Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Insurance Company Injustice?

Do insurance companies lobby elected officials to make life fair for them, not you?

Are teams of their lawyers out to keep you from what you should receive, legally and ethically?

GEICO seems to have a growing bad reputation, not paying out claims timely, in full, and possibly not at all? Is GEICO spending it profits on CEO perks, advertising, and their own lawyers? Are the customers and victims of personal injuries and lost wages due to accidents further victims because the insurance company responsible for paying, GEICO? Check out complaint # 12 in [this post].

Don't take the abuse, lodge complaints. Complain to elected officials, your state's attorney general, and insurance commissioner.


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My comments in [this post]:

Blogger The Stark Raving Viking said...

It is not easy for me to get a job as I have a criminal record for having resisted being mugged on my own property. That's another story.

I had contracting work and a regular gig where I was making over a $1000 take home a week. I had a contract to make over $3500 take home for an 8 day contract. So the minimum I was taking home a week was a $1000.

A GEICO insured driver admitted fault where I received brain trauma, multiple injuries, and severe pain. The accident happened in July. I am still in pain and having daily back spasms. I can't get to doctor as I have no car and no money.

I lost my job because of the accident. I have received nothing and their offer is ridiculous. GEICO isn't willing to even cover my losses partially.

My medical bills are still unpaid and was receiving multiple calls a day regarding those unpaid bill that were supposed to be paid by GEICO given their insured was at fault and from what GEICO representatives told me.

I had been working extra hard to get down to the Gulf Coast for hurricane season. I had put about $2500 into the car GEICO totaled and did offer to pay me nine hundred something for that.

I was making $2600 a week after taxes as an insurance adjuster. I can type at speed with all of my fingers, am proficient with a video and other cameras,video editing, and have been certified on various adjusting software after having taken classes.

When I took the Texas Insurance adjuster test, I passed with the 3rd or 4th highest grade out of over 300 people having taken the test.

Also being a licensed contractor made me even more attractive for disaster areas doing insurance claims. I have advanced ladder skills, am not afraid of heights, and from being a contractor I don't have to learn terms and know the ins and outs of residential and commercial property claims.

I teamed up with the Mississippi Attorney General and a number of Mississippi homeowners to get stingy insurance companies to pay out in full, the claims I adjusted.

I have continuing back spasms, pain, and get more and more upset at GEICO everyday. My life has been completely disrupted, yet again, and I am supposed to just take it up the ass. WRONG BITCH!

I have been offered pennies on the dollar for what I am out. Their insured had very little coverage, their minimum won't even cover what I am currently out, and that amount wasn't even offered. MY FUCKING GOD!

So, I may have sustained a life debilitating injury. I don't know if I can even swing a ladder around anymore given that two or three vertebrae were bashed out of alignment. I now own no vehicle for the first time since I was 16.

A boom box caught me in the back of the head. At day two or three after the accident, I could not remember phone numbers and the codes to get into my laptop. I don't know if I have suffered permanent brain injuries or not, but I am still not as steady on my feet as I was before the accident.

Those who know me, noticed that I was completely different after the accident. Maybe I closer to the way I was mentally, but I am not one to ever give up. I love life too much. If I die before my time, suspect foul play.

Anybody who knows me, knows I am never quiet about absolutely being screwed over.

I intend on being in Washington DC to personally lobby US Senators and Congresspersons about doing an investigation into the entire insurance industry, how they pay claims, and their lack of paying out lost wages in real time.

Current policies are causing damage to the economy, to children and families, and is just plain bad business.

-Steven G. Erickson

Tuesday, November 25, 2008 7:24:00 AM

Blogger The Stark Raving Viking said...

If GEICO holds back or doesn't pay medical providers and hospitals when they are liable for the full amount, others needing medical attention will be subsidizing GEICO's abuse and rip off of the public.

Doctors offices and medical providers hanging by a thread can go bankrupt and out of business.

Parents and homeowners hanging by a thread, can be harmed permanently if GEICO doesn't pay the fair amount of what they owe, or just drag it out because they can do as they please with their team of lawyers.

Companies, including insurance companies, have personalities if you follow their practices and procedures. GEICO seems to have a predatory personality.

Instead of a GEICO having a gecko as their mascot, maybe it should be a skin tearing, ferocious dinosaur.

I tell how they screwed me over above.

Thursday, December 11, 2008 6:52:00 AM

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