Thursday, October 30, 2008

Cop Turns Off Camera, Beats Woman Bloody

video provider [found here]

Text with video:
Yes the title is correct, she had the audacity to ask for a "phone call". Most of us men already found out that cops don't like people who ask for their rights. If you don't pretend you like them, they screw you hard with all they can think up or fabricate. They always get away with it. They can even kill somebody in a rage and all they get is some paid time off. Are you pissed? you should be. These a-holes need a rude wake up call all of them. btw those "good ones" people mention are non existent. Any cop that doesn't abide by the blue code is 8-balled quickly, or more likely never hired. They select military types for a reason.

The pig Wiley Willis who did this was not charged with any crime, so he is suing the city of Shreveport LA for his job back so he won't suffer the inconvenience of driving to another town to be a pig again.

Who is responsible for policing the police? the FBI, but when you call them, I suspect they write your info down and put you on the troublemaker list. They will not give you their name or badge number. It's like you are calling somebody who's wearing a ski-mask up there. Here is their website about it:
Abuse by authority under color of law undermines the very fabric of society, why don't they do sting operations against police? I guess they are too busy re-opening the old DB Cooper case.
What a complete joke the FBI is. Completely incompetent and inept shoe-ins.

Who oversees the FBI? The US Attorney General Michael B. Mukasey, A jewish man appointed by Bush.
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