Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Legislative "Gatekeepers"

Legislators often don't read their own email, mail, or answer their own phones. They really have little interaction with their constituents.

Gatekeepers do that for them. Many are part of the lawyer mafia, or will be, being mainly law students, paralegals, lawyers, or interns affiliated with lawyers. So even if they aren't lawyers, they somehow have to bow to lawyers and are somehow influenced by them.

Heidi A. Voight is Miss Connecticut 2007 and participated in the Miss America Pageant held in Las Vegas. I don't know if Heidi is a law student or lawyer. Ms. Voight seems to be the exception to the average gatekeeper, as she is polite, answers her phone, provides accurate information and contact information of those best able to answer questions and/or to provide help. She will probably go very far in whatever she chooses for her professional career.

I met Heidi Sept. 17, 2008, and she gave me her card with her contact information. The card has her name, and under it, "Office of the Speaker, House of Representatives", the top of the card reads, "Connecticut General Assembly" with the Connecticut official seal underneath. Heidi seems to answer directly to Rep. Jim Amann who just might be a future candidate for Connecticut Governor.

I shot these [video 1], [video 2], [video 3] on Sept, 17, 2008, in Hartford, Connecticut. I attended a "Fatherlessness Task Force" hearing.

From talking to Bruce Morris, I gathered that legislators rarely read their own email, and are passed up what gatekeepers think that they should read. Heidi said she would pass my proposed legislation and information to the two Fatherlessness Task Force heads, Morris and LeBeau.

The eight members of the task force include:
Sen. Gary LeBeau, (D) East Hartford, email:
Sen. Edwin A. Gomes, (D) Bridgeport, email:
Sen. Edward Meyer, (D) Guilford, email:
Sen. John Kissel, (D) Enfield, email:
Rep. Bruce Morris, (D) Norwalk, email:
Rep. Kenneth Green, (D) Hartford, email:
Rep. Faith McMahon, (D) Bloomfield, email:
Rep. Charles Clemons, (D) Bridgeport, email:

My thoughts on Fatherlessness [here]

We are approaching [Alec Baldwin] and other celebrities to interest them in joining us in helping produce a documentary on Fatherlessness and/or exposing Judges, Lawyers, and Legislators acting knowingly causing mass Judicial Abuse of the American Public.

If we are running into politically active celebrities such as [Phil Donahue], it is just a matter of time before there is a documentary project and even more momentum. I talked to Phil Donahue about his documentary called, "Body of War".

Legislative action, like what is behind the Private Attorney General bill, will help fix some of the problems of the rampant public corruption which is now our courts and our government. We need more action and more help.

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