Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Calling all witnesses?

The Connecticut Department of Children and Families has long been controversial and suspected of being an official family torture and retaliation device, and a way for a state that is losing population to gain Federal Tax Dollars by grinding its average citizens through a meat grinder. Processing citizens in courts, taking away and placing children, arresting, confining, fining, putting out restraining orders, putting on probation and parole of as many citizens as possible, is all for PROFIT in Connecticut.

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If you have not been abused by the system, you won't understand the way those that have been abused, eventually lose their ability to respectfully request action. If you click on Ms. Dickson's website, many of her headlines for her posts aren't immediately understandable to someone not well versed on certain subjects. DCF abuse, Public Corruption, etc can't be explained in a sentence, a paragraph, or even a few typed pages.

From Kathleen Dickson's website:

If you are a victim of duh DCF crimes and would like to be heard as a witness under oath as regards DCF's crimes against your family, please contact me: 860-495-5298 or The trial will be in New London, Connecticut.

This will be public. You will finally be heard.

Remember that duh DCF's secrecy laws only apply to DCF.

They lie to you about what the secrecy statute says. It is the DCF who is gagged.

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