Friday, August 1, 2008

Got Justice?

August 1, 2008

To: Rep. Michael P. Lawlor [website]

Subject: Apology and Retraction [letter posted at]

I am in receipt of a letter to the Commissioner of the Connecticut State Police and the Judicial Branch Director, Farley, where the signer, Deborah Blanchard, the Legislative Judiciary Committee administrator in Connecticut, put in the text of the letter that I am falsely accused of being litigious. Can anyone name even one lawsuit I have been involved in since being railroaded to prison for wanting judicial reform and Civilian Oversight of Police, having contacted elected officials BEFORE my false arrest? I wish that you, Michael P. Lawlor, personally write me a letter of apology and retract your false statements regarding my character and please be accurate in your official responses to inquiries regarding the need for a Federal Investigation and US House hearings on the goings of the Connecticut Judiciary and Connecticut State Police. I request a special hearing to be held by the Connecticut Judiciary Committee.

Ken Krayeske, a journalist, law student, and former campaign manager for the Green Party candidate for Connecticut Governor was placed on the secret Connecticut State Police “Enemies List” and was arrested on sight in Connecticut. That is more than enough proof there is inadequate checks and balances in the Policing and Court systems in Connecticut. [the Krayeske scandal link]

Should police be able to pay $10,000 of taxpayer dollars to kill or terrorize citizens in Connecticut, when police misconduct is alleged? Should Connecticut judges and prosecutors help cover up attorney, official, police, prosecutorial, and judicial misconduct? [example]

My thoughts on Connecticut Public Corruption [here]

Ritt Goldstein assembled international experts on Civilian Oversight of Police and victims of Connecticut Police Misconduct for a Special Judiciary Committee Legislative hearing December 1996. After Ritt Goldstein made [this video] he was so terrorized by Connecticut Police that he fled the US to seek political asylum in Sweden.

Is the Judiciary Committee willing to hold a special hearing on what happened to Ritt Goldstein for trying to redress grievances to you, and to hear cases of judicial, prosecutorial, police, official, and attorney misconduct and consider remedy, as other checks and balances AND remedies don’t currently exist in Connecticut?

Thank you,

Steven G. Erickson

[address snipped]

[click here] for the letter that I want a Lawlor apology for. Scroll down in post
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I wrote Bush a letter July 29, 2008, and mailed it from Brattleboro, Vermont. I don't expect he'll read it. But it is my protest of the ridiculousness of what downtown business and home owners have to deal with in downtown America.

Text of the Bush letter [found here]


Anonymous said...

Lawlor is a member of the American Bar Association's Coalition for Justice, a national effort to build trust and confidence in the justice system ...

What a load of crap! Lawlor is a phony. He helps hide the corruption and helps hide all the skeletons in the closets of police, prosecutors, judges, and other lying lawyers.

Anonymous said...

If you tell Lawlor anything, you might as well be whispering in Satan's ear. He'll make sure that you're paid back for any complaints against police or judges!