Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Links to my Beefs with the Connecticut State Police

Can be found in [this post].

Connecticut scragging explained [here].

Post "Ask Sean Williams" found [here].

From my [April 2007 archive], scroll down, a Waterbury, Connecticut, mother can be arrested for posting pictures of her missing son. The FBI and police will do everything they can to make a case "secret" and "sealed" so if they are too lazy to do their jobs, or if there is FBI or Police Misconduct involved. The laziness and the secretiveness of investigators has only increased since then. There is more taxpayer fraud, more abuse, and less being done by more sacks of shit "working" at our expense. There are those in FBI, law enforcement, and in the courts that want to do their jobs, except their targets for the majority who don't want to do anything for their pay.

[click here] for the George W. Bush/NSA spying scandal.

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If you are elderly and facing retirement, are judges and lawyers out to steal your cash and assets to make sure judges, the state, and lawyers get your wealth, not your heirs? Some states aren't even safe to drive through. The "Justice System" is just that bad.

[click here] for:

A Danger to All Americans?

The State Bird for Connecticut, the Vulture? [more]

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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Police hire informants to kill

[click here] for complete VHS tape rendered of the above

This should be old news. It is not. If it was this bad back in 1994 and there is more police power, the courts suppress any rights you thought you had, and electronic surveillance has increased beyond the imagination, how much worse can it get?

Police are lobbying for, and got, GPS tagged driver's licenses. All you need do, is be anywhere, in a group, in a car, in any building, at meeting, have a clue, or speak out, they got you. The national ID, driver's license: [click here]

Police informants don't need to have a driver's license, a registered car, or insurance to drive on the road. They are sanctioned by police to beat up citizens, terrorize them out of town, and even to commit murder. Informants are expected to intimidate witnesses, help with false allegations, and bogus police reports. Informants are also expected to help retaliate against those that lodge police misconduct complaints. Is your state as bad and corrupt as Connecticut? [video]

Typical Connecticut State Police misconduct [post]. Collusion with prostitutes, putting rat traps in each other's mailboxes, death threats, and thefts, it's all a day in the life of the Connecticut State Police.

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This is why the greedy seek election:

Steal you blind, Connecticut

Connecticut State Sen. Thomas Gaffey

Excerpt: Top Republicans are calling for an investigation into Democratic state Sen. Thomas Gaffey's personal relationship with a high-ranking official of the state university system as Gaffey was pushing for a controversial $1 billion state bonding package for those schools.

[click here for more]

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