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Reporting Connecticut Public Corruption

[click here] for the text of my letter sent July 29, 2008, from the Brattleboro, Vermont, Post Office to US President George W. Bush.

[click here] for Connecticut Bad Cop News

[click here] for a post that is my open letter to the members of the legislative Public Safety Committee in Connecticut

Is Connecticut State Representative Michael P. Lawlor a propagandist? [more]

Grand Jury systems and the need for them explained [video]. Effective Grand Juries, acting independently, is what corrupt officials, police, prosecutors, judges, and defense attorneys fear most.

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To: Connecticut State Representative Drew, Thomas J.
Thomas.Drew@cga.ct.gov [website]

I would like to pass onto you a number of individuals that can attest to the same thing regarding what is going in Connecticut. Mr. Drew are you interested in having me pass names onto you or to someone else in the legislative branch?

I am talking about public corruption of the Department of Administrative Services (DAS), the Judicial Branch, the Connecticut State Police, and other agencies, departments, individuals, and their families and associates.

The Connecticut DAS IP address seems to be involved in the hacking and harming of websites, possibly even in attempts to make computers permanently crash.

Numerous individuals could report of the judicial misconduct of Judge Jonathan Kaplan, Joe D'Alesio and others. Should there be defrauding of taxpayers, nepotism, retaliation, obstruction of justice, and the fixing of court cases going on within the Connecticut Judicial Branch? Judicial branch employees that allege misconduct of others don't have their claims investigated, they are sent out on unpaid leave, fired, and judicial marshals, private investigators, and other thugs are sent out to harass their family and friends.

I think there should be a special legislative hearing to call witnesses to public corruption.

Please acknowledge receipt of this email.

Thank you,
Steven G. Erickson
[address snipped]

P.S. I am posting this email to you, here:

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[click here] for:

Sovereign and Judicial Immunity of Judges

There is a raging debate on whether judges should have blanket immunity from prosecution, even for malicious acts. Should a judge be able to stand up from the bench, pull a gun, shoot you dead, and then be immune from prosecution?

Should judges be able to rape, rob, murder, and falsely imprison citizens on their whims? [click here] for a video on the Grand Jury System and the need for a strong one.

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This public comment [video] was sealed from the public by the brass of the Connecticut Judicial Branch. Andrea Wilson and another judicial branch employee blow the whistle to judges, managers, and VIPs at an official hearing. This testimony and that of the public was hidden so the judicial branch could give itself straight A's in a rigged survey [video] paid for by tax dollars.

What are other insiders in the judicial branch saying when they feel free to let loose? [more]

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Should State Police, such as in Connecticut downtown areas, target home and business owners before they do prostitutes, drug dealers, and other criminals? [more]

Is Ellington, Stafford Springs area, Connecticut, Attorney Michael H. Agranoff the worst and most dishonest lawyer in Connecticut? My letter to Attorney General Richard Blumenthal [here]

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Ritt Goldstein and international experts on Civilian Oversight of Police spoke at a special hearing held by the Judiciary Committee Legislators in Hartford Connecticut. Ritt was so terrorized by police in Connecticut he fled to Sweden seeking political asylum. Ritt's video of the hearing:

US Marine Stephen Murzin stabbed 13 times in Connecticut is arrested in the hospital with 13 stab wounds for causing a disturbance having been stabbed. Felon on probation David J. Taylor stabs 3 people, almost committing murder, is not even violated on probation! [more]

The Connecticut State Police "club" for misconduct, "The 100 Club" for falsely arresting motorists for DUI. [more] False arrests lead to prison, family break ups, job loss ... loss of productive taxpayers!

[click here] for video "Prison for Downtown Taxpayers"

Ex-Wife of Connecticut Police Officer Lets Loose:

Drunk officers passing baggies of pot out at local bars partying like rockstars with female DCF workers? Are some officers too drunk and high to return to HQ with cruisers?

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Connecticut Judiciary Committee Legislator Michael P. Lawlor inaccuracies:

Click on document for a larger view.
I contacted Congressman Shays' office regarding the public corruption in the Connecticut Judicial Branch, courts, and Connecticut State Police.

Here are my points regarding the above letter:

I have brought NO legal action. I have not been to a Connecticut court on ANY matter since the criminal railroad job by Judge Kaplan in Rockville.

I have complained and have got NO RESPONSE back regarding any complaints made.

The Statewide Grievance Committee refused to schedule a hearing even though Atty Michael H. Agranoff did not give me my legal file, did not file a reason or appeal my case, could not explain financial discrepancies, and could not produce or find paperwork INCLUDING the attorney/client agreement where he ASKED ME for a copy of mine as he had lost his! Tell me the lawyer overseeing lawyers in Connecticut is fair!

I complained about Judge Jonathan Kaplan to the Judicial Review Council. They refused to investigate. Tell me judges judging judges is fair!

Atty Gen Blumenthal's Office refused to answer Congressman Simmons letters and calls asking Blumenthal to just read my trial transcripts. Tell me the Attorney General serves the people before his law partners, friends, and others in offices with something to hide!

The Connecticut State Police Internal Affairs Officer, LT Wack refused to take my complaint against his "Friends". Tell me police can police police!

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Former Massachusetts Attorney, and Former Candidate for Massachusetts Governor, Barbara C. Johnson, ends up disbarred and then in prison, sometime after being critical of the slipshod ways of the Rockville Connecticut Superior Court and Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan

Kaplan allegedly conspires to contact Massachusetts judges to blackball Johnson and set her up for a fall. Barbara, too, ended up "mouthy" in print, and paid the price.

* * * *

Should Police target homeowners to railroad to prison when they complain about vandals, break-ins, teen prostitutes doing business within eye shot of children, heroin, crack cocaine, and marijuana dealing going on 24 hours a day interrupting taxpayers' sleep?

Peter Coukos leaves me a voicemail:

My daughter, Sarah, was 14 at the time this message was left. Coukos caught me out in my back yard and started slapping me in the back of the head, saying "Turn around coward, I want your daughter to get on her knees and blow me."

I had already been attacked on my property by a police informant, only I was arrested, and I ended up getting a year in prison for pepper spraying him, ending the beating I took in that incident. So, if I ended up defending myself against the punches I was taking from Coukos, again, only I would be arrested.

Peter Coukos was allegedly offered help in obtaining a Connecticut pistol permit for terrorizing me and my daughter out of Connecticut, to attack me, and to try to set me up for another false arrest. Coukos drove drunk while slamming his car into an African American woman over a racist road rage incident, is known to have abused, or is still abusing alcohol, crack cocaine, marijuana, prescription drugs, and has been, or is a chronic frequenter of prostitutes.

Youtube video of Stafford Springs and Somersville Connecticut from Oct. 2006:

[click here] for Steven G. Erickson pictures and for the story of the beginning of the saga. Freespeech.com links in post no longer work in that international injustice busters webpage.

Video where I reflect on what happened:

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US Marine arrested by Connecticut Police after waking up with 13 stab wound for causing a disturbance while being stabbed. Felon on probation, David J. Taylor, wasn't even violated on probation for almost killing 3 people. Judges, prosecutors, lawyers, and elected officials band together to retaliate against "mouthy citizens".
[video and more]


[click here] for my youtube.com videos

Ritt Goldstein helped organize a hearing held at the Hartford Capitol Dec. 1996. The Judiciary Committee Legislators heard from international experts on Civilian Oversight of Police and victims of Connecticut State and local police misconduct. Ritt fled to Sweden seeking political asylum soon after making [this video] being so terrorized by police.

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