Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Should Judges and Lawyers have a license to steal?

The man in the above video asked me not to reveal his identity.

Judges and lawyers conspired to steal about 8 million from him.

The judge and lawyers conspired to have him railroaded to prison to hide their crimes.

He had a stroke being held in jail and nearly died.

When he was released from prison he violated the judge's orders not to discuss his case even after it was decided. Law enforcement on judges orders, entered his home, and held pistols to his head while demanding he take off posts on the internet giving judges' and lawyers' names AND proof of their crimes.

[click here] would the grand jury system reinstated to its former form prevent judicial, police, prosecutorial, and attorney misconduct like this in the future?

[click here] the former campaign manager for a Green Party candidate for Connecticut governor and journalist, Ken Krayeske was placed on the Connecticut State Police secret "Enemies List" for political and retaliation excuses and the arrested on sight.

* * * *

[click here] for my docket # and complaint to CT Atty Gen.

Police are using taxpayer money to pay state register police confidential informants to commit crimes, frame and terrorize citizens, beat and kill citizens, and make the quality of life in downtown Connecticut unbearable for the Elitist’s unwanted citizens. [video of typical police informant antics]

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, right! Don't believe everything you hear!