Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Connecticut Public Safety Committee

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Email sent to above, the Connecticut Public Safety and Security Committee.

Subject: Police blocking legislation

To whom it may concern:

This email to you posted [here].

Should police be able to tap phones, snoop in citizen computers at will, terrorize citizens, and use police informants to ruin lives if citizens propose legislation or exercise their Free Speech rights against the wishes of police?

I co-founded the Stafford Springs, CT, Crime Watch. I wished to propose legislation to better relations between police and downtown property and business owners who need protection and service to have any quality of life downtown. Should citizens be able to discuss their concerns with legislators in safety?

I received phone calls, emails, letters, and verbal threats for police after proposing legislation to legislators. Why should police contact citizens giving them answers of what they are "allowed" to discuss with legislators regarding proposing legislation addressing police actions and conduct?

Stafford Officer Frank Prochaska told me he would arrest me if I proposed legislation to allow a police officer to write youths detentions for various infractions. I was told to leave the state "or else" by Prochaska and State Police Officers.

I was later bitten on the ear and beaten by powdered cocaine dealer. I dialed 911 as blood trailed down my neck and chest to soak my underwear. Peter Panciera fled the scene. 2 witnesses said they didn't know who bit and beat me, giving that statement, formally to police. Prochaska re-investigated that case and got the witnesses to change their story to say that I had attacked Panciera after I had located and identified Panciera as my attacker for police. Only I was arrested and faced a year and a half in prison, no deals. Agreeing to not interfere with prostitution and drug dealing in Stafford and to stay out of downtown for a year, my charges were nolled. For being bitten by a drug dealer I could have lost my marriage, my daughter, my home, job, and ability to have a normal life forever. The drug dealer was not arrested for biting me.

I later proposed Civilian Oversight of Police to legislators. Former Connecticut State Police Commissioner Arthur L. Spada allegedly put me at the top of the Connecticut State Police "Enemies List" for proposing the legislation and for being critical of police in newspapers. I was then stalked and my life threatened for weeks by Brian C. Caldwell. He attacked me on my property and I pepper sprayed him. Only I was arrested and Troopers Amaral and Longlais committed perjury at my rigged trial saying I never asked to make a complaint against my attacker.

Judge Jonathan Kaplan and Spada allegedly saw to it my trial was rigged for me to go to prison, sentenced to a year in prison!

Don Christmas [video] also was an advocte for Civilian Oversight of police and was also criticial of police and Connecticut courts. Christmas was attacked on his property by a 14 year old prostitute girlfriend of an Enfield Police Officer. Only Donny faced a year in prison, no deals.

Ritt Goldstein [video] helped organize an official legislative hearing in front of the Judiciary Committee in Hartford proposing Civilian Oversight of Police. Goldstein soon fled Connecticut to seek political asylum in Sweden being so terrorized by police for proposing legislation.

Will the Public Safety Committee end the terrorizing and domestic spying on citizens for political reasons? Will you legislators provide safety to citizens redressing grievances to you? Will you have hearing to address the cases of Police and Judicial misconduct for remedy?

[video of my story]

-Steven G. Erickson

Victim on Secret Police Enemies List

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