcripts the only way I could. I knew if Kaplan screamed at me and gave me a long tongue lashing, Spada and Kaplan had conspired, illegally, to railroad me to prison. Kaplan gave me a major tongue lashing, a rapist of children would have gotten less of a verbal tirade than I did for having mailed that letter to the US Department of Justice. I had asked the US Department of Justice to force Connecticut State Police to take the US Dept. of Justice webpage on Community Policing citing policies were not followed by the Connecticut State Police.

That would be beyond inflammatory to Spada. I informed Kaplan of being a target of Connecticut State Police harassment, how much I had already suffered, and about crimes committed by police including Connecticut State Police misconduct. By yelling at me, saying what he did, sentencing me, a crime victim who couldn't get away from his attacker, to a year in prison, Kaplan was admitting to being part of a retaliation conspiracy and to illegal collusion with Spada by going off on me the way he did before sentencing me.

Was Kaplan, as administrative judge, responsible for a man who sexually molested, or raped, a 3 year old to get off with no prison and not having to register as a sex offender after the defendant admitted this gross act? Chris Kennedy claims Kaplan was administrative judge in charge of Judge Swords when this was allowed to happen.

Has Kaplan ever sought to have a lawyer disbarred for being critical of his procedures? Massachusetts Attorney Barbara C. Johnson took a case at Rockville Superior Court. Johnson was a former candidate for Massachusetts governor and had a blog advocating judicial reform. Johnson was critical of Kaplan in her blog, citing procedures and rules were not followed. Johnson told me that Kaplan called Judges in Massachusetts to have her disbarred. Isn't that illegal and unethical? Does that show Kaplan's respect for the First Amendment? Johnson told me she had to take accusations against Kaplan off her blog after being disbarred and jailed to not rot in prison indefinitely. Do you see a pattern developing? Barbara Johnson, now 70 years old is in exile in Costa Rica. This would show that Kaplan will ruin anyone, acting maliciously, and will see to it citizens who are critical of courts or police are jailed and ruined.

Judge Kaplan, is it against the rules for a judge to drive to another jurisdiction and place papers in a legal file at a court to influence the outcome of the case? Did, he, Kaplan add any papers to any of Chris Kennedy's cases, such as placing a judicial misconduct complaint that Kennedy had initiated into a court file? Was the expectation that the other judge would retaliate against Mr. Kennedy? Did Kaplan ever call another judge or prosecutor to not drop a case or to be harsh on any citizen? Kennedy claims Kaplan has made such phone calls. Have you, Judge Kaplan, ever brought up someone's ethnicity or country of origin, using racist stereotypes and then told a citizen you were taking away their rights to see their children based on a stereotype? Did you bring up Chris Kennedy being Irish, there is strife in Ireland, so I'm taking your kids away? Have you ever bragged or taken pleasure in breaking up families and retaliating against citizens? Chris Kennedy and Steven G. Erickson would disagree.

Has Kaplan ever made faces at citizens while on the bench, or used his car to block a citizen's exit from the court? Chris Kennedy claims Kaplan is guilty of this, and said he had to talk to Judicial Marshals to feel safe to leave the court with Kaplan terrorizing him. I noticed Kaplan giving me juvenile Jr. High looks in small claims cases from the 1990's, and tried to have him removed from the bench through elected officials for his outrageous behaviors and misconduct as judge in civil cases.

Judge Kaplan is it possible that police officers would target citizens for personal or other reasons? Is it possible for police officers to commit perjury? Have you ever had a police officer accused and disciplined for perjury in your courtroom on any case? So, does that mean that officers don't commit perjury in your courtroom or have no fear of you doing anything about it?

Have you ever told a defendant that, “You're guilty and going to prison”, or similar before any proceedings in your court? Steven G. Erickson claims you have. Please obtain audio and text transcripts, docket # CR01-0074672 Rockville Superior Court
for violations, breaking of rules, and the rigging of a case. I believe that these transcript will prove that Kaplan will willing commit felonies, rig cases, and his general mode of operation is to thwart the law and ignore the US Constitution. This case should prove that not only should Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan not be re-confirmed as judge, he should be investigated for his rigging of more recent cases and acting illegally fixing cases colluding with rogue police officers. I believe Kaplan should be investigated, arrested, processed like a common criminal, and thrown in prison if found guilty in a legitimate court of law.

Did you, Jonathan Kaplan, as a judge, help remove a video shown to potential jurors that showed only how to find a defendant guilty and was deficient in informing jurors about finding a defendant innocent, being able to decide a verdict on conscience, and about reasonable doubt? Was the video which can be considered jury rigging used in Steven G. Erickson's case? If that VHS tape was considered jury rigging, was the jury rigged in Steven G. Erickson's case and shouldn't that verdict be thrown out? Was Steven G. Erickson wrongly convicted, if you believe not, why? Should a felon who is out looking for trouble, breaking laws, attacks a citizen when he comes home from work, should the felon not even be arrested, and should the homeowner with a family be sentenced to prison, losing everything, for having been forced to defend him or herself?

Did you tell Steven G. Erickson that he was guilty and would go to prison before you proceeded against him as judge in his case? Were you angry with Steven G. Erickson for questioning your professionalism, ethics, and his questioning whether you should remain on the bench after seemingly covering up insurance fraud for an insider in the case, Haas v. Erickson, where Erickson wrote a letter to the clerk of courts with the docket #, asking that the letter be filed with the case? Did you make angry faces at Mr. Erickson at small claims cases held in front of you after that? Have you made faces to make others in front of you in court to terrorize them and make them uncomfortable?

Have you and the courts in which you preside followed ADA laws since inception? Was Steven G. Erickson offered an ADA coordinator for his case as required by law? If not, shouldn't the verdict in his case be thrown out?

Is it unethical and frowned upon to have armed, uniformed police officers testify on the stand? If these police officers are dressed as authority figures where citizens are conditioned to do as they are told by such a figure, don't you think that would unfairly prejudice a jury? Did you allow armed police officers in uniform to testify against Steven G. Erickson? Up to four uniformed State Troopers committed perjury saying I never asked to make a complaint against my attacker. Anyone who knows me knows that I really can't shut up to save my own life. The troopers were obviously lying.

When Steven G. Erickson claimed his lawyer Attorney Michael H. Agranoff wasn't allowed to defend him after you, Judge Kaplan, called him into chambers telling him he had not followed the agreement to not adequately defend Steven G. Erickson or question any State Police assertions? Did you want to prevent Steven G. Erickson from speaking in his behalf to inform the jury about the real nature of the case, that it was about his feud with State Police over lack of protection and service and Steven G. Erickson asserting his First Amendment Rights and for his trying to have you, Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan removed for years prior to the bogus criminal case?

The only witness in the case against Steven G. Erickson was Cheryl Gauthier, a tenant being evicted, and who vowed revenge. Gauthier claimed that she saw Erickson being attacked by Caldwell from her apartment. It was dark, and the diagram of Erickson's properties would have shown that Gauthier was committing perjury as there was a house between the area of where the attack on Erickson took place and the tenant's apartment. If a human can't see through a house in the dark, Cheryl Gauthier obviously was lying. Did you, Judge Kaplan, prevent Steven G. Erickson from informing this jury of that fact, because his lawyer, Attorney Michael H. Agranoff was told not to by you? Did you want to ensure Erickson was wrongly convicted so you could send him to prison? Isn't this obvious retaliation?

Have you ever fined Attorney John O'Brien triple the going rate for an alleged offense in court. Do attorneys in your courtroom face being sent to jail or disbarment for not handling cases as you tell them to?

Is it common for an individual charged with assault 3rd and breach of peace, misdemeanors to get sentenced to a year in prison, 3 years probation, harshest conditions, ordered to pay for and take every state ordered class and program possible, highest fine allowed, and then label the defendant in need of a mental evaluation, when the defendant wasn't on probation and had no previous criminal record? Why did you sentence Steven G. Erickson that way?

I'm aware of only two others who were charged with the same crimes going through the same court at about the same time, but they were on probation and both caused permanent facial damage and scarring to their victims. A tenant of mine found out his wife was with another man. The tenant, on probation, kicked in the man's door, broke his nose beat him, and beat his wife for cheating. He wasn't violated on probation and did not receive prison. A Ellington area bartender on probation was found by police jumping on top of a man, drunk, breaking the man's jaw with his foot. The bartender was not violated on probation for that, and wasn't violated on probation until he tested positive for alcohol and cocaine seven more times. I pepper sprayed a violent felon who attacked me on my property while demanding money, that is a mugging! The follow up police report call me the “victim”, should victims get prison and perps not even get arrested? I was sentenced to a year in prison, 3 years probation for this “offense”.

Should any Connecticut judge be allowed to continue to be a judge if he, or she, can't tell who is a danger to society, who society should be protected from, and who is the victim in a case? If felonies are reported to the judge, and the judge imprisons the whistle blower, should the judge be removed? If a judge doesn't like what a person writes in letters to the editor or in blogs, should the judge be able to imprison citizens for exercising legal free speech?

Judge Jonathan Kaplan was aware that Brian C. Caldwell, a violent felon, had been threatening my life for weeks, stalking me, jumped me on my property, threatened to cut my penis off if I didn't turn over my wallet, left messages on my tenants' voicemails telling them he'd kill me when I came home, and that Brian Caldwell either attacked me, or tried to attack me, Steven G. Erickson, 7 more times before the “trial”, isn't that ridiculous?

Please check out [this post] for my complaint against Kaplan for rigging my trial:

I've attached materials obtained from the Freedom of Information Act. It proves the existence of the “arrest on sight” list for those who expose public corruption, legitimately complain to officials about officials, and who are critical of police and officials in blogs or at public hearings. Should judges see to it that victims on the target list get barbecued in courtrooms? Should judges found to do this be removed? Will the judiciary committee remove a judge whose seems to be an absolute, out of control sociopath?

Citizens who are sentenced to prison can be sexually assaulted, assaulted, are potentially exposed to infectious diseases, can be killed, can lose their credit, family unity, friends, jobs, their ability to ever own a home again, barred from getting most employment and housing opportunities. My daughter and I have been estranged since I wrote her from prison. Should my life have been dismantled because police had refused to protect and serve and I was attacked by a stalker on my own property. Should the First Amendment apply in the Constitution State? If citizens can't get justice in courts and are victims of a retaliation conspiracy can they have their bogus criminal records erased and can there be legislation to compensate victims such as Ken Krayeske, Chris Kennedy, Steven G. Erickson, and others?

Would this same judge sentence the victims of the Cheshire Home Invasion to prison if they too were on the Connecticut “Target List”? [William Petit story w/pictures]

I'm asking the Connecticut Judiciary Committee to look into the Ken Krayeske case as it unfolds. It may not be possible for citizens to get justice in courtrooms when there are questions of official abuse of citizens. Judges seem to dismiss all cases, or take out the meat of cases involving citizens being targets of government. When cases are brought against the state or police, judges seem to respond with Summary Judgment for the Defendants. Should judges be impartial and for justice, or should they just protect abusers within the system blocking Free Speech and preventing justice?

So, if there is no one to complain to get relief, if there is no justice in cases like this, will the judiciary committee look into remedy in my case, in Ken Krayeske's, in Chris Kennedy's, and others?

Will you please print this email to you for distribution this Wednesday morning for all Connecticut Judiciary Committee members interviewing Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan for reappointment to judge?

-Steven G. Erickson

Please refer to this webpage for more information:

* * * *

Chris Kennedy testifies, Feb. 17, 2010, [ video]

Text mailed to the Connecticut Judiciary Committee:

[the below found here]

February 12, 2010

To Judiciary Committee legislators of Connecticut:

In regards to Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan going up for re-appointment Wednesday, if he has acted vindictively, with prejudice, in retaliation, and not in a professional, non-partial way in any one case, this could indicate a pattern of breaking rules, having disregard for rules, laws, and the US Constitution, and I would ask you not to re-confirm Kaplan for the good of all the families and children of Connecticut.

Should any US citizen be put on an “arrest on sight” list for talking to Connecticut legislators? If police refuse to protect and serve, should a citizen without a record be stalked, terrorized, and assaulted by police operatives, then arrested for being beaten up, and then have a corrupt Connecticut judge sentence him, or her, to prison? Well, if Steven G. Erickson's case, docket # CR01-0074672 is allowed to stand, that is the precedent.

I complained about Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan to the Rockville Superior Court in the 90's about the small claims case, Haas v. Erickson. I claimed that there was insurance fraud and law broken on the other side. Ms. Haas allegedly had insider connections. So, if a judge will rule based on connections, not on merits, he should be removed. I contacted Senator Tony Guglielmo and John Kissel about removing Kaplan for bad behavior in the 90's. Kaplan would then stick his tongue out at me and make faces at me when I saw him in Rockville Superior Court after that case. A police informant attacked me on my property 10-11-01 and only I was arrested.

I wrote Governor Rowland complaining about the State Police harassing small business and homeowners in downtown Connecticut who did not have insider connections. Police informants are paid tax dollars to commit crimes, inform, set up citizens, beat up citizens, and even kill citizens. Google Stephen Murzin.

Barara Sattal told me she was a police informant offered money to set me up for a false arrest where I would be pulled over in her vehicle and meeting her for drinks, beaten up by State Police, having drugs planted on me, where I would be arrested for possession and assaulting police officers facing 15 years, or more, in prison. The expectation is I would plead out to 5 years, and did nothing wrong. I was told the setup for arrest was in retaliation for pissing off a judge (Kaplan), and for having proposed Civilian Oversight of Police to elected officials (Guglielmo, former Rep. Mordasky, Kissel), and for what I wrote in letters to the editor critical of Rockville Superior Court and the State Police. Kaplan called Massachusetts Judges to have Attorney Barbara C. Johnson disbarred for what she wrote about him in a blog. Johnson was jailed and told to remove the contents of her blog and is now in exile in Costa Rica.

Barbara Sattal told me that the objective of the judge (Kaplan) and the State Police was to make me lose contact with my daughter, lose my home, my contracting business, and so devastate my life that I would commit suicide.

Facing decades in prison for nothing. I was then told I was kicked out of Connecticut and would be arrested and go to prison by former Stafford Resident Connecticut State Trooper Mulcahey if I didn't leave Connecticut and shut my mouth. Mulcahey and Stafford Constable Frank Prochaska allegedly helped a crack cocaine addict who ran a woman off the road drunk, repeatedly slamming into her car because she is Black, help in getting a pistol permit to carry a gun in Connecticut!

I was later arrested for resisting being beaten up by a felon who had been threatening my life for weeks. I was offered no deals, just a year and a half in prison. I found out if you complain about police to the Governor or propose laws police don't like, you're name is put on the arrest on sight list. I have provided my picture from one of the those distributions for having been critical of Governor M. Jodi Rell. Yes, being critical of Governor Rell can get you arrested on sight by the Connecticut State Police. Names of complainers are given to the Commissioner of the State Police for distribution among police and members of the judiciary for nullifying the target.

Has any citizen in the history of Connecticut gotten prison when they had no previous record for the charges, Assault 3rd and Breach of Peace, misdemeanors? Has any citizen in the history of Connecticut been attacked on their own property gotten prison for having to defend themselves where the attempted mugger threatening to kill the victim if money isn't turned over gotten prison, where the mugger gets immunity to prosecute the victim for defending him or herself? If not, please ask Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan why he didn't recuse himself for my having lodged misconduct complaints against him, trying to have him removed with legislation. Please obtain my trial transcripts. Police officers are not supposed to testify in a courtroom, armed, as that taints the case. Kaplan allowed 4 armed officers in uniform to commit perjury to have me railroaded to prison, blocking the defense from providing information to dispute the police officers' perjury claiming Steven G. Erickson never asked to lodge a complaint against his attacker. Erickson can't shut his mouth to save his own life.

Judge Jonathan Kaplan told me I was guilty and going to prison before my trial for Assault 3rd and Breach of Peace.

I found out the day before sentencing that my lawyer, Attorney Michael H. Agranoff, was told by Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan that he was not allowed to dispute anything police officers claimed. I had wondered why Agranoff was acting like a second prosecutor, didn't call any witnesses to prove a simple case, and when I got him to get a key witness, he tried to dismiss her behind my back, and when I caught him, he yelled at her trying to discredit her for telling the truth on the stand.

There was one witness against me, a tenant I was evicting. My attacker was waiting to attack me hiding in her apartment. Cheryl Gauthier claimed she saw me getting attacked in my dark driveway and my fighting back in my driveway from her apartment. That was on the other side of the adjacent house, so if a person can't see through a house in the dark, she's lying. Agranoff refused to point out on the diagram at the front of the courtroom showing my 2 rental properties in Stafford Springs, that Gauthier had to be committing perjury. My driveway is on the opposite side of the other house. Because Judge Kaplan blocked my attorney from defending me, I requested that Judge Kaplan allow me to speak and to point out that fact on the diagram. Kaplan refused, preventing me from defending myself against false charges. Agranoff told me he'd be disbarred and go to jail if he had defended me, after he'd been called into chambers and yelled at by Kaplan for defending me as my lawyer. It didn't stop Agranoff from sending me a bill in excess of $17,000 telling me I was lucky that he was my lawyer as things would have been much worse for me had he not. What!!!??? I got a year in prison for resisting being beaten up after State Police had told me that I would be arrested and go to prison if I didn't shut up and leave the state. So officers knew a case could be rigged before I was even accused of anything.

The day before sentencing. I went home and typed a letter to the US Department of Justice. The reason being, I wanted to mark my trial transcripts. I asked the USDOJ to ask the Connecticut State Police to remove the USDOJ Community Policing guidelines from the State Police website citing policies weren't followed. I emailed Arthur L. Spada a copy of the letter I mailed to the USDOJ. It is illegal to rig a case from the outside, meaning it is illegal for Spada to call Kaplan to rig my case. So, I knew if Kaplan yelled at me mercilessly at sentencing, that Spada had illegally contacted Kaplan discussing my prosecution and sentencing with him. Kaplan yelled at me mercilessly at sentencing. What need would there be for having trials if police officers can just call the judge to rig the trial and put innocent citizens in prison?

Chris Kennedy told me that Judge Jonathan Kaplan was okay with a man who admitted raping a 3 year old in not getting jail and not having to register as a sex offender. I know of two other individuals arrested for assault 3rd and Breach of Peace that went through Rockville Superior Court at the same time, except they were on probation and both caused facial disfigurement. My tenant was on probation, and kicked in the door of the man his wife was sleeping with breaking his nose and beating his wife. He wasn't even violated on probation. An Ellington bartender on probation was caught outside the bar where he worked, drunk, jumping on a man he severely beat, kicking his face breaking the man's jaw. He wasn't violated on probation.

The felon I pepper sprayed after he jumped me on my property beating me. I fought him off, and then pepper sprayed him when he told me to give up my wallet or he'd cut my penis off. I wasn't on probation. My attacker was well enough, and came after me 7 more times and either assaulted me again, or tried to all the way up to my kangaroo court rigged Connecticut “trial”.

I called Tony Guglielmo my State Senator after each incident. My attacker never got arrested and I got a year in prison, 3 years probation, drug and alcohol classes, anger management classes, was ordered to have a mental health evaluation, was order to see a psychiatrist twice a week after release from prison. I have no drug and alcohol history or arrests. I had nothing in my system when I was attacked. My attacker was legally drunk and under the influence of drugs from his hospital reports going to the hospital because I had pepper sprayed him. He was never arrested. I got prison. Does this make sense to you? If a woman is on the Connecticut “target list”, should she get prison for being stalked, terrorized, and raped, where the rapist is used to testify against the victim, not even arrested?

If not, will you please consider legislation to remedy my bogus criminal record and compensate me for losing my home, my business, my family, and all the pain and suffering? DO YOU WANT CITZENS WHO TALK TO ELECTED OFFICIALS BE RAILROADED TO PRISON JUST FOR TALKING TO YOU? CAN POLICE RUN YOUR TERRORIZED CONSTITUENTS OUT OF THE STATE?

I was put on parole when I got out of prison. My parole officer told me I was not allowed to lodge police misconduct complaints and was not allowed to contact reporters or go to prison. When I was placed on probation, my probation officer told me that she didn't want to have to deal with the Connecticut State Police and if I didn't agree to leave the State, I would automatically be violated and be sent back to prison for who knows how long.

Almost all jobs are not available to me because of my bogus record. Most landlords don't want a tenant who was in prison. Most women won't date a former inmate with a “history of violence”. I was told I was “too violent” to work at a fast food restaurant or collect shopping carts at Wal-Mart. I faced a mugger with a knife and wanted to live. I pepper sprayed him. Is that too violent that society had to be protected from me? My attacker was looking to break the law. I was looking at taking a shower and going to bed after working 16 hours straight. Prison should only be used to teach those who can't learn a lesson. WILL YOU ACT FOR CITIZENS AND PROVE THE US CONSTITUTION STILL APPLIES IN CONNECTICUT?

Steven G. Erickson
[address snipped]

* * * *

Connecticut State Police second in command, Colonel Thomas "The Duck" Davoren

* * * *

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Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan Feb. 17, 2010, Hartford Connecticut, Reappointment Hearing, Legislative Judiciary Committee Room. 44 min 39 sec

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Chris Kennedy background information:

Chris Kennedy Story
Men are being forced into jail by divorce because the system is so bias towards women that they are believed (even when lying and vindictive) and men are not (even when presenting hard evidence). Women win the children, home, cars, money and everything throwing the man out on the street, even when he brought the home into the marriage and has a prenuptial agreement to prove it!
Chris Kennedy is being prosecuted by a runaway judge set on vengeance because Chris is fighting (legally) for his rights to his children, whom the state has kidnapped, as happens immediately to most fathers ACCUSED of anything made up by an irate son to be ex-wife who has financial and strategic gain in mind.
Chris was stabbed by his wife and the charges were dismissed. He has been fighting the good fight without seeing his children for years until recently. Now he gets only ONE HOUR per week, supervised with them. Yet his wife STABBED HIM and has sole custody of he children!! How outrageous.

Advocate for fathers acquitted of assault
By Ethan Fry, Journal Inquirer Staff Writer December 09, 2005
A six-member Vernon Superior Court jury this week acquitted an Ellington man, who has become a vocal advocate for the rights of divorced fathers, of charges that he assaulted his 15-year-old son at his home nearly two years ago. The jury on Tuesday returned not-guilty verdicts on four criminal charges that had been facing Christopher Kennedy, 38, of 314 Jobs Hill Road.
The charges included a felony count of risk of injury to a minor and misdemeanor counts of third-degree assault, second-degree unlawful restraint, and second-degree reckless endangerment.
The charges stemmed from accusations that Kennedy assaulted his son, then 15, on Dec. 31, 2003.
The teenager told police that the assault followed a dispute over the ownership of DVDs, books, and an art kit that he had packed to take back to his mother's house. The teenager acknowledged that he hit a car window in anger during the altercation, swore at his father, and took a step forward to pick up items his father had thrown on a porch.
He said he was then somehow knocked to the ground and remembered his father kneeling over him and holding him down. The teenager said he reached up and tore his father's shirt as he got up, and that his father then slapped him across the left side of his face. He said his father again pinned him to the ground until his 10-year-old sister pushed his father off him.
The teenager said both his younger sisters witnessed the entire confrontation and were upset by it.
Kennedy told police a different story, saying his son came after him, grabbing him by his shirt collar and tearing it. He said he grabbed his son's shoulders to restrain him and that there was a brief struggle during which they both fell to the ground.
Both Kennedy's younger daughters told authorities that they saw Kennedy hit his son during the confrontation, although one of the girls described Kennedy and his son pushing each other early in the confrontation, according to a state trooper's affidavit.
The criminal case was just one of several legal problems facing Kennedy, who was charged with perjury in July after authorities said he lied under oath and fabricated evidence in an effort to obtain a restraining order against his ex-wife and custody of their children. That case is pending in Hartford Superior Court.
Kennedy also faces charges of custodial interference in Enfield Superior Court.
In that case, he is accused of deliberately keeping his children beyond the time allotted for a visit.
Kennedy's legal tribulations began during a bitter divorce and custody dispute with his ex-wife, Leanna Putman of Enfield.
In a letter Kennedy sent to Gov. M. Jodi Rell this week, and forwarded to the Journal Inquirer, he said his acquittal represents a victory for fathers alienated by "the bad side of divorce."
"When children are forced to testify in criminal court, everybody loses," he wrote. "I call this a win for fathers and protection for future families and children, a positive outcome and an education for the six people on the jury who never saw the bad side of divorce.
"With this acquittal in Rockville, and the Hartford case set to be dismissed, I have two down and still one more criminal case in Enfield to go," Kennedy added.
For years, Kennedy has been a vocal critic of the way state judges handle custody issues in divorces. He has litigated a number of issues extensively, often representing himself.

Sent: Friday, November 18, 2005 8:06 AM
Subject: Kennedy case going to trial

My case is scheduled for trial on November 29, 2005 at 10am at Rockville Criminal court, 20 Park Street, Rockville/Vernon CT. Any and all support will be greatly appreciated
Which one you ask?
This is the result of my complaint against Judge Kaplan and why I have not been able to see my three children for two years. I am being charged with:
1. Risk of injury to a minor
2. Reckless endangerment
3. Breach of Peace
4. Unlawful restraint
This is from an incident at my house with my 15 year old son where they are claiming I hit him and pushed him to the ground because he wouldn't listen to me. Breach of Peace only applies to public places not my private home to give you a flavor of the prosecution.
- A DCF investigation and administrative hearing already found that there was no abuse or neglect and I was acting responsibly as a parent with an aggressive teenage son.
-The Restraining order hearing found that this was a case of a father disciplining a child who refused to follow his fathers rules. My son was forced to testify and clearly stated that he was not pushed to the ground, he was not assaulted, he was not hurt he was not afraid of his father, he started the fight by hitting his father for not letting him take stuff from the house his mom had told him to get. Judge Kaplan still issued the restraining order.
-The Mother is a registered Nurse, mandated by the State of CT to report any suspected abuse. She never reported abuse, the School refused to report this as abuse. The mother went out of town to a counselor in Massachusetts and convinced him to report the abuse - He waited 5 days Later. (CT State law says 12 hours)
-This arrest did not occur until 4 months after the alleged abuse. Days after I filed a complaint against Judge Kaplan they issued a warrant for my arrest and Judge Kaplan signed a second restraining order removing my daughters. It was blank with no children listed and no allegations of abuse. The judge granted it specifically stating it was because of my complaint against Kaplan.
-The State Prosecutor in Enfield has stated in writing that Judge Kaplan has called him and other prosecutors in Hartford and Rockville and was pursuing my arrests and prosecution.
-I also have transcript and evidence that judge Kaplan fabricated documents and drove them to Hartford prosecutors to have me arrested. The arrest warrant there clearly states that judge Kaplan supplied all the documentation.
This judge Kaplan is out for revenge and I fear I am going to jail, my attorney will sell me out due to pressure by the judge and prosecution and because of my aggressive fight against this judge and the corruption in the courts.
Please do what you can to help, call any and all State officials, Governor, Chief State Prosecutor, my attorney...etc. and express your concern. For two years I have not rested in fighting for parental and children's rights, public outrage and media attention is needed.
Governor Mrs. Jodi Rell 860-566-4840
LT Governor Kevin Sullivan 860-524-7384
Chief State Attorney Chris Morano 860-258-5800
Public Integrity Bureau - 860-258-5805 1-888-742-2726
US Attorney Kevin O'Connor 203-821-3700
Governor Legal Staff Kevin Rasch 860-524-7316
My attorney John O'Brien 860-290-9090 - Please be polite!!

By: Kym Soper, Journal Inquirer Staff Writer July 01, 2005
An Ellington man who's been critical of how some judges deal with child custody issues was arrested Friday on charges he perjured himself and fabricated evidence in an effort to obtain a restraining order against his ex-wife and custody of his children, police and court officials say.
The man, Christopher B. Kennedy, 37, of 314 Jobs Hill Road was arrested on a warrant at Hartford Superior Court on Friday after turning himself in to authorities there, court officials said. He was charged with perjury and fabricating physical evidence, they said.
Kennedy, a mechanical engineer, was released on a $50,000 bond and is scheduled to return to court on July 22, court officials said.
Kennedy is accused of making false statements and omissions under oath at Hartford Superior Court in March 2004 in order to obtain a restraining order against his ex-wife and custody of their three children, according to the eight-page affidavit supporting his arrest.
Obtained restraining order
Kennedy had obtained the restraining order against his ex-wife in Hartford court even though there was already a restraining order in place against him - it had been issued months earlier by a Vernon judge, a fact that was unknown to the Hartford judge, according to the affidavit.
Kennedy was the subject of a full-page article in the Journal Inquirer in April detailing his two-year legal battle over child custody. He has also been interviewed on television.
He has aggressively filed appeal after appeal in higher courts, and acted as an advocate for a bill on fathers' rights before the state legislature this year.
The publicity led to the involvement of high-level state officials investigating whether there was any prosecutorial or judicial misconduct in the custody case.
In a telephone interview on Friday, Kennedy characterized the latest charges against him in two ways - as retribution by the courts for his vigorous fight for shared custody of his children and as a result of the recent directive from Gov. M. Jodi Rell's office, where officials were told to look into his situation in the aftermath of the publicity about his child custody issues.
The investigation that led to charges being filed against Kennedy on Friday had been undertaken by Inspector Stephen A. Kumnick of the Hartford State's Attorney's Office.
Kumnick began the investigation following a request made a little over a year ago by Vernon Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan.
Arrest questioned
Kennedy questioned the timing of his arrest Friday, noting that it occurred just one week after Rell's directive.
"I in no way intended to mislead the judge, but there is a history of abuse and violence, and I was concerned for my children's safety," Kennedy said, in defense of the perjury charge against him.
According to the affidavit, Kennedy and his ex-wife, Leanna Putman of Enfield, filed for divorce in Vernon Superior Court on April 16, 2002. The following day Putman was charged with second-degree assault based upon a complaint made by Kennedy, the affidavit said.
Kennedy also applied for and received a restraining order against his ex-wife on that day, but the court vacated the restraining order a week later, and prosecutors dropped the criminal charges against Putman on June 12, 2003, the affidavit said.
As part of the divorce agreement, Kennedy and Putman were to have joint custody of their children, but on Feb. 4, 2003, Vernon Judge Edward Graziani awarded Putman sole custody and gave Kennedy "reasonable" visitations rights, the affidavit states.
The judge also found Kennedy in contempt on that date, saying he "willfully disregarded" a previous order allowing his children to have telephone access with their mother, the affidavit said.
Other charges pending
Later that July, Kennedy was arrested by Enfield police and charged with three counts of second-degree custodial interference in which he stands accused of deliberately keeping the children beyond the time allowed for a visit, the affidavit said. That matter is still pending in Enfield Superior Court.
Meanwhile, back in Vernon, a judge issued a restraining order against Kennedy in January 2004, demanding that he "refrain from imposing any restraint upon the person or liberty of Leanna Putman, refrain from threatening, harassing, assaulting, molesting, sexually assaulting or attacking" her, the affidavit states.
The judge further ordered Kennedy to refrain from entering Putman's home, the affidavit said.
The order also applied to the children, but visitation was allowed with the two younger daughters while visitation with his son was suspended, the affidavit said.
In December 2003 Kennedy had been arrested and was accused of knocking his teenaged son to the ground, holding him down, and slapping him across the face, an incident witnessed by his two younger daughters, the affidavit said.
Kennedy still faces charges of third-degree assault, second-degree unlawful restraint, and three counts of risk of injury to a minor in Vernon Superior Court for that incident.
In March 2004 Kennedy gave sworn testimony in Hartford Superior Court that was false and misleading in order to override the Vernon judge's custody and restraining orders against him, the affidavit said.
That testimony led to the latest charges against him of perjury and fabricating evidence.
Abuse accusation
Kennedy had submitted a sworn statement to the Hartford judge seeking custody of the children, claiming his ex-wife and her boyfriend were physically abusing them, the affidavit said.
He also claimed that Putman had continually harassed him over the last eight months at his home and work in violation of an active protective order, the affidavit said.
In his sworn statement, Kennedy mentioned the Vernon court's 2002 arrest and restraining order against Putman in detail, alleging that she stabbed him with a knife and ran over his foot with a car, the affidavit said. But he failed to mention in the document that the court dropped those two matters, the affidavit said.
On the basis of Kennedy's sworn statement, the Hartford judge issued a restraining order against Putman and awarded Kennedy temporary custody of the three children, the affidavit said.
The order was delivered to the children's schools and Putman on March 18, 2004, and on that date Kennedy removed his daughters from school, the affidavit said.
He then tried to remove his son from his school, but officials there would not allow either parent to take custody of the boy and called police, the affidavit said.
When the Hartford judge heard about the incident later that day, the restraining order against Putman was removed and the matter returned to Vernon court, the affidavit said.
The following day, a Vernon judge issued a restraining order against Kennedy, the affidavit said.
I'M OUT! July 1, 2005
Thanks to a warning call from LT. Fox, Commander of the State Troop C in Stafford, CT, and some quick emails, phone calls and HUGE help by steadfast freedom fighters, risking their jobs to meet me at the courthouse and help processing.
I turned myself in at 9:30 am this morning and was released around 4pm.
The charges are perjury and fabricating evidence for filling out a Restraining order application incorrectly over a year ago.
The Bail Bondsman asked for $100,000, the prosecutor asked for $500,000 - For perjury.
Bond was set at $50,000 and I was able to post $3000 to get out.
By Coincidence, three weeks ago the Governor's Office sent a written request to investigate my allegations of corruption and abuse by the judges prosecutors, police and DCF regarding my children and myself. A copy of my complaint and the Governor's request went to The State Police Commissioner, The Chief State's attorney, The Chief Administrative Judge and the Commissioner for the Department and Children and Families, DCF.
Three weeks ago the judge in the Enfield criminal case granted my attorney's withdraw after meeting with him and the prosecutor in chambers. For two years I have been asking for a speedy trial and this is the second time the judge allowed my attorney to withdraw. Last week a trial was scheduled - with no representation.
This week, Monday, I filed a motion in my case in Enfield, CT, to dismiss the case based on malicious and selective prosecution and produced a transcript of the prosecutor lying to the judge, with other ethical and illegal accusations, asking what are the facts for the charges in this case?
Tuesday Morning I met with LT. Fox to discuss my complaint against the State Trooper that arrested my son and myself and refused to ever investigate my complaints.
Tuesday afternoon I had a hearing for the second criminal case, Rockville, asking why I can't see my children, what law are they relying on, why won't they tell me the facts to support the charges for the last year. Then I filed three Appeals for the two criminal cases and the family case.
Thursday the arrest warrant was issued. I have just started seeing my two daughters, 1 hour a week supervised visits, after no contact for 16 months. The bond was set high to shut me up and sit in jail for the next 6 months, destroying my job and ending all contact with my children - according to a state prosecutor to my attorney. I was told the prosecutors and Judge Kaplan want me "sacrificed", that I will go to jail and never see my children again for my complaint against Judge Jonathan Kaplan.
Where is Justice?
Family Custody Case
Criminal - Enfield
Criminal - Rockville
Criminal - Hartford
DCF Charges Dismissed!
5 appellate court cases (CT)
2 Supreme court cases (CT)
and ....?
See more at:
From: The Fatherhood Coalition [mailto:FATHERS-L@HOME.EASE.LSOFT.COM] On Behalf Of Chris Kennedy
Sent: Tuesday, October 18, 2005 8:07 AM
Subject: Prosecutor admits to attacks by Judge Kaplan

The Supervising State Prosecutor Chris Parakilas of Enfield, CT criminal court has submitted a written statement confirming that Judge Jonathan Kaplan, Administrative Judge of Rockville, CT has contacted him multiple times and instructed him to prosecute Chris Kennedy in his criminal case and that following this call, the prosecutor refused to honor his offer to nolle/dismiss the charges as he had agreed with Kennedy and his attorney.
The prosecutor describes in detail, Judge Kaplan's personal attack on the character of Chris Kennedy condemning him as an unfit father and should be prosecuted. The call followed Kennedy's complaint against judge Kaplan. Two months prior the Prosecutor stated multiple times on the record that he denied every having a conversation with judge Kaplan.
Parakilas went on to write that Theresa Wassenburg, the Family Relations officer in Rockville, CT also contacted him to relay personal information about the family case in Rockville, her personal prejudice of Kennedy and her desire to see him prosecuted. Wassenburg has been instructed on five separate occassions by her supervisor Peter Myers to have nothing to do with the Kennedy case and to stay as far away as possible. After each warning, Wassenburg continued to contact Prosecutors, judges, attorneys, GAL's and other court personel concerning the Kennedy case.
The charges in Enfield are custodial interference, alledging Kennedy refused to return the children to the mother. the Police report, testimony by the mother, boyfriend and children confirm that the mother was gone for the night with her boyfriend and made no arrangements to exchange the children. Upon the mother's return that night the children were woken from their sleep after 10pm on a school night, dressed and brought to the boyfriends apartment where the mother lives. The mother then filed a complaint with the Enfield police.
----------------------------------- October 20th 2005 Update ----------------------------
This latest break with the Enfield Supervising Prosecutor Chris Parakilas admitting to lying to the court and now confirming that Rockville Judge Kaplan called him to influence my case is proof positive that this judge is on the attack and willing to hurt children to punish fathers who fight for their family rights.
I am not the first father abused by this judge. He told me I reminded him of a father he had before and he lost his children for years and he would do the same to me. I have dedicated two years of fighting to protect children and fathers and have the chance to remove a corrupt family judge - an administrative judge - and the prosecutors who help him. Help strike a blow.
Jonathan Kaplan is Administrative Judge of Rockville, CT.
Chris Parakilas is Supervising Prosecutor of Enfield, CT Court
I currently have 3 criminal cases, 7 appeals, 2 supreme court cases and my custody case all as a direct result of judge Jonathan Kaplan. I have not seen my children in two years - ALL as a direct result of Judge Jonathan Kaplan calling prosecuters, issuing blank restraining orders, fabricating document, tampering with court folders and withholding facts to have me arrested and prosecuted in all three cases and to remove my children. All as a direct result of my complaint against him and appealing his ruling. I need your help.
Call the Governor, the Chief Judge and the Chief Prosecutor and ask why a judge is abusing children and prosecutors are lying to the court. Ask what is going on in the Kennedy case and who will stop the corruption in the family courts, in Rockville court?
Office of the Governor M. Jodi Rell State Capitol 210 Capitol Avenue Hartford, Connecticut 06106 Telephone:Greater Hartford: (860) 566-4840 Toll-Free: (800) 406-1527
Lt. Governor
Kevin B. Sullivan
State Capitol
Room 304
Hartford, CT 06106
Phone 860-524-7384 Fax: 860-524-7304
Public Integrity Bureau
Office of the Chief State's Attorney
300 Corporate Place
Rocky Hill, CT 06067
Telephone: (860) 258-5805
Fax: (860) 258-5804
Chris Kennedy
Ellington, CT 06029

The Shared Parenting Council -CT
The Fatherhood Coalition -MA
Fathers-4-Justice- UK

I am filing a complaint with the judicial review council and seeking as much media attention as I can get through emails, calls and protesting. I filed one motion to have this case transferred out of Rockville court and reargue a prior contempt motion this judge denied. I am preparing another motion to reconsider the judgment last week which terminated my rights. I will use the case law you provided. I am preparing a Federal suit against this judge and the attorney as well as Kaplan who runs the court. I have to have my case transferred out of Kaplan's influence.
The Governor's aid, Kevin Rasch, sent me a letter that the Governor can and will do nothing in a civil case. I didn't ask for intervention, I asked for investigation. Even Rowland, who now sits in Prison, had given an executive order to establish the Commission on Divorce Custody and Children. A great study and report that identified primary issues Fathers and parents have in divorce.
In a message dated 12/23/2005 9:15:40 AM Eastern Standard Time, writes:
Since Judge Swords has taken a radical position against you as a father, you must take a radical position against her as a public official.

You must file a motion for her disqualification from the case for violations of her oath of office to uphold and support the Constitution for the United States and Constitution for Connecticut because she violated your Due Process and Equal Protection Rights by unlawfully terminating your parental rights. To do this, you must file the motion seeking her disqualification on grounds of official misconduct for violating her oath of office and for treason to the Constitution. She has no standing as a state official/judge to deny you your parental rights without a compelling state interest , e.g., child abuse or neglect. There needs to be strict constitutional scrutiny before she can deny you your parental rights. She has not reached the goal, and can never reach the goal of strict scrutiny of abuse or neglect. There's no proof.

The argument for treason is as follows:

Under Federal law which is applicable to all states, the U.S. Supreme Court stated that if a court is "without authority, its judgments and orders are regarded as nullities. They are not voidable, but simply void; and form no bar to a recovery sought, even prior to a reversal in opposition to them. They constitute no justification; and all persons concerned in executing such judgments or sentences, are considered, in law, as trespassers." Elliot v. Piersol, 1 Pet. 328, 340, 26 U.S. 328, 340 (1828).

When a judge acts as a trespasser of the law, when a judge does not follow the law, the judge loses subject-matter jurisdiction and the judges orders are void, of no legal force or effect. The U.S. Supreme Court, in Scheuer v. Rhodes, 416 U.S. 232, 94 S.Ct. 1683, 1687 (1974) stated that "when a state officer acts under a state law in a manner violative of the Federal Constitution, he "comes into conflict with the superior authority of that Constitution, and he is in that case stripped of his official or representative character and is subjected in his
person to the consequences of his individual conduct. The State has no power to impart to him any immunity from responsibility to the supreme authority of the United States." [Emphasis supplied in original]. By law, a judge is a state officer. The judge then acts not as a judge, but as a private individual (in his person).

The U.S. Supreme Court has stated that "No state legislator or executive or judicial officer can war against the
Constitution without violating his undertaking to support it.". Cooper v. Aaron, 358 U.S. 1, 78 S.Ct. 1401 (1958).
Any judge who does not comply with his oath to the Constitution of the United States wars against that Constitution and engages in acts in violation of the Supreme Law of the Land. The judge is engaged in acts of treason. Having taken at least two, if not three, oaths of office to support the Constitution of the United States, and the Constitution of the State of Connecticut, any judge who has acted in violation of the Constitution is engaged in an act or acts of treason (see below).

If a judge does not fully comply with the Constitution, then his orders are void, In re Sawyer, 124 U.S. 200 (1888), he/she is without jurisdiction, and he/she has engaged in an act or acts of treason.

Whenever a judge acts where he/she does not have jurisdiction to act, the judge is engaged in an act or acts of treason. U.S. v. Will, 449 U.S. 200, 216, 101 S.Ct. 471, 66 L.Ed.2d 392, 406 (1980); Cohens v. Virginia, 19 U.S. (6 Wheat) 264, 404, 5 L.Ed 257 (1821) What is the penalty for treason?

Since this judge had jurisdiction to act on your behalf, she did not. Therefore, she violated her oath of office, committed official misconduct and committed treason against the Constitution for the United States and Constitution of Connecticut.

She must disqualify herself because she is not competent, and she obviously has a severe mental disability due to some kind of personal agenda (e.g., radical feminism, lesbian, man-hater, gender biased, etc.) of being gender biased against males, because of her malicious, vindictive and vicious act against you.

Franz v. United States, 707 F.2d 582, 602 (D.C. Cir. 1983):

"It seems obvious to us that since custody and visitation encompass all of what we call 'parental rights', a total denial of both would be equivalent of termination of parental rights".

P.S.--I used a motion in NJ where I accused the Superior Court Judge in the family court of treason, official misconduct and gender bias for imprisoning a disabled father for child support debt. She told him that the only way he could get out of jail was to pay the full amount of $25,000. I filed the motion and 2 days later he was released from jail on $2000. She kept saying to him during that hearing that she was not gender biased. Obviously, these judges are scared of these types of applications before them.

Judge Kaplan has a new militant judge at Rockville family court. Former Rockville Court Prosecutor, Patricia Swords, under Judge Jonathan Kaplan is now Judge Swords under Kaplan as the Angle of Death in the family court

Judge Swords has terminated my parental rights at an emergency hearing following my aquittal of all charges at Rockville Criminal Court. No reason was given, no right to council. According to the Judge it is my problem how I will ever see my children again.

Nazi Germany is the only reference I can think of in our history where children have been systematically abused and torn from their parental bonds. We are entering a whole new era on the War on Fathers at Kaplan's
Rockville Court.

Chris Kennedy
Ellington, CT 06029

chris kennedy custody parents rights judicial corruption CT
In a message dated 3/9/2006 7:52:04 PM Eastern Standard Time, Cksubs writes:
3 Million people in Connecticut and I'm the only person to testify against a judge at the public hearing.
On Monday, March 6, 2006, I testified before the judicial committee against the reappointment of Judge Howard Scheinblum. I gave transcripts and news articles of this judge lying to the committee and 2-1/2 years of corrupt. Yesterday, the committee voted to reappoint all 30 judges ..BUT ONE!
Judge Scheinblum is now under investigation by the Judicial Committee, he will be under review again sometime around March 21, 2006 and I believe the public can testify.

Chris Kennedy
Ellington, CT 06029
In a message dated 3/8/2006 6:42:25 AM Eastern Standard Time, Cksubs writes:
The following was submitted to the judicial committee with the referenced documents and has been added to judge Scheinblum's file. please review his file and vote NO to reappointing a racist judge.
On March 6, 2006 I testified before the judicial Committee where Judge Howard Scheinblum claimed under oath that in the case of State v Kennedy, I insisted on being "prose" and representing myself. This is perjury. Over the course of my 2-1/2 year long case before Judge Scheinblum, he removed two of my defense attorneys against my arguments, both after I demanded a jury trial, the second after a private meeting in chambers. Motions to reconsider were denied and I appealed his decision to leave me defenseless. His claims that I was arrested for domestic violence, omitted my acquittal, which he was fully aware of on the record. His claim that I slandered the prosecution for lying to the court is also contradicted in the enclosed transcripts and documentation. His claim to the judicial committee of dismissing every motion I filed as frivolous included multiple motions for a speedy trial after 2 years, motions to transfer my case, for his recusal, for dismissal, motions for what I was charged with and why. Every motion was denied without review. Judge Scheinblum was not honest or straightforward in his testimony to this committee and I am asking for his removal.
In July of 2003 I was arrested by warrant for "Custodial Interference" charged with refusing to return the children to a mother who was not home but gone for the night with her boyfriend. The children were returned when the mother came home that night. For 2-1/2 years Judge Scheinblum delayed my case when younger cases were brought to trial. In over 50 court appearances, some twice a week, I have witnessed Judge Howard Scheinblum abuse blacks and Hispanic along with poor and uneducated defendants, taking advantage of people who didn't know their rights or the law at Enfield court.
Document (A) Judge Scheinblum refers to my case as a family matter that is wasting the courts time and family relation's time. He then issues a protective order against me.
Document (B) is the mother's testimony that she was not home, identical to her statement to the police in the warrant application, yet Judge Scheinblum continued this case for 2-1/2 years.
Document (C) is testimony of Jonathan Kaplan, Administrative Judge for Rockville court. Following my complaint against him, he admits to calling State Prosecutor Chris Parakilas in Enfield and recommending he withdraw his agreement to nolle and prosecute my case. Affidavits also show Judge Kaplan calling and meeting with state prosecutors in Rockville and Hartford, removing court documents from Rockville Family and Criminal court folders and driving to Hartford to personally hand deliver documents, which he fabricated, for my arrest.
Document (D) is Judge Scheinblum removing my attorney against my arguments and on page (4) Chris Parakilas denying he ever spoke to Judge Kaplan about this case or ever agreed to Nolle. Judge Scheinblum goes on to deny me the right to defend myself, my right to counsel and my right to trial after two years of harassment.
Document (E) is the Governor's office requesting Judge Pelligrino to investigate Judges Jonathan Kaplan, Edward Graziani and Lawrence Klaczak for unethical and illegal conduct.
Document (F) is the Governor office requesting Chris Morano to investigate State Prosecutors Chris Parakilas of Enfield and Matt Gedanski and Elizabeth Leaming in Rockville for unethical and illegal conduct.
Document (G) is Chris Parakilas' response to my grievance against him where he admits to multiple calls from Judge Kaplan and Family relations Theresa Wassenburg of Rockville recommending he withdraw the nolle and prosecute me. Wassenburg's supervisor Peter Myers had specifically told her to keep away from the Kennedy case months before her call, after my complaints of her bias and slander and abuse of my children in Rockville. When Parakilas withdrew his nolle he was promoted to Supervisor in Enfield court the same month.
Judge Scheinblum was fully aware of Chris Parakilas lying to the court and read his admission of calls and conversations with Judge Kaplan into the record, knowing Parakilas had denied any call existed at three separate hearings. About June of 2005, Judge Scheinblum ordered the court reporter to shut off the recording device and threatened me with retaliation if I ever made an accusation against any court official. In August of 2005 the entire prosecutor staff of Enfield was disqualified by supervisor James Thomas of Hartford, who then sent a prosecutor up from Hartford.
Some time around June of 2004 a flyer was posted in the Enfield court Clerk's Office window for a retirement party to be held in the jury room. Only attorneys were allowed to come. Payments were to be made directly to judge Howard Scheinblum. I was not allowed to attend or rent this room myself.
To resolve cases at Enfield court judge Scheinblum will threaten unrepresented defendants to take the prosecutors deal or face jail. In the case of Kevin Brown, a young blank man assaulted by two white State trooper, I witnessed judge Scheinblum order him out of the court room when he refused the prosecutors offer. Mr. Robinson, another black male was asking his cases be reopened after missing a court date. This judge told him that he would open his cases only if the defendant pleads guilty to one. He ridicules anyone who speaks Spanish and tells them to go back to their country, that they are not wanted here.
Two many of our youths and citizens are sitting in jail or living with a criminal record because judge Scheinblum will not afford then the right to a defense attorney and intimidate then into pleading guilty. A vote for Judge Scheinblum is a vote for racism and the abuse of our judicial process. Connecticut deserves better.

Christopher Kennedy
Connecticut Civil Rights Council
Ellington, CT 06029

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