Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Fixing Injustice?

Subject: Sheff v. O’Neill

To: CT Education Committee Legislators

I understand there was a public meeting today. I regret not being able to attend and wish this email be made part of the record.

The way a school system in a state operates gives a good indication on how a state is run.

I am posting this open email to you, with links, here:


In Connecticut, downtown areas are separate and unequal. If a home or business owner does not have connections and complains about heroin and cocaine dealing, prostitution, and/or unfair courts and disrespectful, ineffectual police, why should he or she, their family be a target to be taken out by the police and courts?

I could almost understand the racist, almost Mob/KKK atmosphere in a Southern state that couldn’t let go of the “slaving days” way of thinking, but don’t understand the depth of Connecticut’s bias, ethics lapses, and the brutally unfair it treats too many of its residents, undeservedly.

Minorities and poorer Whites shouldn’t be all out target to be put in US jails. [post]

I invested in downtown Connecticut investment properties [video], tried to benefit my community, co-founded a crime watch, wrote letters to the editor, and proposed laws to elected officials. I was then told by Connecticut State Police Officers that often followed me around wherever I went in pairs of cruisers, that I was kicked out of Connecticut and if I didn’t leave, I would be arrested. Prostitutes, drug dealers, and police informants that police paid tax dollars to commit crimes had their own crime syndicate where productive, taxpaying, family raising, home owning citizens were declared the enemy. These policies were meant to keep minorities down and out in Connecticut, but now extend to non-Elitist Whites.

It has been 7 years since I was attacked on my property by a police informant encouraged to attack and terrorize me on my Connecticut property. Only I was arrested, and I received a year in prison for pepper spraying him to end the attack.

So, I lost my home, family, business built up over 2 decades, everything. This is how police and the courts in Connecticut treat minorities that try to better themselves in downtown areas, and this is how Connecticut treats outsiders coming into invest in Connecticut that don’t sell out a loss to bullies and Mafia.

State Senator Tony Guglielmo, former Rep Mordasky, his aid Rosemarie know that I was a target of Connecticut State Police and Judge Jonathan Kaplan fixed my trial so that I was railroaded to prison. My life has been a daily, living hell, since. There is no justice as far as I can tell, and this is why I write you this letter.

It is time to change the climate of Connecticut that created Sheff v. O’Neill. There needs to be Civilian Oversight of Police and other departments/agencies. Courts need to act in the best interest of the public, and when there is no other avenue for justice, our cases should be heard at the legislature. Constituents deserve the service we pay for.

Thank you,

Steven G. Erickson


[click here] for my docket # and complaint to CT Atty Gen.

Police are using taxpayer money to pay state register police confidential informants to commit crimes, frame and terrorize citizens, beat and kill citizens, and make the quality of life in downtown Connecticut unbearable for the Elitist’s unwanted citizens. [video of typical police informant antics]

Emailed to:

Gaffey@senatedems.ct.gov, Andrew.Fleischmann@cga.ct.gov, Fonfara@senatedems.ct.gov, henry.genga@cga.ct.gov, Thomas.Herlihy@cga.ct.gov, DebraLee.Hovey@housegop.ct.gov, Sam.Caligiuri@cga.ct.gov, Mcdonald@senatedems.ct.gov, Jason.Bartlett@cga.ct.gov, Toni.Boucher@cga.ct.gov, Ron.Burns@housegop.ct.gov, Paul.Davis@cga.ct.gov, Kim.Fawcett@cga.ct.gov, Art.Feltman@cga.ct.gov, Gail.Hamm@cga.ct.gov, Deborah.Heinrich@cga.ct.gov, Karen.Jarmoc@cga.ct.gov, Robert.Keeley@cga.ct.gov, Themis.Klarides@housegop.ct.gov, David.Labriola@housegop.ct.gov, Douglas.McCrory@cga.ct.gov, Steve.Mikutel@cga.ct.gov, Sandy.Nafis@cga.ct.gov, tim@timobrien.org, Felipe.Reinoso@cga.ct.gov, Tom.Reynolds@cga.ct.gov, Anne.Ruwet@cga.ct.gov, Pamela.Sawyer@housegop.ct.gov, Linda.Schofield@cga.ct.gov, Jim.Shapiro@cga.ct.gov, Kevin.Witkos@cga.ct.gov

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added April 16, 2008 at 11:21 PM EST:

Just happened on a copy of an old email that I had sent.

I sent the below email to Stafford Springs, Connecticut, State Senator Anthony Guglielmo the below message to Anthony.Guglielmo@po.state.ct.us on 12-4-01, I was attacked on my property in Stafford Springs, 10-11-01.

subject of email: Necessary Legislation.

Hi Tony,
I was walking to the auto parts store from
my house around noon this past Saturday and
Brian Caldwell tried to press for another
physical confrontation. I got away quickly
and contact a police officer I saw near my
house. Officer Hatch said he would call it
in. To my knowledge, Brian Caldwell, has
yet to be arrested for assaulting me and I
do not belief he has even been questioned
about coming after me on my property again
Oct 18 and the most recent incident.

I find it useless to call the police for
any problems I have with criminals as nothing
has been done from my past experience since moving
here in '94. I have an ex-convict camping on my
property without permission, I called police they
said it was a civil matter and I had to go to
court to remove this individual even though I
had to back into my basement after he came after
me on my yard threatening me (this was the incident
that made me feel it worthless to call in to police
and happened before I was assaulted). I had a woman
move in my apartment without my permission and I could
not get police to arrest her or remove her. I had a
couple who broke most of the windows and doors, urinated
on trash after they left the area to avoid the DCF
drug test. Officer Prochaska said he was not interested
in pursuing charges as the court was not interested in landlord
issues after I showed him the felony statutes covering
the behavior. I have called police when teenagers were
fighting, drinking alcohol, allegly selling drugs on
my front lawn. Police either did not show up, showed up
after much elapsed time, or did not do anything in any
reasonable time frame.

Who is more the criminal? A person who brags to everyone
who will listen for a week or so that he is going to beat
some one, walks around under the influence daily, hides in
someone bushes before attacking them, and continually
threatens someone (which he has a history of), or a
homeowner who defends him/herself on their own property
returning from work? I am the homeowner, taxpayer, and
now criminal.

The KGB and Nazi police force were not under civilian
control and regulated their own activities. I think,
if they are not already, the the Connecticut police should
be under civilian control as their activities could
be monitored and they could be assigned to tasks such
as making downtown areas safer, free of drugs and teenagers
drinking, directly. The fining of storeowner and the confiscation
of property and assets does not solve the problem, the criminals
themselves have to be gone after.

Thank you,
Steven G. Erickson

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