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Those that got "mouthy" about the real powers in government or were internal whistleblowers about police, court, official, and attorney corruption could be just led to the nearest tree and lynched. In modern times we have "scragging", and the pain and suffering lasts longer and you never know who or why, you just know you've been scragged.

The old definition of "scragging" was "stranggling", to "scrag" was to strangle. A scrag can mean a bony small person. Being "scragged" in Connecticut should have an official definition in dictionaries.

The Private Attorney General bill, passed into law, bolstering Grand Juries for our use, would prevent Connecticut scragging, and anyone getting scragged in other states. [Private Attorney General bill]

[The Connecticut Sheriff/Judicial Branch Scandal]

It is 10-11-08, I was a victim of the slang use of "scragging" in Connecticut. I wasn't lynched, I was "scragged", 10-11-01, a [video] which best describes my life after the [scragging].

I refused to continue having a sexual relationship with Barbara Sattel, who allegedly referred to LT Thomas "The Duck" Davoren, who is now a Colonel in the Connecticut State Police, as "Dad". Barbara told me that if I didn't continue to date her, I would lose my Connecticut rental properties, lose my daughter, be arrested and end up in prison. She told me that if I continued to date her, the Connecticut State Police would aid me in making a profit on my rental properties by enforcing laws.

I refused and haven't had a regular job and home since. The scragging ended my role as "father" to my daughter.

Try also googling, "Judencia".

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My 9-15-01 letter sent to George W. Bush [post]

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State police have begun an internal affairs investigation into a racially offensive video and still photograph that were e-mailed several months ago among troopers assigned to the state police forensic laboratory, including to its commander.

One e-mail shows a still photograph of a black man lying on the street surrounded by watermelon rinds and chicken bones. The headline on the e-mail read "fatal overdose?" Another e-mail had a video attachment of a tow-headed white girl with a lisp, who sat at her kitchen table in a yellow shirt and spewed hateful racial slurs with the encouragement of two adults. The subject line simply says: "Little girl with a speech problem." [more]

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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Bush, Blowjobs, and Bombs?

The below is back posted, and was actually posted on the letter date. I wrote Bush 9-15-01 [letter text 9-15-01] and was attacked on my 3 and 5 Church St., Stafford Springs, Connecticut, properties on 10-11-01. Police and local elected officials were aware of the Bush letter the day I sent it as I gave copies to State Senator Tony Guglielmo. After sending the letter, 2 druggie felon thugs were trying to attack me at my properties in Somersville and in Stafford Springs. Why should I get prison for just defending myself on my own property when one caught me in my driveway coming home from work?

Steven G. Erickson July 29, 2008

[address snipped]

To: George W. Bush or to person(s) reading letters addressed to Bush

I used to own a small business and property. I took a stance against prostitution, vandalism, drug dealing, and the going bad of downtown youth over bad policies. I wrote a letter to you 9-15-01, and the response was that you actually read my letter regarding being under siege in Stafford Springs, Connecticut. Connecticut State Police then encouraged at least two druggie felons to attack me on my property where only I would be arrested. Should alleging public corruption practices in a letter to the president, be cause for a citizen be railroaded to prison to be held in the US as a political prisoner?

Bryan Oulette was assembling pipe and propane bombs in the basement of property I used to own at 3 Church St., Stafford Springs, CT 06076. He set off a device, that the end cap came off, just causing a huge flash, near a married couple, tenants, the Sabatassos (sp.?), and their 4 young children. Drug dealer, “Jaybone” Drice (sp.?), 19 at time, pulled a gun on me and chased me into my home in broad daylight because I said he couldn’t sell crack cocaine and heroin off my front lawn. Drug dealer and strong arm robber, Stephen Carver, was caught drunk, fighting, and smashing my windows after midnight by police and wasn’t arrested. He later almost beat Richie Dessert to death with a baseball bat. I named members of the ”Diaper Gang” who were beating citizens with bats, police weren’t interested in following up on the leads, and many more not mentioned above.

Prostitutes, Lana Thompson and Vicky Tamaro (sp.?), moved into apartments I was trying to rent, just changing the locks with no intention of paying rent. I contacted the Connecticut State Police about their trespassing, and was told I would be arrested if I interfered with drug dealing and prostitution. I contacted Rockville prosecutor Keith Courier about prostitute Lana Thompson, so Thompson put on a revealing dress that showed off her huge breasts and legs in high heals. Courier told me that if I brought any action against Thompson he would prosecute me. I assume he did this in exchange for oral sex provided to him by Thompson. Courier held true to his threat of prosecuting me.

I was told I was “kicked out of Connecticut” by Connecticut State Police. I thought it odd as I had fixed up boarded up property in downtown Connecticut spending years of hard labor and 100’s of thousands of dollars and police were aligning with prostitutes and drug dealers to ruin me financially and railroad me to prison, not protect and serve me. Married Police Informant, Barbara Sattel, was allegedly offered $10,000 in taxpayer dollars to sleep with me to set me up for a false arrest. Should tax dollars be used to ruin taxpayers so they no longer have contact with their families to be taken offline as a taxpayer?

Connecticut State Police allegedly offered Crack Cocaine addict, alcoholic, admittedly bi-polar, violent, prescription abuser, and frequenter of prostitutes, Peter Coukos, help in obtaining a permit to carry pistols, to assault me and terrorize me and my then 14 year old daughter out of Connecticut. I brought a tape of voicemails where Coukos threatened my life and even a message where he threatened to kill my 14 year old daughter if she did not address him as “Mr. Coukos” and say, “Hello” to him. Coukos punched me in the back of the head slapping me in my backyard telling me that he wanted my then 14 year old daughter to get on her knees and give him a “blowjob”. He called me a coward because I would not turn around. I would have been arrested again for being beaten up. Resident State Trooper said I would be arrested if I lodged a complaint against Coukos and if I didn’t leave Connecticut, as I was “kicked out of Connecticut”.

I was first arrested after dialing 911 after Peter Panciera, a powdered cocaine dealer, was so high on his own product, that he picked me up by my neck, beat the crap out of me, and then bit into my ear where I bled down to my underwear. (Stafford Springs, CT) Officer (Frank) Prochaska who had told me that I would be arrested if I proposed legislation to elected officials regarding youth and other crime that he would arrested me, arrested me for assault and breach of peace for being beaten up and being bit so bad that I was bleeding down to my underwear. He refused to arrest Panciera for biting and beating me. I refused to get a lawyer and beat that bogus rap. Should police pay informants to harm the public?

Brian Caldwell admitted to Judge Jonathan Kaplan that he had threatened my life while demanding money from me after he jumped me on my property when I came home from work. The judge, prosecutor, and state police had given Caldwell immunity for committing felonies to prosecute me for having defended myself with pepper spray on my own property. Attorney Michael H. Agranoff admitted throwing the case purposely.

Kaplan sentenced me to a year in prison, 3 years probation, even though the follow up police report called me the “victim” and I had no previous criminal record. Is this acting in the best interest of the public? Was I in any danger to the public or of, “re-offending”, by resisting being mugged in any future strong arm robbery attempts on me?

What would you think of someone punching you while telling you he wanted, your then 14 year old daughter, a “blowjob” in your backyard? How would you like it if you lost all of your property due to public corruption and the man who assaulted you, threatened your daughter’s life, and was known to break the law, now owned your property?

After writing letters from prison to my daughter and family marked “inmate”, I have almost no contact with them, had little work, no home, no health insurance, no credit, no retirement, and no hope. My close relationship with my daughter ended with my false imprisonment. I probably won’t walk her down the isle when she gets married, or maybe not even meet him, and she didn’t know I was taken away by ambulance, recently, after an accident. I worked hard, paid bills, and was an honest taxpayer, why should I have to worry about freezing to death in Winter living outside in the woods?

Should the above scenarios occur in America? If not, please do something.

-Steven G. Erickson, former US held Political Prisoner

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Ritt Goldstein advocated Civilian Oversight of Police to Connecticut Legislators. He soon fled the US to seek political asylum in Sweden, so terrorized by police, after making this video:

Andrea Wilson and other Connecticut Judicial Branch employee blow the whistle on felonies being committed by judges and the judicial branch, nepotism, obstruction of justice, big rigging, and other allegations of judicial misconduct and public corruption:

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Police, Prostitutes, and Railroading Landlords to Prison

Donald Christmas of the Thompsonville section of Enfield, Connecticut, met with me after I had gotten out of prison regarding suing police and Connecticut courts with a class action suit for violating our civil rights. I had told State Senator Tony Guglielmo that I intended on suing police just before they falsely arrested me and committed perjury at a rigged trial so I went to prison.

Enfield Police Officer Timothy Vergean allegedly had a 14 year old prostitute girlfriend that attacked Donny. Only Donny faced prison for being slapped around from behind and sworn at by the police officer's prostitute girlfriend. Vergean, allegedly left the scene of an accident, drunk, and is still a police officer. [more]

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US Marine returns home to Connecticut gets stabbed 13 times and gets arrested for having caused a disturbance for having been stabbed when he woke up alive in the hospital. The felon on probation that stabbed and almost killed 3 people wasn't even violated on probation by a Connecticut judge and prosecutor! [videos and info]

What justice!!!??? Our US Troops certainly aren't fighting for freedom and the US Constitution. Caring about the troops means not having them die over bullshit. Let's actually support our troops. Their lives are not to be wasted on lies and making the war corporations, oil companies, and corrupt politicians and their friends rich!

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Video of me mailing the July 29, 2008, letter to US President George W. Bush:

Text of letter I wrote to Bush 9-15-01 [here]
note: click on letter jpeg to get full size view

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Peter Coukos now owns 3 and 5 Church St., Stafford Springs, Connecticut 06076. I had fixed [these properties] up from a boarded up condition spending 100's of thousands of dollars and years of my hard labor. Should any American be terrorized out of their own home, have their family broken up, and suffer permanent damage paid for with tax dollars?

The below is just one of the messages that Coukos left threatening me and my then 14 year old daughter. Coukos left a voicemail that he would make a false allegation that I threatened him with a gun if I didn't pay him $30,000. Coukos attacked me as I went to my vehicle in the back of 5 Church St., started punching me in the back of the head, slapping me, taunting me to turn around and face him. He was chanting, "I want your daughter to get on her knees and give me a blowjob!"

Connecticut State Police Officer, Stafford Resident Connecticut State Trooper Mulcahey, and Stafford Constable Frank Prochaska allegedly offered Coukos help in getting a gun permit to carry pistols in Connecticut, for assaulting me, and if was able to terrorize me out of Connecticut. Should I have faced arrest just for reporting this to police?:

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Former Connecticut Governor John G. Rowland was known to both Presidents, Bush, as "Johnny". Johnny went to federal prison for being an overly corrupt piece of shit. [post]

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The former Green Party campaign manager for Connecticut Governor, Kenneth Krayeske, was placed on the Connecticut State Police secret "Enemies List" and was arrested on sight. [post]

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