Tuesday, November 17, 2009

To Connecticut Judiciary Committee Legislators

Toni.Walker@cga.ct.gov, William.Tong@cga.ct.gov, Bruce.Morris@cga.ct.gov, Themis.Klarides@housegop.ct.gov, DebraLee.Hovey@housegop.ct.gov, Gail.Hamm@cga.ct.gov, Kenneth.Green@cga.ct.gov, Minnie.Gonzalez@cga.ct.gov, Gomes@senatedems.ct.gov, Eric.Coleman@cga.ct.gov, Charles.Clemons@cga.ct.gov, John.A.Kissel@cga.ct.gov, mlawlor99@juno.com, McDonald@senatedems.ct.gov

Subject: Judicial Misconduct Complaint against Jonathan J. Kaplan

I understand Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan, mainly of the Vernon Rockville Connecticut Superior Court is up for renewal in January. I would like to lodge a complaint and to inform the Connecticut Judiciary Committee on why Jonathan J. Kaplan should not continue to be a Connecticut Judge.

Please reply to me by email.

Thank you,

Steven G. Erickson

The docket # of a case I want reviewed is found in [this post]

[This video] is a good guide of what judicial and police misconduct was involved in my case. The video has been viewed over 2000 times internationally. I had been in contact with State Senator Anthony "Tony" Guglielmo telling him the Connecticut State Police had refused to help me and other home and small business owners with the crime problem and with the scourge of crack cocaine and heroin dealers. I proposed Civilian Oversight of Police. I found out that the police liaison to legislators had vowed revenge for my having been "mouthy" in newspapers and for proposing legislation police union officials didn't like. I was then promptly arrested, faced a rigged trial presided by Kaplan, after having been stalked, terrorized, threatened, and attacked on my own property. Should citizens be arrested and thrown in prison just for talking to Connecticut legislators?

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Family Estrangement PTSD Syndrome

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Coming to America

My Great Grandmother, Anna Sandness, emigrated from Norway to the USA. Her brother made her the jewelry box to take over aboard ship. The picture is of her jewelry box.

My Great Grandmother, Lena Cassatt's clock. She is of German and French descent.

I'm related to the French Impressionist Painter, Mary Cassatt, friend of Edgar Degas.

My Great, Great Grandfather Sven G. Erickson came from Sweden to settle in North Dakota. He lived in a sod house. Dirt cubes were cut out of the ground and a house was made. It is almost arctic cold in North Dakota. It was so cold, furniture was once burned in my Great, Great Grandfather's home. If they didn't do that to keep warm, I may not be here.

Will there be a push for Americans to consider leaving America to be "Free" and "American" elsewhere. I talk about the possibility of leaving for Costa Rica, Ecuador, or other destination in [this post].

Steven G. Erickson's reason for wanting to live outside the US:

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