Monday, October 13, 2008

Private Interest Politicians?

Connecticut Representative Michael P. Lawlor [pic webpage] and CT State Senator Andrew J. McDonald [pic webpage]:

I am posting this open email to you [here]. Please check out [this post] as what you are meeting on Thursday at the Hartford LOB should have [these links] discussed as it shows the need for more judicial oversight by the legislature.

You two are on the Connecticut Judiciary Committee. Are you two just for your own lawyer interests/friends and to bolster Gay Rights and Marriage in Connecticut ignoring constituents, public corruption reported to you, AND doing nothing about police, judicial, prosecutorial, attorney, legislator, and official misconduct?

200 Connecticut State Troopers were so abused by each other, they descended on the CT Judiciary Committee asking something to be done to remedy their situation. If they are so abusing each other and ignoring laws, We the People have a gang of armed thugs, not law enforcement. They are paid to protect and serve, not just for armed revenue collecting and protecting each other, covering up crimes.

Judicial Branch employees reported felonies, taxpayers being defrauded, bid rigging, case fixing, nepotism, obstruction of justice, destruction and manufacture of evidence, altering and destroying information on court hard drives, and the making up of 6 figure positions where "important" people need not perform work or even show up. [information]

Do you wish to prove your are earning your pay working in the best interest of your constituents?

-Steven G. Erickson

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