Saturday, May 10, 2008

States Ripping Off and Inconveniencing Citizens

Route 90, the Massachusetts Turnpike, is a toll highway. The road runs east to west in Massachusetts. The highway was only supposed to have tolls until the road was paid for. It was paid for maybe 30 years ago, but once a state starts having a revenue tap open on full, they keep on collecting.

A few of the exits on the western side of route 90 no longer charge you to drive between them. Daily, thousands of motorists have to wait to go through toll booths, idling their cars and trucks, for an unnecessary wait, on the Western side.

Toll collectors that man the booths aren't needed either and continue to draw pay on the Western side. The road is paid for and there should be no tolls booths to slow down traffic and inconvenience possibly millions of commutes. The cost in wasted time and wasted fuel is probably incalculable.

This system is indicative of state and federal government. There is no accountability, there is no reason, there is no efficiency, and their is no real public service.

Complain about official waste and corruption and become a target.

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