Thursday, August 21, 2008

Our US Tax Dollars at Work

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3 Stooges Homeland Security Service

The Stooges spell work, "W - O - I - K"

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The Dangerously Incompetent don't want citizens exposing their incompetence. [more]

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CT Judicial Branch wants to censor bloggers?

Connecticut Chief Justice Chase T. Rogers

Was Judge Rogers talking about me, or someone else? [more]

Is Rogers the head goal keeper running interference for Connecticut Judicial, Prosecutorial, Legislative, Official, Attorney, and Executive Branch misconduct?

William J. "Taco" Sullivan would be proud. I recall the Chief Justice saying he'd be a prostitute too if he was a poor minority woman at this hearing [video].

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The Connecticut Judicial Branch hid the below public comment from the public:

If the "Branch" hides felonies committed by their own, they can give themselves straight A's in a rigged survey and taxpayer funded BS hearing. [video]

[click here] for what insiders are saying about the organized crime syndicate that is the Connecticut Judicial Branch

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Do the Connecticut State Police Rape Women with Immunity?:

[click here] for the full Ritt Goldstein video, "Under Siege"

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