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Contacting Former Connecticut Governor John G. Rowland

contact former Governor John G. Rowland at 203-758-1117 or e-mail his office jgr@jgrowland.com. John G.'s [website]

Text of my email:

I see that you are doing well for yourself. You get out of prison, buy a $500,000 house, still have a pension, and now you are off doing speaking engagements for big bucks. Not bad for a convicted felon, but what about the victims of your corruption?

Minorities, poorer Whites, and whistle blowers all suffered because you and others had something to hide. You and your friends went after anyone that complained, had inside information, or were out to expose the corruption that permeates all 3 branches of government in Connecticut, where every single tax paid worker in Connecticut knows that there is hell to pay for exposing the fraud and waste. Unlike you, those that are railroaded to prison, not having done anything wrong are ruined financially, can't own a home, get an apartment, a job, and their families often disown them.

Scores of people like me lived, or live, in Connecticut, paid taxes, owned a home, and just wanted raise families and have a retirement. You helped make the American Dream into a nightmare in Connecticut for so many honest, average people.

Had you been an honest governor when I complained to your office about the corruption in the State Police and Connecticut courts, I would not have been railroaded to prison to shut me up.

Do you just want to go off and sing your praises or do you want to help remedy the wrongs you have caused?

I believe you personally conspired with former Connecticut State Police Commissioner Arthur L. Spada, Judge Jonathan Kaplan, and others, to eliminate me and what I was trying to expose. I am asking that you give information on Spada and others to punish the official criminals who have caused so much misery, harm, and loss to Connecticut, financially. Please give the information I believe that you have been withholding to the proper federal authorities.

-Steven G. Erickson

[click here] my beef in short form

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I went out live on CT-N, Connecticut Government TV, I was getting 5000 to 10,000 hits on my blogs on Connecticut Judicial, Official, Attorney, and State Police Misconduct on www.freespeech.com. Shortly after telling an audience that if you put in "Connecticut Judicial Misconduct Police" etc. my posts on www.freespeech came up as number one. For a very long time when Rowland was governor, if you did a word search on "Governor John Rowland" my post was #2, just after his official website. That means countless people were reading what I had to say. Here is the testimony that probably caused the thugs in the State Police to see that www.freespeech.com went down along with all of my freespeech posts coming off the Internet:

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[click here] for the text of the letter that Steven G. Erickson sends to former Governor John G. Rowland meant to arrive on his first day of federal prison

from This Is A World Of Hoaxes blog:

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This Is A World Of Hoaxes

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No illegal drugs, no ruling elite

Written by Andrew Winkler

Wednesday, 07 May 2008

My dear daughter,

It’s your 18th birthday today, and you have probably worked out by now that not everything you were told by your parents, teachers, media and government is actually true. In fact, anything you know about our world, politics, society, history and I mean anything, is most likely a lie.

This is a world of hoaxes. Democracy, drug prohibition, war on terror, feminism, social welfare, globalisation, even man made global warming, it’s all a hoax.


There is no such thing as democracy. The form of government going by that name is like a horse-race where all the horses are owned by the same person. For a party to get the funding and the media support needed to have any chance of winning an election, it must prostitute itself to the ruling elite. The same applies to individual politicians. If any politician is remotely successful without selling out, he or she will get ignored, suppressed, ridiculed, vilified or – if everything else fails - killed. There is no way the ruling elite will let anyone to the top whom they don’t control.

Ruling Elite

Who is that ruling elite I am talking about. It’s a closely-knit network of century old European nobility intermarried with old money, such as the Rothschilds, Warburgs, Rockefellers etc. This inner circle, the so-called ‘Committee of 300’, is aided by a wider circle of about 5000 rich and powerful people who control anything worth controlling in this world, whether it is in business, media, entertainment, politics, religion, law, or science. I’m thinking of people like Rupert Murdoch, Bill Gates and intermediaries between the inner and the wider circle such as Henry Kissinger. Nobody will make it into the wider circle of the ruling elite without the inner circle having total control over them.

The reason why the inner circle must have total control over the lower ranks is that these people are very rich and well respected. If anyone of them went public with what they know, it would do enormous damage to the entire system. They couldn’t simply be ignored, suppressed, ridiculed or vilified. And even if the ruling elite killed them, it would be too late. The damage would already be done.

The ‘Secret Government’

Protecting the ruling elite against whistle-blowers from within is one of many tasks of the ‘Secret Government’, a parallel structure to the official administration. The reason for having such a parallel structure is to avoid legal and budgetary control of its illegal activities. The activities of public and secret government are coordinated by key people within the official administration known as ‘political’ public servants, such as under-secretaries.

Apart from maintaining a pool of highly trained assassins, the secret government deliberately entraps people groomed to join or serve the ruling elite in critical positions. For that purpose, the secret government maintains paedophile networks and satanic cults in which those future leaders are seduced to perform highly compromising activities that – if they became public knowledge – would completely destroy them.

Drug prohibition

Of course, such parallel structures cost money. The way the secret government finances itself is by selling illegal drugs. All around the world, more than 90% of illegal drugs are sold by government agencies. This explains why after decades of prohibition it is still easier to buy heroin than a decent second hand car. If the drug addicts can work out where to buy drugs, then the police can too. Drug prohibition is nothing but a tax payer funded, law enforced government monopoly for the purpose of financing the secret government. The secret government sells the drugs, and the official government keeps the competition out.

Information war

An effective way of controlling the damage done by leaks is by employing a whole army of disinformants and gatekeepers. Disinformation is designed to confuse people and make them disbelieve anything that isn’t in line with the official version of the truth, spread by government and corporate media. Gatekeepers are a bit like moles. They infiltrate and dominate politically sensitive media and discourses for the purpose of steering them away from topics that could seriously harm the interests of the ruling elite. People like Chomsky and Finkelstein are classic gatekeepers.

War on terror

Why should you be worried about old fart merchant bankers bribing politicians and rogue police officers selling drugs? Because you are paying for all that corruption. It’s not like the bankers are paying the politicians out of their own pocket without getting back more from tax payers or consumers.

There is another reason, a far more serious one. We have reached a point in human history, where the ruling elite is close to completing the implementation of a New World Order (NWO). If you read George Orwell’s ‘1984’ you will know what I mean. I mentioned hoaxes before. September 11 was one of them, a false flag attack performed by the Israeli Mossad with inside help of the Bush administration. Why would they do so? To implement important mile stones on the way to the NWO under the pretext of fighting terror. And don’t forget about the spread of black box voting. If we don’t act soon and decisively, we will pass the point of no return.


What has feminism and social welfare to do with all of this. Feminism as a political movement has nothing to do with giving women equal rights or opportunities, and all with destroying families. For over a century now, the ruling elite has done everything in her power to destroy all structures that weaken its power, especially the institution of the family. One way of doing that is by destroying the power the husband traditionally had in the family. But it didn’t stop there. Divorce, spousal and child support laws, in conjunction with liberally available non-marital sex, have made more and more men think twice whether they want to get married. At the end of this all is a society of single parents, dependent on the government for their financial survival.

Social Welfare

Family power has also been deliberately undermined by social welfare. Family members no longer depend on each other for their financial security but on the state. This loss of mutual dependency did a lot of damage to the coherence of Western families. I’m not saying single mothers should have to resort to prostitution to survive. I’m saying, there shouldn’t be that many single mothers in the first place. If the government didn’t make it so easy for them, there wouldn’t be so many single mothers. They would think twice whether to leave their parents’ home before getting married. They would think twice whether to have pre-marital sex. They would think twice whether to leave and divorce their husbands.


Globalisation is another one of those hoaxes. On a micro-economic level, it has nothing to do with improving efficiencies as the economist monkeys claim, but with investor greed and environmental vandalism. On a macro-economic level, globalisation is a smoke-screen for a deal, the ruling elite has made in 1975 with the communist leadership of China. In that deal, Henry Kissinger agreed with chairman Mao to move the bulk of Western manufacturing jobs to China in return for opening the country to the international merchant bankers.

Man made global warming

All that hysteria about global warming is about preparing us mentally for the ‘big cull’. We are all made feel like a pest that’s destroying the planet. The ruling elite has fantasised for year about reducing world population by 90%. AIDS, SARS and bird flu are field tests of methods secretly developed for the planned big cull. Once they go ahead with their genocidal plans, those who survive will be made believe that it was sad for those who died, but good for ‘Mother Earth’.

Of course global warming is not caused by men but by the sun. There is a direct and immediate link between the number of sun spots and temperatures on earth. An increase of temperatures leads to increases plant growth. More plant growth leads to increased CO2 production. More than 95% of C02 production is caused naturally through decomposing plant leaves. Al Gore, in his hyped up presentation, got cause and effect the wrong way round. Global warming is not not the result of an increase of C02. It is the cause.


And last but not least the mother of all hoaxes, the Nazi Holocaust. What amazes me most about it is how otherwise intelligent people can be blind to the fact that if the arguments of the Holocaust revisionists were as false as claimed, there wouldn’t be a necessity for systematically destroying and even imprisoning anyone who engages in ‘denial’. And since when do the sensitivities of a tiny minority outweigh the freedom of expression of the rest?

The motivation for the invention of the Holocaust, apart from humiliating a beaten enemy, was to destroy all resistance against the creation of a Jewish state in Palestine and the genocidal treatment of the Palestinian people.

What interest did the ruling elite have in the Jewish state? Apart from the fact that many - if not most - members of the ruling elite have a Jewish background, the Zionist project was always about controlling the Middle-Eastern oil reserves.

What can you do?

There are so many other things I could write about, but I’m sure you already got the message: This whole world is just a sick joke. The uneducated masses are kept dumb with a modern version of the Roman ‘bread and games’. And educated people are disinformed with terrabytes of lies.

What can people like you and I do to stop the New World Order?

Switch off its life support. For the ruling elite to maintain its iron grip, it needs to sell illegal drugs to pay for the ‘secret government’. No illegal drugs, no ruling elite. It’s that simple.

All the best for your 18th birthday.




* * * *

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Should Judges and Lawyers have a license to steal?

The man in the above video asked me not to reveal his identity.

Judges and lawyers conspired to steal about 8 million from him.

The judge and lawyers conspired to have him railroaded to prison to hide their crimes.

He had a stroke being held in jail and nearly died.

When he was released from prison he violated the judge's orders not to discuss his case even after it was decided. Law enforcement on judges orders, entered his home, and held pistols to his head while demanding he take off posts on the internet giving judges' and lawyers' names AND proof of their crimes.

[click here] would the grand jury system reinstated to its former form prevent judicial, police, prosecutorial, and attorney misconduct like this in the future?

[click here] the former campaign manager for a Green Party candidate for Connecticut governor and journalist, Ken Krayeske was placed on the Connecticut State Police secret "Enemies List" for political and retaliation excuses and the arrested on sight.

* * * *

[click here] for my docket # and complaint to CT Atty Gen.

Police are using taxpayer money to pay state register police confidential informants to commit crimes, frame and terrorize citizens, beat and kill citizens, and make the quality of life in downtown Connecticut unbearable for the Elitist’s unwanted citizens. [video of typical police informant antics]

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