Monday, December 1, 2008

On OpEd News:

Thankful for having warm Italian wedding soup alone on Thanksgiving after having my brains bashed in
by Steven G. Erickson

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I decided to post my comment to Rob Kall’s open thread post [found here] as a diary entry.

I was in Northfield Massachusetts, this past July 23, heading toward the highway on Rt 10 toward RT 91. Doing about 55 on a straight, wide, and just about perfect road I never expected another driver just to pull out in front of me.

A GEICO insured driver had his turning signals to go left, and then signaled to turn right when I had about 15 feet to stop from highway speed. I had a Ford Escort, he an SUV.

After being unconscious, I was brought to the hospital by ambulance.

Hospitals, doctors, x-rays, cat scans, prodding, probing, testing, and since a boom box CD player was in the back against my tailgate striking me in the back of the head, I still don't know if I have suffered brain damage after suffering brain trauma. I couldn't remember phone numbers and the code to get in my laptop at about 2 or 3 days after the accident.

I still have pain, the way I walk is more normal now and I am steadier on my feet.

I now have no car, my cell phone was shut off for non-payment, so I don't know if I had any Thanksgiving invitations or not. I spent it in my makeshift living quarters that I do chores, stack wood, and other errands for. I had Progresso Italian wedding soup for Thanksgiving, alone. I'm thankful, I was able to serve it to myself hot and in a bowl, not just out of the can with a plastic spoon.

GEICO was willing to pay me about $950 for a car I had put in about $2500 so I could go do to Texas or Louisiana for Hurricane Season as the last one I was down for, I made $2600/week after taxes working 7 days a week running classes on how to shoot video, edit video, and worked as an insurance adjuster, before I was promptly fired for looking like I was a repeat criminal offender for having once pepper sprayed a potential mugger who attacked me in my dark driveway from behind.

Since I have a criminal record after having written George W. Bush a letter 9-15-01, which a return letter [click here] (scroll down) indicates he may have read the letter. I ended up being attacked on 10-11-01 by a felon, police informant, who had been threatening my life for over 2 weeks. He left threatening voicemails and told my tenants he'd kill me. I ended up getting a year in prison, with no previous record, after he attacked me on my property and I pepper sprayed him.

I couldn't make a living as a landlord if I had to pay for prostitutes that the local prosecutor and cops were allegedly sleeping with, not me. I was paying about $2000/month for prostitutes that would just move in my apartments and change the locks. The local prosecutor told me I would go to prison if I "interfered" with a certain prostitute, evicting, ignoring the prosecutor Keith Courier’s threat. The Connecticut State Police told me I would be arrested and go to prison if I didn't shut my mouth and leave the State. I didn’t, and was.

So, it has been difficult, almost impossible, to get jobs with a criminal record. There is multiple dates for the same "offense", prison, probation, parole, and the judge I was trying to remove for bias against the self-employed, landlords, and contractors for years for his bias in civil cases, through the book at me in the criminal trial. Judge Jonathan Kaplan told me I was guilty and was going to prison BEFORE the kangaroo trial.

I now have no car and no job. I was making at least a $1000 a week before the GEICO insured, at fault driver, again interrupted my life.

The medical providers called multiple times a day as GEICO has seemed to renege on paying the bills they said they would.

I have received no lost wages, nothing for my pain and suffering, and they are harming medical providers by not even paying those bills. I was getting constant calls from bill collectors and collection agencies until my cell phone was shut off for non-payment.

I am thankful that we may have an administration coming in January 20 who may actually have enough ethics to actually take and act to remedy, citizen complaints.

I have virtually no family contact from having been sent to prison, my cell phone is now shut off, and I have almost no possessions including not having a car. I'm thankful I may figure out a way to leave the US being "FREE" and "AMERICAN" somewhere else if there is "More of the Same".

The holiday season I spent in Europe and the former USSR and down in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina getting me through this holiday season. I was helping collect money and buying toys to give out at a battered woman's shelter on Christmas. Those kids would have received no presents had we not brought them. Seeing the absolute joy of the kids who had absolutely nothing until we showed up still can make me fight back against shedding tears.

I’m thankful to be alive, and know that some change will make future holidays better, if these happen to be the worst ever.

-Steven G. Erickson

[click here] for a post on GEICO’s business practices

Did Hillary Clinton see to it one of my friends, Elena Sassower, was put in prison for trying to expose the Federal Judge nominee that Hillary and George W. Bush wanted in? Judge Wesley allegedly fixes cases for insiders, squashing judicial misconduct complaints. [video]

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