Saturday, August 30, 2008

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Raids, Raids, Everywhere A Raid

If you haven't seen the news today, city police raided five separate spaces occupied by RNC Protest groups last night and today in St. Paul and Minneapolis, including four private homes. Five people were arrested, and several items were removed from the homes. The UpTake - including our intrepid and tired reporters Noah and Chuck, fresh off the plane from the DNC - were live on the raid scene today. We've got lots and lots of video up on the front page, as well as a running dialogue on our Twitter page. Want a sample? Here's a few:

National Lawyers Guild: Police Raid "Preventive Detention": When UpTake reporter Ken Avidor arrived at the home at 3240 17th Avve. South in Minneapolis, the police and city inspectors were boarding up the house. The city said they had to board up the house because the owner wasn̢۪t available, but the owner was in jail.

Police Raid In St. Paul of Green Party Activists' Home: Police prepare to raid a home in St. Paul in connection with the RNC protests. According to neighbors, the family that lives in the duplex has never been any problem and are members of the Green Party

Police Raid Houses Connected With Planned RNC Protests: At about 8:30 this morning, the police executed a raid on 2301 23rd Av. About 10 people were staying here for the RNC. The people living here were planning to provide food to people at the RNC parades. The police did a "no knock" entry and had everyone in plastic bindings on the floor.

Keep checking The UpTake as the RNC coverage heats up.

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