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Sent to CT legislators on Fatherlessness Task Force

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Previous Post on the Connecticut Fatherhood Task Force with Bill Cosby as the main speaker at a Hartford, Connecticut, hearing [click here]. Scroll down in link for list of videos.

Bill Cosby 12-08-08 arriving at Room 2C, the Legislative Office Building, the LOB, Hartford Connecticut for the Fatherhood Task Force Hearing, one of many, also known as the Fatherlessness Taskforce. [Previous Post on Subject] [The Post Before the Previous Post]

To legislative aids and legislators mentioned in the subject line of this email:

Please forward this email to those in the subject line. Ms. Giannaros provided me information, scroll down for that.

Should judges be able to take bribes, break the law, rig cases, commit fraud, be involved in bid rigging, and retaliate against citizens who want an honest court system?

I am dismayed with what is passing as "good judges" and "judging" in Connecticut. I would be further upset if Chief Justice William J. Sullivan is renewed as a judge. He thumbed his nose at all citizens, the US Constitution, and basically told legislators he'd legislate from the bench telling legislators they are mere puppets. I heard Justice Sullivan in a hearing when he was to be disciplined, that he (Justice Sullivan) would be a prostitute if he were a minority woman, without a job, and with children. He said this to Minnie Gonzales. I was horrified.

I am asking that Judge Jonathan Kaplan be looked into for his harming of families, children, and especially fathers. What he has done to Chris Kennedy alone is alarming. [video]

I complained to the clerk of Rockville Court putting the docket # for Haas vs Erickson. Kaplan would make faces at me when I was in court and I would glare back at him. A judge should not be involved in juvenile behavior, retaliation, breaking laws and fixing cases. Consider this email official correspondence reporting felonies I believe Judge Jonathan Kaplan has committed asking for a special hearing regarding his removal and discipline.

I was trying to have Judge Kaplan removed for bias in civil cases and had complained about him. I used to own property in Connecticut and owned a small business built over 2 decades. I was a father to a then 14 year old National Honor Society student. My daughter was everything to me, and I to her.

Judge Jonathan Kaplan arranged it so that I would get a year in prison for resisting being mugged on my own property. I had no previous record. He took my lawyer aside, told him that he was not allowed to defend me. A tenant who I was evicting was the only witness against me. She said I attacked the mugger in my driveway. Judge Kaplan would not allow me to go to the diagram to prove that the tenant being evicted could not see ME being attacked in my driveway through a tree and a house IN THE DARK based on the tenant's testimony and the diagram.

Kaplan prevented my lawyer from defending me, would let me speak to defend myself, and allowed a VHS tape to be showed to the jury on how to find me guilty, but nothing about innocence or reasonable doubt was in the tape. A worker for the police who wanted to be a police officer was the jury foreman and I had asked to use my right of strike for that juror. He became jury foreman.

Judge Kaplan knew that my assailant told me he'd kill me if I didn't hand over my wallet. The judge knew I was attacked on my property. He knew that I was the victim and that my assailant was not arrested. Kaplan knew I was having a dispute with the Connecticut State Police over lack of protection and service. So, if a judge is willing to wreck a family, make a citizen jobless and homeless to send him to prison for a year for resisting being mugged, should that judge be a judge?

If the judge put a citizen in prison for a year for trying to have him removed, isn't that reason to remove the judge?

Please review the transcripts, docket # CR01-0074672

There should be ample evidence in that docket # to remove Kaplan as soon as possible.

My daughter has not had a father since I was wrongly imprisoned. I am no longer able to own a home, get most jobs, and have had no reason to pay taxes.

Should I have gotten a life's sentence for wanting to remove a criminal sociopath judge?

My family is suffering, and I can't get most jobs with a criminal record. I should not have a criminal record and should not have been put in prison. Look into the judge, please.

Please look into my allegations and get back to me.

-Steven G. Erickson

telephone # and address given upon request.

A tenant tells my story [video]


* * * *

I sent the below email to a legislative member of the Fatherhood Task Force in Connecticut today at around 1:45 PM, January 16, 2009, fixing some minor typing and grammar mistakes:

RE: Bill Cosby and the CT Fatherlessness task force‏
From: Steven Erickson (stevengerickson@yahoo.com)

Fri 1/16/09 6:37 PM
To: Sen. LeBeau, Gary (Gary.LeBeau@cga.ct.gov)

Thank you for taking the time to get back to me.

I believe that legislators can look into and even remove judges who are breaking the law, harming children, harming parents, including fathers. These judges are also causing a STATE of FEAR wrecking the economy and lowering the quality of life for all Connecticut residents.

Judge Jonathan Kaplan knew that an individual attacked me on my property and that that person was threatening my life while demanding money. That is attempted robbery, threatening, breach of peace etc. The judge heard that man, under oath, admit to attacking me more than once, to trying to rob me, stalking me, and threatening my life. That judge was ok with that felon not being arrested, and with me going to prison for pepper spraying this criminal. So the judge is either incompetent, abused his discretion, is a sociopath, was retaliating, and/or is mentally unstable. In any case this judge and others need to be removed to prevent further public harm.

I notified Judge Jonathan Kaplan of the feud I was having with Connecticut State Police during trial, over their lack of protection and service. I was threatened with arrest after writing [this letter] to President George W. Bush, scroll down, as copies were given to local elected officials and police were allegedly given copies. I had tried to remove Judge Kaplan and proposed Civilian Oversight of Police BEFORE I was arrested for resisting being robbed on my own property.

The judge in my case interfered with YOU the legislature. If I tried to have him removed through elected officials and he then puts me in prison for a year for resisting being mugged on my own property shouldn't alarm bells be sounded all over the place?

I emailed Former Police Commissioner Arthur L. Spada that I wanted him to take the Community Policing Webpage from the USDOJ off the official State Police website due to policies not being followed, the day before I was to be sentenced in court by Judge Jonathan Kaplan. I indicated in the email that I was sending hardcopy of the letter to the USDOJ in Washington, DC.

I marked that trial, so if the trial transcripts are reviewed, Judge Jonathan Kaplan absolutely lost it on me. He was screaming at me and if I had raped a school yard of children and then cooked them and ate them he would not have given me the dressing down he did. I know that Connecticut State Police Commissioner Arthur L. Spada illegally colluded with Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan to railroad me to prison. Shouldn't both be arrested for interfering with the legislature and prosecuted?

Former Stafford Springs, Connecticut, State Representative Mordasky's aid Rosemarie indicated that she had been talking to the State Police legislative liaison and that he indicated to her that I would be arrested, made to lose my property, and would go to prison in retaliation for what I had written in newspapers critical of the State Police and for having dared to propose Civilian Oversight of Police BEFORE I was railroaded to prison.

So the State Police of the Executive Branch interfered with the Judicial Branch AND the Legislative Branch in my case. So will you please have the proper legislative body and investigators at least read my trial transcripts?

Ritt Goldstein, a prominent Democrat Small Business person proposed Civilian Oversight of Police at an official Judiciary Committee hearing Dec. 1996. He was then so terrorized by police he fled the US seeking political asylum in Sweden. The former Norwalk Connecticut Mayor, Bill Collins, told legislators at the special hearing that police were vandalizing his house, tormenting him, throwing beer bottles on his porch, slapping police union stickers on his cars and home, and were abducting citizens while wearing ski masks to terrorize, torture, and interrogate citizens at abandoned warehouses. As crazy as that sounds I have video of that hearing, available for view in this post:

So Police and the Courts in Connecticut are causing Fatherlessness, are harming children, and are their own REIGN OF TERROR.

My Connecticut State Police misconduct complaints State Police refused to investigate and did not arrest me for making a false statement for [found here]

The law allowing legislators to remedy cases in the legislature [found here], PA90-284

The whole Judicial Branch in Connecticut is run like a Mafia organization, according to whistleblower who testify at official hearings, "The Branch" judicial managers and allegedly judges are involved in case rigging, retaliation, obstruction of justice, tampering with, destroying, and manufacturing evidence, bid rigging, nepotism, and the defrauding of State and Federal Taxpayers. [post on judicial branch whistleblowers with video]

And Gary, yes, legislators can review cases and offer remedy, the legislation passed in Connecticut reviewed as noted in link above.

With Judges rigging cases and lawyers fearing arrest and being disbarred for defending their clients against the wishes of judges, judicial managers, and State Police brass there is no where else to go, but to you. Will you and other legislators please help? Will you get back to me on whether my trial transcripts can and will be reviewed for Kaplan's possible removal as judge, and for remedy?

Thank you,

-Steven G. Erickson

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