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Cop Turns Off Camera, Beats Woman Bloody

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Text with video:
Yes the title is correct, she had the audacity to ask for a "phone call". Most of us men already found out that cops don't like people who ask for their rights. If you don't pretend you like them, they screw you hard with all they can think up or fabricate. They always get away with it. They can even kill somebody in a rage and all they get is some paid time off. Are you pissed? you should be. These a-holes need a rude wake up call all of them. btw those "good ones" people mention are non existent. Any cop that doesn't abide by the blue code is 8-balled quickly, or more likely never hired. They select military types for a reason.

The pig Wiley Willis who did this was not charged with any crime, so he is suing the city of Shreveport LA for his job back so he won't suffer the inconvenience of driving to another town to be a pig again.

Who is responsible for policing the police? the FBI, but when you call them, I suspect they write your info down and put you on the troublemaker list. They will not give you their name or badge number. It's like you are calling somebody who's wearing a ski-mask up there. Here is their website about it:
Abuse by authority under color of law undermines the very fabric of society, why don't they do sting operations against police? I guess they are too busy re-opening the old DB Cooper case.
What a complete joke the FBI is. Completely incompetent and inept shoe-ins.

Who oversees the FBI? The US Attorney General Michael B. Mukasey, A jewish man appointed by Bush.
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What does it mean?

From "Kenny's Sideshow" blog:

Xymphora on the US Syria Attack

Thursday, October 30, 2008: xymphora
  1. A possible explanation for the American attack on Syria is that it had nothing to do with the particular target, but was the last chance for the neocons to extend the 'Bush Doctrine' to include the concept that the Americans don't have to recognize national sovereignty if they are in 'hot pursuit'.
  2. The idea that Syria secretly agreed to the attack is still kicking around. Of course, this could be Zionist propaganda. On the other hand, Syria and the U. S. are much closer than either will admit since the neocons have been largely deposed in Washington, and I find it hard to believe that the new order of adult rule in the United States would risk losing Syrian cooperation for some lowly smuggler. We also have to remember that the Israelis proved, last September, that the Syrians have working air defense (that's the only reason why Israel hasn't attacked Syria), and it wouldn't have looked very good for the Americans if they lost a couple helicopters. Maybe Syria agreed to turn off the radar for a few hours.


Analysts Question Timing of Syria Raid

Ali Gharib

WASHINGTON, Oct 28, 2008 (IPS) - A cross-border raid into Syria by U.S. forces in Iraq, and a subsequent stonewalling by U.S. officials unwilling to divulge details, has led to rampant speculation among U.S. analysts about the origins and meaning of the attack.

"So the question is: Why?" wrote geo-strategic analyst and journalist Helena Cobban on her blog, wondering if the raid could have been pulled off without explicit permission from the highest levels of the President George W. Bush administration.

"So why now at the end of the Bush administration, with Washington trying to play nice with Damascus and tensions easing throughout the region, would U.S. forces stage such a gambit?" echoed Borzou Daragahi on the Babylon and Beyond blog at the Los Angeles Times website.

The questions started to swirl late Sunday afternoon when U.S. helicopters allegedly crossed five miles over the desert border between Syria and Iraq. According to reports, eight U.S. soldiers alighted when a helicopter landed, attacking the al-Sukkari farm in the Syrian Abu Kamal border area.

The cross-border raid -- the first of its kind involving a helicopter attack and U.S. boots on the ground that far into Syrian territory -- left eight dead, according to Syrian press reports.

The attack is especially curious since, according to a report this weekend in the New York Times, Bush appears to have rolled back his initiative to lead troop-driven cross-border attacks -- initially approved this summer -- by Afghan-based U.S. forces into Pakistani territory.

The raid also comes as Syria is negotiating with Israel, through Turkish mediation, presumably in a calculated effort to alleviate tensions with the West and the U.S. The Bush administration's take on the Israel-Syria talks has been lukewarm at best.

More immediately for the U.S., the raid could complicate negotiations on a Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) with Iraqi authorities to allow U.S. forces to keep operating in Iraq after the U.N. mandate expires at the end of this year.

The talks on the SOFA have been bogged down, and a persistent Iraqi demand has been that Iraqi soil not be used as a launch pad for attacks on other countries.

"The Iraqi government rejects U.S. aircraft bombarding posts inside Syria," a government spokesperson, Ali al-Dabbagh, said Tuesday. "The constitution does not allow Iraq to be used as a staging ground to attack neighbouring countries."

The U.S. Department of Defence has repeatedly declined to comment on the Syrian incident, including to a direct request by IPS, but several press reports have quoted unnamed U.S. officials confirming the attack, and saying that it was ordered by the CIA.


Syrian riot police encircle U.S. embassy as thousands protest raid
Last update - 15:17 30/10/2008

By The Associated Press

Hundreds of Syrian riot police ringed the shuttered and closed U.S. Embassy in Damascus on Thursday, as tens of thousands of Syrians converged on a central square for a government-orchestrated protest to denounce a deadly U.S. raid near the Iraqi border.

The troops, wearing helmets and armed with batons and shields, took up positions around the embassy and the adjacent U.S. residence building. Two fire engines were parked nearby although the massive anti-American rally was to take place at a square about 1.6 kilometers away.

The Syrian government has demanded that Washington apologize for Sunday's cross-border helicopter strike by American special forces that killed eight people.

The embassy was closed because of security concerns related to the protest, and the American school was also shut for the day. The Syrian government has ordered the closure of the school, expected within a week, and the immediate closing of the American cultural center linked to the embassy.

As the protesters filled the Youssef al-Azmi square and surrounding streets in the upscale al-Maliki neighborhood, some Syrians formed circles and danced traditional dances while women and students joined the peaceful crowds.

America the sponsor of destruction and wars, read one of the banners carried by the protesters, who waved
national flags and totted pictures of Syrian President Bashar Assad.

Read the rest at Haaretz


SYRIA: Did Damascus green-light U.S. attack?

Everyone's still scratching their heads about Sunday's dramatic U.S. attack on a Syrian village five miles from the Iraqi border.

Plenty of unanswered questions remain, like why didn't the Syrians do anything to thwart the Americans, such as launching anti-aircraft batteries deployed along their border?

Ronen Bergman, an Israeli intelligence expert and author of the recent "The Secret War with Iran," speculates that Syria green-lighted the U.S. operation.

Read the rest: LA Times

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From the "News Cottage" blog:

Thou Shall Not Lie

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

In wake of U.S. attack, Syria shuts down American institutions

The Syrian cabinet decided on Tuesday to shut down an American school and an American cultural center in Damascus, the Syria's official SANA news agency said, two days after a U.S. military raid in Syria. Syria said the Sunday helicopter strike on the village of Sukkariyeh, five miles (8 kilometers) from the border with Iraq, killed eight civilians..

the hit
the hit


In wake of U.S. attack, Syria shuts down American institutions
The Syrian cabinet decided on Tuesday to shut down an American school and an American cultural center in Damascus, the Syria's official SANA news agency said, two days after a U.S. military raid in Syria. Syria said the Sunday helicopter strike on the village of Sukkariyeh, five miles (8 kilometers) from the border with Iraq, killed eight civilians while a U.S. official said the raid was believed to have killed a major al Qaida operative who helped smuggle foreign fighters into Iraq. Syria said four U.S. helicopters attacked the border region in eastern Syria. Iraq, which said the raid targeted staging grounds used by militants, denounced the air strike. France and Russia have also condemned the attack.

According to the SANA report, the Syrian cabinet also decided to postpone a Syrian-Iraqi bilateral committee meeting which was scheduled for Nov. 12- Nov. 13 in Baghdad. Moallem has characterized the attack as a "terrorist aggression" and said if repeated, Syria would defend itself. He has called for U.S. and Iraqi investigations into the attack. Meanwhile Tuesday, Syria rejected the allegations that the raid had targeted an al-Qaida operative.

"What they are saying is just unjustified. I deny it totally," Moallem told reporters. A U.S. official said on Monday that the raid was aimed at Abu Ghadiya, a former lieutenant of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the leader of al-Qaida in Iraq who was killed in a U.S. air strike in 2006.

"What they are saying is not accurate," said Moallem, who is on a visit to London.

"Do you imagine that a man with his three children are terrorists?" he said, referring to one of the civilians Syria said was killed in the raid. He stressed that the victims of the raid were innocent civilians, and repeated his accusation that the attack was a "terrorist act" by the United States.

"This is a war crime attempt by the United States against Syria," he said. Asked if Syria planned any further diplomatic steps, Moallem said "we are awaiting their response.

According to what we will receive, we will decide our options." The Bush administration, which will leave office in January after the U.S. presidential election on Nov. 4, accuses Syria of not doing enough to stem the flow of al-Qaida fighters and other insurgents into Iraq.

Iraq's government denounced the U.S. action on Tuesday in an unusual rebuke of Washington. "The Iraqi government rejects U.S. aircraft bombarding posts inside Syria," spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh said.

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From the "Impudent Observer" blog:

Syria Threatens Retaliation Against USA

October 30th, 2008 by Fred Stopsky · No Comments

The Syrian government reacted with fury to the American attack inside its borders which resulted in the death of several people. American military sources insist the raid was necessary in order to kill key leaders of militants who were behind the movement of al-Qaida forces through Syria. Damascus denounced the act as “criminal and terrorist aggression” and warned there would be retaliation against the Americans. The first step to implement Syrian threats was closing of an American cultural center and the American school in the capital. The American military refuses to back down from its claims they killed important al-Qaida leaders, but Syria insists civilians were killed in the raid including several children.

The daylight raid made impossible any denial on the part of Americans they could not see who they were blasting. Syria, in particular, was furious the raid came from Iraq territory and it will be interesting to see how the Iraq government responds to Syrian charges concerning utilization of its territory for staging of attacks on Syria.

Egypt and China joined in Syrian anger at the attack. Lost in discussion of this even is the fact that Turkey has been trying for months to organize an Israel-Syrian peace accord How does this attack fit into any long term goals of America?

Tags: George Bush · Human Rights · Military · Multicultural · Muslims · Peace · Politics · Republicans · Social Justice · Syria · US Foreign Policy · United States · War · World News

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America’s Military Attack in Syria—Possible Reasons and Likely Costs

Details are finally emerging of the American military operation inside Syria in Abu Kamal on Sunday afternoon. While there still has been no official on-record briefing from the Pentagon, unnamed DoD sources have filled in some of the gaps and reports on the operation appear in today's press. The target was apparently "Abu al-Ghadiyah" (Badran al-Mazidi), described alternatively as a high-ranking AQI (al-Qaeda in Iraq) operative or facilitator of smugglings and infiltration networks from Syria into Iraq, and vice versa. While it appears that there have been instances of cross-border "hot pursuit" by U.S. forces across Syrian borders before, today's Washington Post makes the assertion that this is "the first acknowledged instance of U.S. ground forces operating in Syria." Syrian and Arab T.V. have been full of pictures of the area of the raid and its aftermath, interviews with the civilian wounded in hospitals, and now images of thousands attending the funerals of the 8 civilians who it is claimed also fell victim to this attack (there are claims that American forces nabbed two AQI operatives--these are as yet unconfirmed--there might still be a DoD briefing today).

Condemnations have been prevalent in the Arab media, with the headline of the UAE daily al-Khaleej being typical: "U.S. Aggression Against Syria". And criticism has not only come from the obvious places--Syria, Iran, Lebanon, Iraq and elsewhere in the Arab world--but also from Russia, Europe and beyond. There have also been some interesting exceptions to this trend within the Arab world--notably Saudi Arabia, leading some to speculate that the Saudis encouraged or were even complicit in this operation. But even as the details are emerging many are still baffled as to why this raid took place, and especially why now. As ever when it comes to the Middle East, and especially where Syria is concerned, tantalizing and mischievous theories proliferate. Here is an attempt, then, to make sense of why this happened, and what the implications might be. [source]

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[click here] for post on the subject of prosecuting US President George W. Bush, Vice President Richard "Dick" Cheney, Condoleezza Rice, and others for murder.

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Bush Wanted

I would like to see Charlotte Dennette elected to the position of Vermont Attorney General. Her campaign promise is to prosecute US President George W. Bush for murder. [video]

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Complaining about Crack Cocaine and Heroin

being sold off my front yard and near my Stafford Springs, Connecticut, rental properties caused me to lose these fine pets and much more:

My Rotty/Great Dane/Black Lab mix, Alexandra Posted by Hello

Simona Posted by Hello

The above [found here]
note: the links no longer work

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[click here] for the text of the letter meant to arrive as former Connecticut Governor John G. Rowland started his first day of Federal Prison.

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Indict Bush?

The smoking gun that will

put Bush behind bars

smoking, gun, bush, jail, prison, murder, treason, coup, legal, Vincent, Bugliosi, Charles Mason, George Bush, Iraq, American, Soldier, Command, Court, PREMEDITATED, CRIMINAL, ACT, Attorney General, persecution, president, White House, indict, FREEDOM!

The above [found here]

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I shot video of Vincent Bugliosi last night in Brattleboro, Vermont. Bugliosi advocates that Bush be prosecuted for murder. [more and video]

Curry on Rell

Email in to me blasting Connecticut Governor M. Jodi Rell?:

"CCR: Has the Lt. Governor, Jodi Rell [Connecticut], been implicated?

CURRY: When her son was found by state environmental officers to be running a stolen property ring out of her basement for Skidoos, the environmental officerswho made the arrests had their careers threatened. They suffered until it hit the press and then the administration backed off. She denied any involvement in the retaliation.

Again, Connecticut's extraordinary unwillingness to investigate the apparent corruption of its own elected officials saved her from further public embarrassment. In any event, she has been a happy, willing partner and an insider in the Rowland administration for nine years." [more]

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The Steven G. Erickson Mugshot

The above is the Steven G. Erickson Mugshot (taken Oct. 2001), former Political Prisoner, People's Republik of Corruptikut Inmate # 305662

I pepper sprayed an attempted mugger, a felon who attacked me from behind in my dark driveway admitting on the record to demanding money from me, telling me he'd kill me if I did not. Brian Caldwell was given immunity to prosecute me for defending myself with pepper spray. Self-defense is not legal in Connecticut. I was sentenced to a year in prison, 3 years probation based on Connecticut State Troopers, Amaral and Langlois, perjury. [re-post from here]

* * * *

My letter to George W. Bush mailed 9-15-01 [found here], the set up for my false imprisonment occured 10-11-01. I got a letter back indicating Bush actually read my letter.

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Links to my Beefs with the Connecticut State Police

Can be found in [this post].

Connecticut scragging explained [here].

Post "Ask Sean Williams" found [here].

From my [April 2007 archive], scroll down, a Waterbury, Connecticut, mother can be arrested for posting pictures of her missing son. The FBI and police will do everything they can to make a case "secret" and "sealed" so if they are too lazy to do their jobs, or if there is FBI or Police Misconduct involved. The laziness and the secretiveness of investigators has only increased since then. There is more taxpayer fraud, more abuse, and less being done by more sacks of shit "working" at our expense. There are those in FBI, law enforcement, and in the courts that want to do their jobs, except their targets for the majority who don't want to do anything for their pay.

[click here] for the George W. Bush/NSA spying scandal.

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If you are elderly and facing retirement, are judges and lawyers out to steal your cash and assets to make sure judges, the state, and lawyers get your wealth, not your heirs? Some states aren't even safe to drive through. The "Justice System" is just that bad.

[click here] for:

A Danger to All Americans?

The State Bird for Connecticut, the Vulture? [more]

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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Police hire informants to kill

[click here] for complete VHS tape rendered of the above

This should be old news. It is not. If it was this bad back in 1994 and there is more police power, the courts suppress any rights you thought you had, and electronic surveillance has increased beyond the imagination, how much worse can it get?

Police are lobbying for, and got, GPS tagged driver's licenses. All you need do, is be anywhere, in a group, in a car, in any building, at meeting, have a clue, or speak out, they got you. The national ID, driver's license: [click here]

Police informants don't need to have a driver's license, a registered car, or insurance to drive on the road. They are sanctioned by police to beat up citizens, terrorize them out of town, and even to commit murder. Informants are expected to intimidate witnesses, help with false allegations, and bogus police reports. Informants are also expected to help retaliate against those that lodge police misconduct complaints. Is your state as bad and corrupt as Connecticut? [video]

Typical Connecticut State Police misconduct [post]. Collusion with prostitutes, putting rat traps in each other's mailboxes, death threats, and thefts, it's all a day in the life of the Connecticut State Police.

* * * *

This is why the greedy seek election:

Steal you blind, Connecticut

Connecticut State Sen. Thomas Gaffey

Excerpt: Top Republicans are calling for an investigation into Democratic state Sen. Thomas Gaffey's personal relationship with a high-ranking official of the state university system as Gaffey was pushing for a controversial $1 billion state bonding package for those schools.

[click here for more]

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Connecticut Gay Marriage

Real Reasons to Amend the Connecticut Constitution [found here]

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I made this comment in [this Connecticut Politics Post]:

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CT News Junkie Post on the Gay Marriage issue [found here]

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Nepotism and Cronyism Central

[previous post] where the cat is out of the bag on the Connecticut Judiciary with comments in a newspaper forum showing up, and then, for some reason, getting deleted ...

[click here] for the possible solution to the Connecticut public corruption in all 3 branches of government:

Connecticut Constitution Convention Campaign

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State's Probate Court Administrator Submits Resignation

July 15, 2008

Probate court administrator James J. Lawlor, who has been locked in trench warfare with the state's small-town probate judges for years, has lost his battle.

He submitted his resignation Monday in a heavily detailed, five-page letter that outlined his attempts to reform the state's 117 probate courts, which have been [more]

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[click here] for:

Connecticut Governor M. Jodi Rell with a Buzz On?

Private Interest Politicians?

Connecticut Representative Michael P. Lawlor [pic webpage] and CT State Senator Andrew J. McDonald [pic webpage]:

I am posting this open email to you [here]. Please check out [this post] as what you are meeting on Thursday at the Hartford LOB should have [these links] discussed as it shows the need for more judicial oversight by the legislature.

You two are on the Connecticut Judiciary Committee. Are you two just for your own lawyer interests/friends and to bolster Gay Rights and Marriage in Connecticut ignoring constituents, public corruption reported to you, AND doing nothing about police, judicial, prosecutorial, attorney, legislator, and official misconduct?

200 Connecticut State Troopers were so abused by each other, they descended on the CT Judiciary Committee asking something to be done to remedy their situation. If they are so abusing each other and ignoring laws, We the People have a gang of armed thugs, not law enforcement. They are paid to protect and serve, not just for armed revenue collecting and protecting each other, covering up crimes.

Judicial Branch employees reported felonies, taxpayers being defrauded, bid rigging, case fixing, nepotism, obstruction of justice, destruction and manufacture of evidence, altering and destroying information on court hard drives, and the making up of 6 figure positions where "important" people need not perform work or even show up. [information]

Do you wish to prove your are earning your pay working in the best interest of your constituents?

-Steven G. Erickson

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Click titles of below for two very popular links on the Stark Raving Viking blog:

Remember Alex Kelly?


Remember Alex Kelly? Posted by Hello
Alex Kelly listens as Adrienne Bak and Hillary Buchanan testifies at his parole hearing in Suffield. Both women, whom Kelly was convicted of raping, asked that the parole board deny Kelly's request. (AP) Mar. 3, 2005
-->Copyright 2005 Associated Press

Kelly's Victims Posted by Hello


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No, not a ”stupid mistake,” just plain arrogance

A former prosecutor was charged early Sunday with driving under the influence and possessing marijuana and a handgun after leaving a birthday party at the Essex home of Chief State's Attorney Christopher L. Morano.

"I made a damn stupid mistake," Peter W. Soulsby of Marlborough said Thursday. [more]

* * * *

Osama Bin Laden found alive in Miami, Florida? [more]

There is too much scragging going on in Connecticut [more]

Connecticut State Police Misconduct Brutality judicial Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan Commissioner Arthur L. Spada Colonel Thomas "The Duck" Davoren Peter Coukos Barbara Sattel Governor John G. Rowland M. Jodi Rell

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Those that got "mouthy" about the real powers in government or were internal whistleblowers about police, court, official, and attorney corruption could be just led to the nearest tree and lynched. In modern times we have "scragging", and the pain and suffering lasts longer and you never know who or why, you just know you've been scragged.

The old definition of "scragging" was "stranggling", to "scrag" was to strangle. A scrag can mean a bony small person. Being "scragged" in Connecticut should have an official definition in dictionaries.

The Private Attorney General bill, passed into law, bolstering Grand Juries for our use, would prevent Connecticut scragging, and anyone getting scragged in other states. [Private Attorney General bill]

[The Connecticut Sheriff/Judicial Branch Scandal]

It is 10-11-08, I was a victim of the slang use of "scragging" in Connecticut. I wasn't lynched, I was "scragged", 10-11-01, a [video] which best describes my life after the [scragging].

I refused to continue having a sexual relationship with Barbara Sattel, who allegedly referred to LT Thomas "The Duck" Davoren, who is now a Colonel in the Connecticut State Police, as "Dad". Barbara told me that if I didn't continue to date her, I would lose my Connecticut rental properties, lose my daughter, be arrested and end up in prison. She told me that if I continued to date her, the Connecticut State Police would aid me in making a profit on my rental properties by enforcing laws.

I refused and haven't had a regular job and home since. The scragging ended my role as "father" to my daughter.

Try also googling, "Judencia".

* * * *

My 9-15-01 letter sent to George W. Bush [post]

* * * *

State police have begun an internal affairs investigation into a racially offensive video and still photograph that were e-mailed several months ago among troopers assigned to the state police forensic laboratory, including to its commander.

One e-mail shows a still photograph of a black man lying on the street surrounded by watermelon rinds and chicken bones. The headline on the e-mail read "fatal overdose?" Another e-mail had a video attachment of a tow-headed white girl with a lisp, who sat at her kitchen table in a yellow shirt and spewed hateful racial slurs with the encouragement of two adults. The subject line simply says: "Little girl with a speech problem." [more]

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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Bush, Blowjobs, and Bombs?

The below is back posted, and was actually posted on the letter date. I wrote Bush 9-15-01 [letter text 9-15-01] and was attacked on my 3 and 5 Church St., Stafford Springs, Connecticut, properties on 10-11-01. Police and local elected officials were aware of the Bush letter the day I sent it as I gave copies to State Senator Tony Guglielmo. After sending the letter, 2 druggie felon thugs were trying to attack me at my properties in Somersville and in Stafford Springs. Why should I get prison for just defending myself on my own property when one caught me in my driveway coming home from work?

Steven G. Erickson July 29, 2008

[address snipped]

To: George W. Bush or to person(s) reading letters addressed to Bush

I used to own a small business and property. I took a stance against prostitution, vandalism, drug dealing, and the going bad of downtown youth over bad policies. I wrote a letter to you 9-15-01, and the response was that you actually read my letter regarding being under siege in Stafford Springs, Connecticut. Connecticut State Police then encouraged at least two druggie felons to attack me on my property where only I would be arrested. Should alleging public corruption practices in a letter to the president, be cause for a citizen be railroaded to prison to be held in the US as a political prisoner?

Bryan Oulette was assembling pipe and propane bombs in the basement of property I used to own at 3 Church St., Stafford Springs, CT 06076. He set off a device, that the end cap came off, just causing a huge flash, near a married couple, tenants, the Sabatassos (sp.?), and their 4 young children. Drug dealer, “Jaybone” Drice (sp.?), 19 at time, pulled a gun on me and chased me into my home in broad daylight because I said he couldn’t sell crack cocaine and heroin off my front lawn. Drug dealer and strong arm robber, Stephen Carver, was caught drunk, fighting, and smashing my windows after midnight by police and wasn’t arrested. He later almost beat Richie Dessert to death with a baseball bat. I named members of the ”Diaper Gang” who were beating citizens with bats, police weren’t interested in following up on the leads, and many more not mentioned above.

Prostitutes, Lana Thompson and Vicky Tamaro (sp.?), moved into apartments I was trying to rent, just changing the locks with no intention of paying rent. I contacted the Connecticut State Police about their trespassing, and was told I would be arrested if I interfered with drug dealing and prostitution. I contacted Rockville prosecutor Keith Courier about prostitute Lana Thompson, so Thompson put on a revealing dress that showed off her huge breasts and legs in high heals. Courier told me that if I brought any action against Thompson he would prosecute me. I assume he did this in exchange for oral sex provided to him by Thompson. Courier held true to his threat of prosecuting me.

I was told I was “kicked out of Connecticut” by Connecticut State Police. I thought it odd as I had fixed up boarded up property in downtown Connecticut spending years of hard labor and 100’s of thousands of dollars and police were aligning with prostitutes and drug dealers to ruin me financially and railroad me to prison, not protect and serve me. Married Police Informant, Barbara Sattel, was allegedly offered $10,000 in taxpayer dollars to sleep with me to set me up for a false arrest. Should tax dollars be used to ruin taxpayers so they no longer have contact with their families to be taken offline as a taxpayer?

Connecticut State Police allegedly offered Crack Cocaine addict, alcoholic, admittedly bi-polar, violent, prescription abuser, and frequenter of prostitutes, Peter Coukos, help in obtaining a permit to carry pistols, to assault me and terrorize me and my then 14 year old daughter out of Connecticut. I brought a tape of voicemails where Coukos threatened my life and even a message where he threatened to kill my 14 year old daughter if she did not address him as “Mr. Coukos” and say, “Hello” to him. Coukos punched me in the back of the head slapping me in my backyard telling me that he wanted my then 14 year old daughter to get on her knees and give him a “blowjob”. He called me a coward because I would not turn around. I would have been arrested again for being beaten up. Resident State Trooper said I would be arrested if I lodged a complaint against Coukos and if I didn’t leave Connecticut, as I was “kicked out of Connecticut”.

I was first arrested after dialing 911 after Peter Panciera, a powdered cocaine dealer, was so high on his own product, that he picked me up by my neck, beat the crap out of me, and then bit into my ear where I bled down to my underwear. (Stafford Springs, CT) Officer (Frank) Prochaska who had told me that I would be arrested if I proposed legislation to elected officials regarding youth and other crime that he would arrested me, arrested me for assault and breach of peace for being beaten up and being bit so bad that I was bleeding down to my underwear. He refused to arrest Panciera for biting and beating me. I refused to get a lawyer and beat that bogus rap. Should police pay informants to harm the public?

Brian Caldwell admitted to Judge Jonathan Kaplan that he had threatened my life while demanding money from me after he jumped me on my property when I came home from work. The judge, prosecutor, and state police had given Caldwell immunity for committing felonies to prosecute me for having defended myself with pepper spray on my own property. Attorney Michael H. Agranoff admitted throwing the case purposely.

Kaplan sentenced me to a year in prison, 3 years probation, even though the follow up police report called me the “victim” and I had no previous criminal record. Is this acting in the best interest of the public? Was I in any danger to the public or of, “re-offending”, by resisting being mugged in any future strong arm robbery attempts on me?

What would you think of someone punching you while telling you he wanted, your then 14 year old daughter, a “blowjob” in your backyard? How would you like it if you lost all of your property due to public corruption and the man who assaulted you, threatened your daughter’s life, and was known to break the law, now owned your property?

After writing letters from prison to my daughter and family marked “inmate”, I have almost no contact with them, had little work, no home, no health insurance, no credit, no retirement, and no hope. My close relationship with my daughter ended with my false imprisonment. I probably won’t walk her down the isle when she gets married, or maybe not even meet him, and she didn’t know I was taken away by ambulance, recently, after an accident. I worked hard, paid bills, and was an honest taxpayer, why should I have to worry about freezing to death in Winter living outside in the woods?

Should the above scenarios occur in America? If not, please do something.

-Steven G. Erickson, former US held Political Prisoner

* * * *

* * * *

Ritt Goldstein advocated Civilian Oversight of Police to Connecticut Legislators. He soon fled the US to seek political asylum in Sweden, so terrorized by police, after making this video:

Andrea Wilson and other Connecticut Judicial Branch employee blow the whistle on felonies being committed by judges and the judicial branch, nepotism, obstruction of justice, big rigging, and other allegations of judicial misconduct and public corruption:

* * * *

Police, Prostitutes, and Railroading Landlords to Prison

Donald Christmas of the Thompsonville section of Enfield, Connecticut, met with me after I had gotten out of prison regarding suing police and Connecticut courts with a class action suit for violating our civil rights. I had told State Senator Tony Guglielmo that I intended on suing police just before they falsely arrested me and committed perjury at a rigged trial so I went to prison.

Enfield Police Officer Timothy Vergean allegedly had a 14 year old prostitute girlfriend that attacked Donny. Only Donny faced prison for being slapped around from behind and sworn at by the police officer's prostitute girlfriend. Vergean, allegedly left the scene of an accident, drunk, and is still a police officer. [more]

* * * *

US Marine returns home to Connecticut gets stabbed 13 times and gets arrested for having caused a disturbance for having been stabbed when he woke up alive in the hospital. The felon on probation that stabbed and almost killed 3 people wasn't even violated on probation by a Connecticut judge and prosecutor! [videos and info]

What justice!!!??? Our US Troops certainly aren't fighting for freedom and the US Constitution. Caring about the troops means not having them die over bullshit. Let's actually support our troops. Their lives are not to be wasted on lies and making the war corporations, oil companies, and corrupt politicians and their friends rich!

* * * *

Video of me mailing the July 29, 2008, letter to US President George W. Bush:

Text of letter I wrote to Bush 9-15-01 [here]
note: click on letter jpeg to get full size view

* * * *

Peter Coukos now owns 3 and 5 Church St., Stafford Springs, Connecticut 06076. I had fixed [these properties] up from a boarded up condition spending 100's of thousands of dollars and years of my hard labor. Should any American be terrorized out of their own home, have their family broken up, and suffer permanent damage paid for with tax dollars?

The below is just one of the messages that Coukos left threatening me and my then 14 year old daughter. Coukos left a voicemail that he would make a false allegation that I threatened him with a gun if I didn't pay him $30,000. Coukos attacked me as I went to my vehicle in the back of 5 Church St., started punching me in the back of the head, slapping me, taunting me to turn around and face him. He was chanting, "I want your daughter to get on her knees and give me a blowjob!"

Connecticut State Police Officer, Stafford Resident Connecticut State Trooper Mulcahey, and Stafford Constable Frank Prochaska allegedly offered Coukos help in getting a gun permit to carry pistols in Connecticut, for assaulting me, and if was able to terrorize me out of Connecticut. Should I have faced arrest just for reporting this to police?:

* * * *

Former Connecticut Governor John G. Rowland was known to both Presidents, Bush, as "Johnny". Johnny went to federal prison for being an overly corrupt piece of shit. [post]

* * * *

The former Green Party campaign manager for Connecticut Governor, Kenneth Krayeske, was placed on the Connecticut State Police secret "Enemies List" and was arrested on sight. [post]

* * * *

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Friday, October 10, 2008

Martin Dyckman on "A Most Disorderly Court"

Here's video of Martin A. Dyckman, former editor of the St. Petersburg Times, speaking to the Friends of the Tampa and Hillsborough Library about his new book "A Most Disorderly Court." The book is about his reporting on a scandal involving case fixing in the Florida Supreme Court and the shake up in the court which followed.

He also talks about the problems caused by keeping complaints about judicial misconduct secret, about the need for reforms in our courts, and about the failure of the mainstream press to report on judicial misconduct.[more from webpage]

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Connecticut Public Safety Committee,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Email sent to above, the Connecticut Public Safety and Security Committee.

Subject: Police blocking legislation

To whom it may concern:

This email to you posted [here].

Should police be able to tap phones, snoop in citizen computers at will, terrorize citizens, and use police informants to ruin lives if citizens propose legislation or exercise their Free Speech rights against the wishes of police?

I co-founded the Stafford Springs, CT, Crime Watch. I wished to propose legislation to better relations between police and downtown property and business owners who need protection and service to have any quality of life downtown. Should citizens be able to discuss their concerns with legislators in safety?

I received phone calls, emails, letters, and verbal threats for police after proposing legislation to legislators. Why should police contact citizens giving them answers of what they are "allowed" to discuss with legislators regarding proposing legislation addressing police actions and conduct?

Stafford Officer Frank Prochaska told me he would arrest me if I proposed legislation to allow a police officer to write youths detentions for various infractions. I was told to leave the state "or else" by Prochaska and State Police Officers.

I was later bitten on the ear and beaten by powdered cocaine dealer. I dialed 911 as blood trailed down my neck and chest to soak my underwear. Peter Panciera fled the scene. 2 witnesses said they didn't know who bit and beat me, giving that statement, formally to police. Prochaska re-investigated that case and got the witnesses to change their story to say that I had attacked Panciera after I had located and identified Panciera as my attacker for police. Only I was arrested and faced a year and a half in prison, no deals. Agreeing to not interfere with prostitution and drug dealing in Stafford and to stay out of downtown for a year, my charges were nolled. For being bitten by a drug dealer I could have lost my marriage, my daughter, my home, job, and ability to have a normal life forever. The drug dealer was not arrested for biting me.

I later proposed Civilian Oversight of Police to legislators. Former Connecticut State Police Commissioner Arthur L. Spada allegedly put me at the top of the Connecticut State Police "Enemies List" for proposing the legislation and for being critical of police in newspapers. I was then stalked and my life threatened for weeks by Brian C. Caldwell. He attacked me on my property and I pepper sprayed him. Only I was arrested and Troopers Amaral and Longlais committed perjury at my rigged trial saying I never asked to make a complaint against my attacker.

Judge Jonathan Kaplan and Spada allegedly saw to it my trial was rigged for me to go to prison, sentenced to a year in prison!

Don Christmas [video] also was an advocte for Civilian Oversight of police and was also criticial of police and Connecticut courts. Christmas was attacked on his property by a 14 year old prostitute girlfriend of an Enfield Police Officer. Only Donny faced a year in prison, no deals.

Ritt Goldstein [video] helped organize an official legislative hearing in front of the Judiciary Committee in Hartford proposing Civilian Oversight of Police. Goldstein soon fled Connecticut to seek political asylum in Sweden being so terrorized by police for proposing legislation.

Will the Public Safety Committee end the terrorizing and domestic spying on citizens for political reasons? Will you legislators provide safety to citizens redressing grievances to you? Will you have hearing to address the cases of Police and Judicial misconduct for remedy?

[video of my story]

-Steven G. Erickson

Victim on Secret Police Enemies List

[more of the above story]

[next post]

Bad Trooper?

Published: March 14, 2004

Since the investigation of a rape complaint by a scholarship student against two classmates at the prestigious Hotchkiss School here in 1997, the feud between Mark A. Lauretano, this rural town's lone police officer, and the office of the local prosecutor has been on a low simmer.

But now, the feud may have reached a boiling point, with accusations that it is compromising the quality of law enforcement here and that the State Police unfairly restrict the free speech rights of officers.

In a memo to his commander, Trooper Lauretano wrote that hostility from a prosecutor and staff members in his office had delayed the signing of his arrest warrant in a dangerous domestic violence case for almost three weeks.

''Apparently anyone victimized in Salisbury, whose case is handled by me, will not be provided the same timely consideration of their complaint,'' Trooper Lauretano, a 22-year veteran of the State Police, wrote in the memo, which was addressed to Lt. Christopher Arciero of the North Canaan barracks. The letter was released to the news media last week.

Trooper Lauretano has been alienated from the office of the state's attorney since his bitter disagreement with Frank Maco, then Litchfield state's attorney, over the Hotchkiss investigation, the memo said. Under a policy established by Mr. Maco before he retired in 2002, law enforcement officials said, Trooper Lauretano was banned from courthouses in nearby Litchfield and Bantam and forced to travel 78 miles to Rocky Hill and back to file warrants at the office of the chief state's attorney.

Friends and critics of Trooper Lauretano agree that the Hotchkiss case caused the rift. As investigating officer, Trooper Lauretano pressed for charges against the two boys, but Mr. Maco decided not to file them. According to newspaper accounts at the time, the complainant, a 14-year-old boy, backed off of his rape claim; Trooper Lauretano said the boy had been persuaded to do so by other police investigators involved in the case. When the boy was about to be interviewed by the police an eighth time, Trooper Lauretano hired a therapist, who said she was convinced that the boy was telling the truth about the sexual assault.

But Connecticut State Police officials said that Trooper Lauretano was not authorized to hire a therapist or to pay for it himself, according to newspaper accounts at the time. He was suspended in 1999 for 60 days and transferred to the Litchfield barracks. No charges were ever filed in the Hotchkiss case.

After he was reinstated as resident state trooper in Salisbury in 2002, Trooper Lauretano was directed to Rocky Hill to process warrants. Later he was allowed to return to Bantam Superior Court, but told to work only with Cynthia J. Palermo, an assistant state's attorney. It is Ms. Palermo, Trooper Lauretano wrote in his memo, who ''has been uncooperative and hostile.'' He wrote that he had ''nothing but difficulty and stalling in the handling of arrest and search warrant applications.''

Trooper Lauretano submitted the warrant in the domestic violence case on Feb. 6, but it was not until Feb. 26, after his supervisor intervened, that the warrant was signed, according to the memo, which was released to the news media by Donald Connery, a Kent journalist who wrote a book about the arrest and wrongful conviction of Peter Reilly in the 1973 murder of his mother in Canaan.

Andrew Wittstein, the supervisory assistant state's attorney at Bantam Superior Court and Ms. Palermo's superior, denied that any court employees were being rude or hostile to Trooper Lauretano. Mr. Wittstein said that he ultimately signed the warrant and that the process took only two days -- not the nearly three weeks that Trooper Lauretano claimed.

''A two-day turnaround time for any warrant is above standard,'' Mr. Wittstein said.

The Litchfield state's attorney, David Shepack, said last week that Trooper Lauretano still could not file warrants at the courthouses in the Litchfield Judicial District. But Mr. Shepack played down the restriction and said that Trooper Lauretano had been allowed access to court in Bantam since last summer.

''Certainly Salisbury has full access to the courts, regardless of who brings the complaints,'' he said. But Salisbury's first selectman, Val P. Bernardoni, who also received a copy of the memo, was not so sure.

''This is preposterous,'' Mr. Bernardoni said. ''Now it's standing in the way of justice being served.''

In this scenic hamlet where the tweedy and the bookish live in rambling country houses, support for Trooper Lauretano remains. After he was disciplined for his handling of the Hotchkiss case, residents raised $10,000 for his legal defense fund, money he ultimately returned.

''He's the best town trooper we've ever had, and we've had some excellent ones,'' said Joseph L. Mulligan, who owns Salisbury Package Store on Main Street, in a comment echoed by his fellow shopkeepers last week.

Joy Mcintosh, the mother of the scholarship student who filed the sexual assault complaint in 1997, has followed the fallout from the case from her home in Brooklyn. Ms. Mcintosh, a native of Guyana, said on Tuesday that she was ''behind Mark all the way.'' She said other officers had lied to her and mishandled the investigation of the complaint by her son, now 21 and a senior at an Ivy League university.

The memo has prompted Mr. Bernardoni to investigate whether the prosecutor's policies have compromised the effectiveness of the town's only police officer, he said.

Robert J. Krzys, counsel to the union for the State Police, said he had asked the state's attorney's office to allow Trooper Lauretano full access to the courts. If that does not happen, he said, he will file a grievance on Trooper Lauretano's behalf.

''These petty differences shouldn't affect how a trooper can do his job,'' he said.

Trooper Lauretano would not comment. He is forbidden by State Police policies from discussing the Hotchkiss investigation publicly. However, State Police officials discussed the internal investigation with Mr. Connery and other journalists, Mr. Connery said.

A ruling is expected in a few weeks in a lawsuit that Trooper Lauretano filed in Federal District Court in 1999 that in part challenges the legality of State Police regulations that restrict free speech by troopers.

A spokesman for the State Police, Paul Vance, also would not comment, citing the lawsuit.

Trooper Lauretano's lawyer, Karen Lee Torre of New Haven, said the policies of the State Police violated the First Amendment rights of officers and were intended to prevent officers from telling anyone about violations inside the agency. ''What's happening to Mark is a consequence of his lawsuit,'' she said. ''He took on the state police, who believe there are no reins on their power.''

* * * *
* * * *

[click here] for:

A pattern of deceit, retaliation, and dirty backroom deals

CT Officers ask AG to investigate state police
By Beth Berlo

GOAL/NE Vice President, Det. Michael Carney

Following what the Gay Officers Action League (GOAL) of New England has described as a series of discarded complaints in the internal affairs department at the Connecticut State Police, the organization is now asking the state’s attorney general to step in.

According to Det. Michael Carney, a Springfield, Mass., police officer and vice president of GOAL/NE, several troopers have filed internal affairs complaints which he believes have been swept under the rug.

Most recently, two high-ranking supervisors have been accused of harassing troopers who they suspected to be gay or lesbian. According to Carney, one of the troopers complained to GOAL that he was called a ``fudge packer” by a superior, while another, he said, experienced a more direct threat by a supervisor who reportedly threatened, ``I’m going to bury you.” [more]

* * * *

* * * *

Justice and Political Influence is For Sale

A blowjob, car crash, politically powerful man dead, and alleged police/court tampering, skewed investigations, and harassment allegedly orchestrated out of a governor's office. ...

[click here for more]

* * * *

* * * *

A Corrupt Governor and a Homeland Security Scam Involving the State Police

Vincent J. DeRosa was named director of the state Homeland Security Department under former Gov. John G. Rowland. [click here for more]

* * * *

Is Rape, NOT RAPE, if committed by a Connecticut Police Officer?

Probe of sex allegation urges punishment for constable
By Christine McCluskey, Journal Inquirer August 07, 2003

ELLINGTON - State police have finished their investigation of Michael Nieliwocki, the town constable accused by a Glastonbury woman of sexually assaulting her in February 2002, and recommend that Ellington discipline Nieliwocki.

Town labor lawyer Anthony J. Palermino said Wednesday the discipline recommended could range "from suspension to discharge."

Abolish Police Unions Nationwide and promote 'Civilian Oversight of Police' with quality control questionnaires should go out to those requiring police service and that call in.

The early 70's, Serpico, played by Al Pacino in the movie, shows us that police should not police themselves. Serpico could not find a single officer nor NYC police official that was either willing to take his corruption complaint, not taking bribes, didn't care, or was not part of the corruption.

Connecticut Police officers have been accused of rape, shaking down prostitutes for cash and sex, harassing citizens, shooting unarmed citizens, harassment, acting as 'Armed Revenue Collectors' for towns and the State, pulling over motorists based on race, etc.

Probe of sex allegation urges punishment for constable
By Christine McCluskey, Journal Inquirer August 07, 2003

ELLINGTON - State police have finished their investigation of Michael Nieliwocki, the town constable accused by a Glastonbury woman of sexually assaulting her in February 2002, and recommend that Ellington discipline Nieliwocki.

Town labor lawyer Anthony J. Palermino said Wednesday the discipline recommended could range "from suspension to discharge." Palermino said it is up to the town whether Nieliwocki will be disciplined at all, and if so what form that discipline will take, because Nieliwocki is a town employee.

The months-long state police internal affairs investigation found no reason to prosecute Nieliwocki, Palermino said. "They found no reason for an arrest or a prosecution on the claim of sexual assault ... there wasn't enough evidence," he said. "But the internal affairs investigation feels there is still cause for some form of discipline." "Had there been an arrest or something, there might have been some action taken," Palermino added.Nieliwocki was put on administrative duty last fall pending the results of the investigation.

Ellington officials have been waiting for the investigation results before taking any further action. First Selectman Michael Stupinski is still reviewing the report.

Birthday party gone wrong According to a lengthy Vernon police report, on the night of Friday, Feb. 8, 2002, the woman was celebrating her sister's 21st birthday at Cioppino's Restaurant and Pub on Route 83 in Ellington.

Nieliwocki responded to a call that a fight had broken out at Cioppino's and found the drunken woman fighting with her sister outside, the report states.

Nieliwocki, who was 38 at the time, drove the 23-year-old woman to a Vernon hotel. "She stated that she cannot remember what happened with the police, but remembers that all she wanted to do was to go home with" her sister, Vernon Detective Michael E. Greenier wrote.

But police "would not let them leave together because they were fighting," the report continues. "She said that a police officer named Michael told her that she could not drive home and she could not go home with" her sister. "So she had to go to a motel."According to the report, Nieliwocki drove the woman to the Holiday Inn Express on Kelly Road in Vernon, where he helped her check in, left, and later returned in his private vehicle after he was off duty at 3 a.m. on the morning of Saturday, Feb. 9.

He was still wearing his uniform, however.

A hotel clerk saw the two together and said the woman spoke loudly and slurred her words. Later that night, the clerk said he walked by the room and heard what sounded like consensual sexual activity, the report says.Another trooper who responded to the fight at the bar told Vernon police that Nieliwocki was in the parking lot with the woman and "at the time he told his trainee that the way Nieliwocki was allowing her to get so close to him was totally unsafe," the report says.

According to the report, the woman woke up in the hotel room Feb. 9 wearing only socks.

She went to Rockville General Hospital on Feb. 9 with bruises on her legs.

Around 10 p.m. that night, a hospital nurse called Vernon police on behalf of the woman to make a sexual assault complaint.

The woman told police she had been "really drunk and stoned" the night before. Later, she cooperated with Vernon police, making phone calls to Nieliwocki while police listened.

Invited in?

Nieliwocki later told police the woman had invited him to her hotel room, and that he went there after the end of his shift. He said they did not have intercourse but that they did engage in sexual activity.

"This is a problem, I know it was consensual ... This is every man's nightmare. You have sex and then someone says it was rape," Nieliwocki told Greenier, according to the report.

Nieliwocki told police he could not tell whether the woman was intoxicated. "He stated that he could not tell if a person was intoxicated without running them through tests first."I then questioned that if he [is a] trained police officer, and he could not tell if she was intoxicated, then perhaps he could explain to me why the desk clerk felt that she was.

"He stated that not everyone could tell when a person was intoxicated," Greenier wrote.An 11-month investigation by the Vernon Police Department and the chief state's attorney's office found insufficient evidence to criminally charge Nieliwocki.State police conducted their own internal investigation of Nieliwocki because, although he is a town employee, as a constable he reports to the town's resident state trooper.

Though state police had said the findings of the internal investigator were expected in February, it was not until last month that the report was released to the town.On June 25, state police spokesman Sgt. J. Paul Vance said the reason for the delay was that this is a "very involved report" that had to be "scrutinized" by several people.

The woman's lawyer, William H. Paetzold of Glastonbury, could not be reached for comment today.Paetzold said in January that his client intended to file a federal lawsuit against Nieliwocki and the town.

P.S. Enfield, Connecticut, Police were sent to doors collecting overdue library fines. This just goes to show us it is about the cash not about the criminals.

-Steven G. Erickson (Vikingas)

Posted by Vikingas at August 16, 2003 06:12 AM | TrackBack

Arthur L. Spada head of DPS, Connecticut State Police demoted the highest ranking woman in the State Police allegedly because she was a woman. There also have been accusations of bias against minorities lodged against CT departments.

From the Hartford Courant, September 27, 2003:

Police Officer Wins Settlement
Hartford To Pay More Than $200,000 In Compensation

September 27, 2003
By TINA A. BROWN, Courant Staff Writer

The city must pay a Hartford police officer more than $200,000 in back wages and other compensation because it failed to reinstate him when a larceny charge was dismissed eight years ago.

The settlement was accepted Friday in Hartford Superior Court by Judge Thomas Corrigan. The city did not acknowledge wrongdoing but agreed that Juan A. Morales would receive $206,874 in back pay, $20,874 for sick days and $34,995 in pension benefits, and an undisclosed amount for attorney fees, the court document shows. After taxes and a pension deferral, the payment totals $225,000.

Additionally, Morales was reinstated on paper to his position as a patrol officer. He then resigned effective January 2004. Over the next five months, Morales is expected to continue accruing time toward his pension. In addition to the lump sum, the city will pay Morales more than $1,000 a week until his retirement becomes official, the agreement says.

"I think this is an excellent disposition," Morales' lawyer, Michael A. Georgetti, said Friday.

The settlement reached Friday marks the fourth time in recent years the city has paid back wages to a Hartford police officer accused of on-duty corruption.

Morales, Joseph Smith, now known as Joseph Davis, and Matthew Rivera, all were accused of stealing city time after a grand jury, following an 18-month investigation, accused them of hanging out at the Charter Oak Package store during their shifts. The charges were later dismissed. Rivera and Smith returned to work after they obtained lump sum payments from the city.

Also, the city was ordered to pay another officer, Eric Smith, more than $120,000 in July after that officer was cleared of sexual assault allegations. His arrest did not stem from the grand jury's findings.

Morales was a 12-year police veteran when he was arrested and accused of loafing in July 1995. He tried unsuccessfully over the past eight years to get his job back. He sued the city in 2001 seeking back wages, pension benefits and attorney fees. Georgetti said Morales was forced to sue the city because he could not obtain a hearing. He said Morales might have gone back to work as a patrol officer if the city had given him a hearing.

The city attorneys declined to comment for this story.

Gates Landry, police union president, said, "It's a reasonable settlement. All parties are in agreement. Hopefully this ends an unhappy chapter in the police department and we can all move on with our lives."

Courant Staff Writer Matt Burgard contributed to this story

Posted by: Steven G. Erickson at September 27, 2003 07:53 AM

'The biggest Affront to our American Values'

Click on my name below to be transported to link as noted above.

Posted by: Steven G. Erickson at October 19, 2003 11:23 AM

I came to this sight from

This is disgusting, STeve, I hope this is not the norm in Connecticut

Posted by: gh at October 23, 2003 09:42 AM

Steal Billions, kill your ex-wife leave your DNA and glove, shoot your neighbor cut his body up, rape little boys at your Neverland Ranch �

Click 'more' for more.

Posted by: more at January 6, 2004 08:39 AM

Cops Should be put in jail for their crimes.

Posted by: at January 16, 2004 02:29 PM

Cops Should be put in jail for their crimes.

Posted by: at January 16, 2004 02:29 PM

Cops Should be put in jail for their crimes.

Posted by: at January 16, 2004 02:29 PM

Connecticut cops can beat, rip you off, and even murder you and nothing is done about it. Rape is just something the cops in Connecticut think they are entitled to, along with $1/rents for single family houses and other freebies.

The state is the biggest employer in Connecticut, so they protect their own, and if a taxpayer says anything a whole angry bee's nest of State employees will respond and punish those that speak out.

Posted by: at May 25, 2004 08:18 AM

* * * *

Steven G. Erickson's beef:

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