Monday, May 19, 2008

Law Enforcement against Judicial Misconduct

I, Steven G. Erickson, met Matthew Fogg May 15, 2008, at a National Whistle Blowers Convention in Washington, DC.

I talked with Mr. Fogg and was impressed with what he is doing. I understand he is also an author of an upcoming book, which I may later post links to here.

Links associated with Mr. Fogg:

Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

Bigots with Badges

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Steven G. Erickson and Francis C. P. Knize outtakes from DC, May 15, 2008, event at the Stewart R. Mott and Associates building in Washington:

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added May 23, 2008, 8 AM EST

I left this comment in [this post]:

  • If Dyson wants to tackle the debacle that is the criminal justice system in Connecticut, the power to him.

    I think too many power whites and minorities are denied a chance for having good jobs and a quality of life due to unfairness, prejudice, and a system where friends and family are rewarded high paying tax payer paid jobs.

    To have fair courts that act in the best interest of the public would truly be a good thing.

  • 5 SvenVonErick // May 23, 2008 at 7:42 am Quote · --1

    I meant “poorer”, not “power” above.

    The “system” in Connecticut isn’t fair.

    Whether you are white or minority in downtown Connecticut you are a mark for being a “mark in the book”.

    If you don’t have connections, business people and homeowners are easier to fine and to find.

    The system to keep the minorities contained in downtown areas now, also, breaks up the families and ruins business for non-whites living in the containment areas.

    I co-founded a crime watch in Stafford Springs, CT. I then had cops threatening me with arrest for not wanting teens drinking, selling crack cocaine and heroin, urinating on MY YARD and smoking marijuana all hours keeping me from sleeping as I had work starting in the morning.

    I called 911 after my then wife fell down the stairs.
    The officer that had told me to shut up about youth crime, or he’d arrest me, slammed me into my house, assaulting me, then tried to coerce my wife into saying that I pushed her down the stairs. He couldn’t concoct an excuse to break up my marriage, ruin me financially, make me lose my job and home on that excuse.

    I came back to Stafford after a month or so of travel in Europe, I made my rounds as part of the crime watch. A powdered cocaine dealer so high on his own product, thought I was a police officer so he bit me in my ear and beat me. I had blood running down my neck to my underwear. Peter Panciera fled the scene after I called 911. The cocaine customers said they didn’t know my attacker when asked by police. I located the perp for police. The officer that had threatened me with arrest, Frank Prochaska, re-investigated the case, so the drug customers changed their story, and suddenly “remembered” their friend and said I had attacked him. So, for being beaten and having my ear BITTEN only I was arrested facing jail time with no previous record for being a crime victim that dialed 911.

    I beat that rap because I refused to get a lying, pirate that passes him or herself as a lawyer in Connecticut. In Connecticut lawyers are part a club that involves police, prosecutors, and judges.

    I got mouthy in letters to the editor and proposed Civilian Oversight of Police to Senators Guglielmo and Kissel, and to Rep. Mordasky. I then had two druggie felons looking to attack me on my two property locations, Somersville and Stafford:

    After hiding, renting cars, and running from my vehicle to my back door, a druggie felon finally caught me out in my yard and attacked me, Connecticut State Police were right there to arrest me, refusing to take my tenant statements and refused to take my statement and complaint, and then committed perjury at a rigged trial so I could be sent to prison for being attacked on my own property.

    The racism and bias is alive and well in all branches of government in Connecticut. Minorities in the legislature know they will become toast if they act for their own or for justice.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

States Ripping Off and Inconveniencing Citizens

Route 90, the Massachusetts Turnpike, is a toll highway. The road runs east to west in Massachusetts. The highway was only supposed to have tolls until the road was paid for. It was paid for maybe 30 years ago, but once a state starts having a revenue tap open on full, they keep on collecting.

A few of the exits on the western side of route 90 no longer charge you to drive between them. Daily, thousands of motorists have to wait to go through toll booths, idling their cars and trucks, for an unnecessary wait, on the Western side.

Toll collectors that man the booths aren't needed either and continue to draw pay on the Western side. The road is paid for and there should be no tolls booths to slow down traffic and inconvenience possibly millions of commutes. The cost in wasted time and wasted fuel is probably incalculable.

This system is indicative of state and federal government. There is no accountability, there is no reason, there is no efficiency, and their is no real public service.

Complain about official waste and corruption and become a target.