Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Connecticut's "Secret Enemies List"


Subject: Connecticut's "Secret Enemies List"

To whom it may concern on the Connecticut Judiciary Committee:

I have a good source who says my name is on the Connecticut Secret Enemies list obtained with the Freedom of Information Act. Should these "Enemies" be blocked from accessing government, the courts, redressing grievances to elected officials, getting justice, and having liberty, the pursuit of happiness, not having their families, lives, ability to own a home, and have a good job, officially molested?

If citizens who complain to the Governor's office, lodge a police or judicial misconduct complaints, and/or who expose public corruption can be placed on Connecticut's Secret Enemies List shouldn't you hold a public hearing on what to do about this and how to help victims on the list?

Should there be "interference between separate branches of government" allowed to illegally continue? Should constituents face harassment arrests and prison for talking to legislators about their problems or in exercising Free Speech?

Will you please give me an answer? Will you acknowledge reading this email?

Thank you,

Steven G. Erickson

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