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International Association of Whistleblowers

I attended the International Assembly of Whistleblowers this past May in Washington, DC.

I came away [with this and posted video].

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The below is what I wish expose:

[my beef told by a witness] [This is the corruption I wish to expose to the world]
[and wish to expose this Judicial Misconduct in Connecticut]

I was paying for prostitutes I was not sleeping with, over $2000/month. They would move into my Stafford Springs, Connecticut, rental properties, change the locks, and expect me to pay all of their expenses, heat, lodging, electricity, and they could dump their trash out windows on me. The State Police, prosecutors, judges, and elected officials were complicit in not doing anything about this. So pissed off, I vented by writing George W. Bush a letter 9-15-01. On 10-11-01, I was attacked on my property by a police informant.

My pepper spraying that informant was used as an excuse to railroad me to prison. I have no home, no credit, no family, and because of my criminal record, the one "offense" has multiple dates and was tagged with as much as was possible by an alleged sociopath judge, Jonathan Kaplan, who has been complicit in other retaliation of those that expose public corruption and attorney, prosecutorial, judicial, and police misconduct in the State of Connecticut, I suffer the aftermath of the retaliation, daily.

So, if I even try to get a job, it looks like I am a habitual, violent criminal with a substance abusing past and a history of mental illness. For taking a beating on my own property, after the informant threatened by life, stalked, and terrorized me for weeks, I pepper sprayed him. For that I have a criminal record. Even though I have no alcohol or substance past, criminally and medically, I was sentenced to drug and alcohol classes. I had nothing in my blood at the time I was attacked, the felon sent to attack me by police did. The judge also sentence me to anger management and to see a mental health professional twice a week upon release, and to have an evaluation done to see if I was safe to be in public. All from being forced to defend myself on my own property, one incident!

I blame Bush, former Connecticut Governor John G. Rowland, and dishonest judges and police for this:

The Steven G. Erickson Mugshot

The above is the Steven G. Erickson Mugshot (taken Oct. 2001), former Political Prisoner, People's Republik of Corruptikut Inmate # 305662

I was so pissed off about being under seige by drug dealers, prostitutes, and other criminals on my property, I wrote the below to President Bush. Click on documents to make bigger.

Why am I upset with George W. Bush?:

I mailed a letter to President Bush on 9-15-01 discussing the problems I was having. I was then attacked on my property 10-11-01 by a police informant. I pepper sprayed my attacker in my dark driveway. Police were right there to arrest me. If the Bush administration was not so deceitful and arrogant, I think I and so many other citizens would not have been ripped off needlessly and abused. Our economy and national reputation would also be better. My letter to Bush:

If you click on it and save it, you can use a view to make it bigger.

The HUD response telling me Bush actually read my letter:

In the follow up report I am called the victim:

I was current on mortgage payments on 3 rental properties. Two of which I fixed up from a boarded up condition spending hundreds of thousands of dollars and years of my labor. I had also built up a contracting business over 2 decades. My reward was that a strong armed robber, a mugger, a felon, could threaten my life while demanding money in my own dark driveway, beat me, and he is not arrested, I am for using pepper spray and I go to prison.

A short video of my former properties [click]

My email:

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[click here] for a post on Connecticut State Police recruits called, "Young, Armed, Dangerous, Horny"

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If US President George W. Bush has a past history of abusing hard drugs and improper relationships with prostitutes:

Then, what happens when you complain to Bush about prostitutes and drug dealers?

Complaining to George W. Bush about being under siege on my property by prostitutes, vandals, common criminal parasites, and heroin and crack cocaine dealer where police refused to help, caused me to be put on the Connecticut State Police secret "Enemies List", falsely arrested, and for me to be held as a political prisoner.

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