Saturday, August 30, 2008

In by email:

Raids, Raids, Everywhere A Raid

If you haven't seen the news today, city police raided five separate spaces occupied by RNC Protest groups last night and today in St. Paul and Minneapolis, including four private homes. Five people were arrested, and several items were removed from the homes. The UpTake - including our intrepid and tired reporters Noah and Chuck, fresh off the plane from the DNC - were live on the raid scene today. We've got lots and lots of video up on the front page, as well as a running dialogue on our Twitter page. Want a sample? Here's a few:

National Lawyers Guild: Police Raid "Preventive Detention": When UpTake reporter Ken Avidor arrived at the home at 3240 17th Avve. South in Minneapolis, the police and city inspectors were boarding up the house. The city said they had to board up the house because the owner wasn̢۪t available, but the owner was in jail.

Police Raid In St. Paul of Green Party Activists' Home: Police prepare to raid a home in St. Paul in connection with the RNC protests. According to neighbors, the family that lives in the duplex has never been any problem and are members of the Green Party

Police Raid Houses Connected With Planned RNC Protests: At about 8:30 this morning, the police executed a raid on 2301 23rd Av. About 10 people were staying here for the RNC. The people living here were planning to provide food to people at the RNC parades. The police did a "no knock" entry and had everyone in plastic bindings on the floor.

Keep checking The UpTake as the RNC coverage heats up.

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Our US Tax Dollars at Work

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3 Stooges Homeland Security Service

The Stooges spell work, "W - O - I - K"

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The Dangerously Incompetent don't want citizens exposing their incompetence. [more]

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CT Judicial Branch wants to censor bloggers?

Connecticut Chief Justice Chase T. Rogers

Was Judge Rogers talking about me, or someone else? [more]

Is Rogers the head goal keeper running interference for Connecticut Judicial, Prosecutorial, Legislative, Official, Attorney, and Executive Branch misconduct?

William J. "Taco" Sullivan would be proud. I recall the Chief Justice saying he'd be a prostitute too if he was a poor minority woman at this hearing [video].

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The Connecticut Judicial Branch hid the below public comment from the public:

If the "Branch" hides felonies committed by their own, they can give themselves straight A's in a rigged survey and taxpayer funded BS hearing. [video]

[click here] for what insiders are saying about the organized crime syndicate that is the Connecticut Judicial Branch

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Do the Connecticut State Police Rape Women with Immunity?:

[click here] for the full Ritt Goldstein video, "Under Siege"

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Calling all witnesses?

The Connecticut Department of Children and Families has long been controversial and suspected of being an official family torture and retaliation device, and a way for a state that is losing population to gain Federal Tax Dollars by grinding its average citizens through a meat grinder. Processing citizens in courts, taking away and placing children, arresting, confining, fining, putting out restraining orders, putting on probation and parole of as many citizens as possible, is all for PROFIT in Connecticut.

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If you have not been abused by the system, you won't understand the way those that have been abused, eventually lose their ability to respectfully request action. If you click on Ms. Dickson's website, many of her headlines for her posts aren't immediately understandable to someone not well versed on certain subjects. DCF abuse, Public Corruption, etc can't be explained in a sentence, a paragraph, or even a few typed pages.

From Kathleen Dickson's website:

If you are a victim of duh DCF crimes and would like to be heard as a witness under oath as regards DCF's crimes against your family, please contact me: 860-495-5298 or The trial will be in New London, Connecticut.

This will be public. You will finally be heard.

Remember that duh DCF's secrecy laws only apply to DCF.

They lie to you about what the secrecy statute says. It is the DCF who is gagged.

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My recent interviews with Kathleen Dickson:

US Immunization Scam

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Connecticut's Culture of Corruption

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Ask Sean Williams?

Sean Williams [webpage], a Connecticut State Representative on the Commerce Committee [webpage], says:
"Listening to our fellow citizens and responding to their concerns with common sense solutions to protect individual freedoms and provide a better quality of life for all of Connecticut."

Subject of email I sent to him: Connecticut's Reputation Harming Commerce?

I am posting this open email to you [here].

I read the quote under your picture in your webpage [here], and wanted to see if you are willing to back up your own words.

If Police in Connecticut act [like this], and members of the judiciary are [doing this], why should anyone move to, stay in, have a business in, retire in, raise a family in, own a home in, or even drive through Connecticut?

Are you willing to propose an official Commerce Committee hearing be held to discuss [this]?

Thank you,
Steven G. Erickson

The above to be sent to all members on the CT Commerce Committee:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

[click here] for Mary Ann Handley on Ethics, Trust, and Government

The Judicial Branch in Connecticut sealed public comment [like this] and gave themselves straight A's in a taxpayer paid hearing [like this], after rigging a survey [like this].

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Want to see more in this blog? [click here], scroll down

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Merits-relatedness and misconduct complaints

This is typical of an email that I receive everyday:

Re: Merits-relatedness and misconduct complaints‏
From: Barbara C. Johnson

Barbara C. Johnson is a former candidate for Massachusetts Governor [post]

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Connecticut Constitution Convention Campaign
there needs to be work done on the Connecticut Constitution [website]

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Grand Juries and the need for them, explained:

Judge Arthur L. Spada, and former Connecticut State Police Commissioner, was "an only member" of the Connecticut's grand jury system. Citizens, such as myself, that want Spada investigated, might end up in jail, and Spada isn't investigated. Should officials that fear prosecution and who are known to retaliate against those that break ranks within the system, and that are known to target "mouthy" citizens be the ONLY checks and balances citizens and officials have when they try and complain about public corruption?

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Subject: "Gay Bashing"

Connecticut Judiciary Committee, Co-chairs, Andrew J. McDonald and Michael P. Lawlor

The below text sent to:,,,,

My email to them, subject: "Gay Bashing"

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keywords: homosexual rights Connecticut State Police Misconduct Prosecutorial Attorney Official Judge Judicial Judiciary committee legislator hearing brutality class action legal civil rights abuse rape sodomy ass masters child porno pornography sex video x-rated free pizza Connecticut restaurants vacation travel virgin naked nude stripper rash big brother patriot act domestic spying nsa drug war crack cocaine heroin prostitute Peter J. Coukos Frank Prochaska Mulcahey Amaral Longlois Micheal Langlois Colonel Davoren Barry Connecticut State Police Commissioner John A. Danaher III Arthur L. Spada Governor M. Jodi Rell John G. Rowland scandal corruption

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added August 11, 2008, 10:30 AM EST:

To the Connecticut Program Review and Investigations Committee:

To whom it may concern:

Should any Connecticut citizen be put on a "target list" if she or he is dating or married to if a police officer, judge, prosecutor, or powerful official want their perceived romantic rival out of the way? Should any Connecticut citizen be put on a "target list" if they refuse to date or break off a relationship with a police officer, prosecutors, judge, or powerful official? Should a citizen that proposes laws to elected officials or exposes public corruption, should that citizen end up on a "target list"?

A Stafford Officer seemed to be enamored by my former European lingerie model wife when I co-founded the Stafford Springs, CT, Crime Watch. Officer Prochaska told me that if I proposed laws regarding youth crimes to elected officials that I would be arrested and run out of Connecticut. A drug dealer knew I reported drug dealers to police so he beat me and bit into my ear, I bled down to my underwear. Peter Panciera fled the scene as I was dialing 911. His cocaine customers told police they didn't know who bit and beat me. I found the culprit for police. Officer Prochaska re-interviewed the drug customers, and they suddenly remembered him, contradicting their former statements saying only I attacked the cocaine dealer. I was facing prison for having been bitten and beaten left to bleed down to my underwear. Officer Prochaska arrested me.

I beat that rap as I had refused to get a lawyer and would have demanded the ape that attacked me, stand next to me in any proceeding and the 911 tape be played.

A Connecticut State Police Informant Barbara Sattel, had been assigned to target me by State Police after I divorced. She admitted that she had been offered $10,000 allegedly by Col. Thomas "The Duck" Davoren to set me up for a false arrest to keep me from proposing Civilian Oversight of Police and Connecticut court reform. Sattel told me that the orders to do me in came from the very top, which I assume is former Police Commissioner Arthur L. Spada, who allegedly conspired with Judge Jonathan Kaplan to railroad me to prison. If you want evidence and more information, please contact me.

Trooper Langlois and Amaral committed perjury saying I never asked to make a complaint when I was attacked by their operative, Brian Caldwell, at the rigged trial. Review my trial transcripts to see what passes as "justice" in Connecticut.

I believe Arthur L. Spada was the only man on a one man Grand Jury that would have heard evidence against police, himself, the prosecutor, and judge Kaplan. Should a Grand Jury member be able to rig the only check and balance right of citizens? I have a proposal for a private attorney general and citizen run grand jury system, would you like to hear it?

Sattel broke down and confessed to me what she had been asked to do as she wanted a relationship with me. I broke the relationship off. She threatened me with losing my $500,000 in Connecticut real estate, losing my daughter, being kicked out of Connecticut, AND going to prison if I didn't continue to date her.

The scandal of the Green Party Campaign Manager for Connecticut Governor being arrested on sight for being on the Connecticut secret "Enemies List" proves the existence of the list.

Should citizens face a lifetime of harassment, imprisonment, and have their lives dismantled over personal vendettas and retaliation for exposing public corruption? Should political targets be put on terrorist and "no fly" lists?

Should State Police officers be able to rape and sexually assault women, underage girls, and former girlfriends and wifes terrorizing them into silence?

Should tax dollars be used to ruin the lives of taxpayers to take them offline and unable to own a home or get a job? Should tax dollars be used to break up families?

Will you call a special hearing to hear from victims and to hear proposals of solutions?

Please act for justice to restore American freedoms and the US Constitution to Connecticut.

-Steven G. Erickson

emailed to:,,,,,,,,,,,

* * * *

Steven G. Erickson before being railroaded to prison for exposing public corruption in the Connecticut State Police and Courts.

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Friday, August 1, 2008

Got Justice?

August 1, 2008

To: Rep. Michael P. Lawlor [website]

Subject: Apology and Retraction [letter posted at]

I am in receipt of a letter to the Commissioner of the Connecticut State Police and the Judicial Branch Director, Farley, where the signer, Deborah Blanchard, the Legislative Judiciary Committee administrator in Connecticut, put in the text of the letter that I am falsely accused of being litigious. Can anyone name even one lawsuit I have been involved in since being railroaded to prison for wanting judicial reform and Civilian Oversight of Police, having contacted elected officials BEFORE my false arrest? I wish that you, Michael P. Lawlor, personally write me a letter of apology and retract your false statements regarding my character and please be accurate in your official responses to inquiries regarding the need for a Federal Investigation and US House hearings on the goings of the Connecticut Judiciary and Connecticut State Police. I request a special hearing to be held by the Connecticut Judiciary Committee.

Ken Krayeske, a journalist, law student, and former campaign manager for the Green Party candidate for Connecticut Governor was placed on the secret Connecticut State Police “Enemies List” and was arrested on sight in Connecticut. That is more than enough proof there is inadequate checks and balances in the Policing and Court systems in Connecticut. [the Krayeske scandal link]

Should police be able to pay $10,000 of taxpayer dollars to kill or terrorize citizens in Connecticut, when police misconduct is alleged? Should Connecticut judges and prosecutors help cover up attorney, official, police, prosecutorial, and judicial misconduct? [example]

My thoughts on Connecticut Public Corruption [here]

Ritt Goldstein assembled international experts on Civilian Oversight of Police and victims of Connecticut Police Misconduct for a Special Judiciary Committee Legislative hearing December 1996. After Ritt Goldstein made [this video] he was so terrorized by Connecticut Police that he fled the US to seek political asylum in Sweden.

Is the Judiciary Committee willing to hold a special hearing on what happened to Ritt Goldstein for trying to redress grievances to you, and to hear cases of judicial, prosecutorial, police, official, and attorney misconduct and consider remedy, as other checks and balances AND remedies don’t currently exist in Connecticut?

Thank you,

Steven G. Erickson

[address snipped]

[click here] for the letter that I want a Lawlor apology for. Scroll down in post
This blogger's email:

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[click here] for Connecticut Bad Cop News

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I wrote Bush a letter July 29, 2008, and mailed it from Brattleboro, Vermont. I don't expect he'll read it. But it is my protest of the ridiculousness of what downtown business and home owners have to deal with in downtown America.

Text of the Bush letter [found here]